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The 6 Best Savings Accounts in Ireland

They say that money doesn’t grow on trees. It can, however, grow through smart investing, or by simply starting a savings account.

Opening a savings account is the easiest way to store or invest your hard-earned cash. Sure interest rates may not be as high, but they’re guaranteed to make your money grow risk-free.

Look no further, we’ve done all the research and rounded up the best savings accounts in Ireland here for you. We’ll also discuss some tips, along with answers to FAQs, to consider before opening an account.

Comparison of Interest Rates

One of the most important factors to consider before opening a savings account is its annual interest rate. Below you’ll see each account’s published rates from 2021 to 2022.

Take note that the interest you’ll receive from the bank is subject to a Deposit Interest Retention Tax, which is 33% of the interest earned.

Ulster Bank — Special Interest Deposit Account0.85% AER
Ulster Bank — Home Saver0.85% AER
Bank of Ireland — GoalSaver0.25% AER
Ulster Bank — urFirst Account0.95% AER
Ireland State Savings — Instalment Savings3.5% AER total return

The Best Savings Accounts in Ireland

In no particular order, take a look at our selection of the best savings accounts in Ireland!

1. Lightyear

Best Savings Account Alternative

INTEREST RATE4.50% p.a. net for USD
4.50% p.a. net for GBP
3.25% p.a. net for EUR
INITIAL DEPOSIT/MAX. BALANCEDo not have minimum nor maximum balance requirement
MONTHLY DEPOSITDo not have monthly deposit requirement

Lightyear emerges as a standout player in the investment landscape, providing a user-centric platform with a myriad of features designed to optimize your financial journey.

Lightyear sets itself apart by offering live data for Germany and the US, ensuring real-time insights for informed decision-making. For other regions, the 15-minute update frequency strikes a balance between accuracy and efficiency.

Unlike traditional investment platforms, Lightyear doesn’t let your cash sit idle. With interest rates as high as 4.50% p.a. net for USD, 4.50% p.a. net for GBP, and 3.25% p.a. net for EUR, your uninvested funds actively contribute to your financial growth (these are true as of 20.10.2023).

Lightyear’s fee structure is refreshingly transparent. Charging minimal amounts for services such as US shares (0.1%, up to $1 max), EU shares (€1 per order), and UK shares (£1 per order), Lightyear emphasises fair pricing, ensuring clients pay only for essential services.

With a multi-currency investment account, Lightyear eliminates constant foreign exchange fees. Offering free ETFs with no execution fees (other fees may apply), a feature often charged for by other platforms, Lightyear empowers users to choose when and how much to convert.

While Lightyear offers attractive interest rates on uninvested cash for USD, GBP, and EUR, the 8.25% p.a. net for HUF is exclusively for Hungarian clients.

Risk Disclaimer:
Capital at risk. The provider of investment services is Lightyear Europe AS for the EU. Terms apply: Seek qualified advice if necessary.


  • Licensed in Europe
  • Interest on uninvested cash 
  • No hidden charges 
  • Real-time market data 
  • Diverse investment options 
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • No double conversion fees
  • Zero execution and custody fees for ETFs
  • Over 4000 stocks
  • Have live data for DE and US and 15min for rest


  • Limited research, technical analysis tools

2. Ulster Bank — Special Interest Deposit Account

Best Savings Account  for Low-Income Earners

Ulster Bank — Special Interest Deposit Account's Homepage
INTEREST RATE0.85% AER (paid annually in October)
MONTHLY DEPOSIT€1,000 (max.)

If it’s your first time opening a savings account, Ulster Bank’s Special Interest Deposit Account (SIDA) is a great choice. You can open an account for as low as €1 from the comforts of your home or a branch nearest you.

Interest rates have hit rock bottom since the pandemic. Despite this, SIDA currently has one of the highest annual interest rates in the market at 0.85% AED.

While you may store up to €100,000 in your SIDA account, the maximum amount you may have in order to benefit from the interest rate is €15,000. Amounts higher than that would be subjected to lower interest rates.

Due to a standing order, this account may not be suitable for those who don’t have a steady monthly income. The good news is that you may only pay a minimum of €1 per month, which can be maxed out to €1,000.


  • Low initial/monthly deposit amount
  • Withdrawals permitted anytime
  • Online banking available
  • Relatively high-interest rates


  • Has a minimum age requirement of 18 years old
  • Low threshold for high-interest rates

3. Ulster Bank — Home Saver

Best Savings Account for First-time Home Buyers

Ulster Bank — Home Saver's Homepage
INTEREST RATE0.85% AER variable (paid annually in October)
MONTHLY DEPOSIT€2,500 (max.)
WEBSITEUlster Bank Home Saver

Now, if you’re saving for a new home, you might want to check out Ulster Bank’s Home Saver account. Like our previous entry, it also boasts of a relatively high-interest rate of 0.85% AER.

