How We Make Reviews

Killarney streetview Ireland

Every product or service exists because they want to address a certain consumer problem or inconvenience.
However, as we all know, not all products or services do it equally well.

So to make your (and ours, too) shopping experience easier, we set out to write reviews and recommendations for
only the best products and services in Ireland.

To give each product or service a fair rating, we answer a series of questions that give us a clear idea of
whether it belongs in our best of the best lists.

  • What is its intended purpose?Whether it’s “the best home cleaning companion” or “the best home insurance”, what do the makers of the product
    advertise it as?

    Same goes with services—if a service claims to provide “the best hotdogs in town” or “the fastest plumbing jobs
    around”, we make a mental note of it as we proceed to the testing process.

  • What features/services does it have to justify its purpose?We take a look at all the bells and whistles that a product has. We also take note of what features it has that
    make it a cut above the rest and features where it lags behind the competition.

    For businesses, what kind of services do they offer that other businesses don’t? How diverse are their list of
    services and how comprehensive is their scope of work?

  • How well do these features/services work?Appearance, size, weight, hardware, software—we consider these things and more to accurately gauge whether they
    work as intended or not.

    This is also the part where we judge whether a product gives value above, below, or just within expectations from
    its price point.

    When it comes to services, we take a look at the quality and efficiency of their services. If they offer a more
    premium price point compared to other similar services, it would make sense that they should offer more, right?

    Aside from that, we also pay attention to the entire transaction process—from handling customer enquiries to
    providing after-sales services—and assess the convenience of it all.

  • What do consumers think of the product/service?We also look to real customer experiences to see if they experienced the same things we did while using the
    product or service. And if there are recurring praises or complaints about the product or service, we take note
    of those as well and factor them in our decision-making process.
  • Do we recommend it?We wouldn’t suggest a product or service to you that we won’t avail of ourselves.

    So after looking at each aspect of the product or service, we decide whether it’s great enough for us. And if it
    is, we think it’s good enough for you as well.