First time home buyers may be eligible for a bonus interest of €2,000—a unique feature of this account. But before you get too excited, you might also want to check out their criteria on their website to see if you qualify.

The standing order also requires account holders to deposit anything from €1 to €2,500 monthly, which provides a bit of allowance for higher-income earners who wish to save more.

Comparing this to Ulster Bank’s SIDA, you have a slightly higher threshold of €25,000 in order to qualify for the higher interest rate. Any amount higher but not more than €100,000 is subject to a lower interest rate of 0.15% AED.


  • Low initial/monthly deposit amount
  • Withdrawals permitted anytime
  • Online banking available
  • Bonus interest may be gained


  • Closed to regular account holders
  • Has a minimum age requirement of 18 years old

4. Bank of Ireland — GoalSaver

Best Savings Account for Personal Current Account Holders

Bank of Ireland — GoalSaver's Homepage
INTEREST RATE0.25% AER variable (paid annually in March)
MONTHLY DEPOSIT€20 (min.) to €2,000 (max.)
WEBSITEBank of Ireland GoalSaver

Next on our list is the Bank of Ireland’s GoalSaver account—a versatile savings account you can use to save for a new car, a holiday, or simply for a rainy day.

This year’s interest rates may have decreased to 0.25% AER due to the pandemic, but it remains to be one of the most decent rates in the market today.

Take note that you must already have an existing personal current account in the Republic of Ireland to open a GoalSaver account. If not, you may choose to open one with the Bank of Ireland, which only takes a few minutes to complete online or in your nearest branch.

Through direct debits, holders need to have sufficient balance in their personal current account to cover monthly payments for their GoalSaver account. So be sure to keep track of your accounts to avoid problems.


  • Low initial/monthly deposit amount
  • Withdrawals permitted anytime
  • Online banking available


  • Has a minimum age requirement of 18 years old
  • Low threshold for high-interest rates

5. Ulster Bank — urFirst Account

Best Savings Account for Kids 11 And Under

Ulster Bank — urFirst Account's Homepage
INTEREST RATE0.95% AER variable (paid quarterly)
INITIAL DEPOSIT/MAX. BALANCE€5 (no maximum balance)
WEBSITEUR First Account

For parents with kids under 11 years old, Ulster Bank’s urFirst Account is worth checking out. They currently have one of the highest interest rates for junior savings accounts in the market at 0.95% AER earned quarterly.

Your kids can already open an account with as little as €5 as the minimum balance. Furthermore, there are no limits on how much your kids can put in their accounts in order to qualify for the interest rate noted above.

What we like about urFirst Account is that kids are entitled to a free Henri Hippo moneybox, along with free learning materials available online, to encourage them to start saving early.

Keep in mind that kids above 12 years old won’t be entitled to this account. Instead, the bank may change their accounts to a urMoney, which you can learn more about on their website.


  • Low maintaining balance
  • Quarterly frequency of interest rates
  • Free moneybox and educational materials
  • Flexible deposit amounts allowed


  • No ATM card
  • Not suitable for 12 years old and above

6. Ireland State Savings — Instalment Savings

Best Savings Account for Long-Term Savers

Ireland State Savings — Instalment Savings' Homepage
INTEREST RATE0.63% AER; total return of 3.5% upon maturity
MONTHLY DEPOSIT€25 (min.) to €1,000 (max.)
WEBSITEIreland State Savings Instalment Savings

If you’re thinking long term, you may also consider placing your money into Instalment Savings. Unlike other entries on our list, this account is a state savings product, meaning that you’re directly putting your hard-earned cash with the Irish Government.

In other words, the repayment of the principal amount and interest is an unconditional obligation of the Irish Government, so you can be sure that your money is secure and free from risk.

And because it is managed and protected by the State, Irish residents can also enjoy and receive a tax-free return. Holders of this product may pay a fixed minimum monthly instalment of €25 up to €1,000.

Perhaps the biggest catch is that there is a fixed 6-year term before you can receive its total return of 3.5%. You also have to inform them 7 days in advance should you decide to withdraw some cash, which may not be ideal for emergency situations.

While you can withdraw your cash early, bear in mind that your return will be lower than the published rates. Individuals aged below 18 years old may also be eligible for this product as long as their parent or guardian will provide written consent.


  • High-interest rates
  • Tax-free return
  • No fees upon opening an account
  • Low monthly deposit amount


  • Has a fixed 6-year term
  • 7-day notice period for withdrawals
  • Online application unavailable for new applicants

FAQs about Savings Accounts in Ireland

And that’s it! We hope our guide simplified your process in finding the best savings account for you and your family in Ireland.

Think there’s another savings account worth mentioning too? Leave us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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