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The 5 Best Nursing Homes in Dublin

Choosing a nursing home for your elderly loved ones can be a challenging task, especially with their welfare at stake.

So in order to assist you during such an emotional time, we did our own research and created a list of the best nursing homes in Dublin that can give them excellent quality of life. Aside from featuring our top picks, this guide also discusses the costs involved and answers the most commonly asked questions about nursing home care.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How Much Do Nursing Homes Cost in Dublin

Before we present a price comparison table of the best nursing homes in Dublin, let’s first discuss the government’s Nursing Home Support Scheme.

Under this programme, the National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF) has been designated to negotiate with nursing home facilities on the maximum rate that they’re allowed to charge.

The NTPF will then pass on these pricing details to the Health Service Executive (HSE). The HSE is the agency that runs the Nursing Homes Support Scheme and settles the remaining balance after individuals have paid their contribution.

Contributions vary based on the results of the financial assessment that will be conducted when you apply for the scheme.

Anyway, here’s the price comparison table of our best picks.

FacilitiesRates (per week)
Saint Joseph’s Shankill (Saint Joseph’s Centre)€1325
Beechfield Manor Nursing Home€1245
St. Patrick’s Nursing Home€1170
Talbot Lodge Nursing Home€1265
Terenure Nursing Home€1205

Keep in mind that the HSE has a share of the costs and these are not the actual amounts that an individual will be required to pay.

You can also find out more about the financial assessment here.

The Best Nursing Homes in Dublin

Knowing the weekly rates of the facilities is not enough to make a final decision, of course. You shouldn’t automatically go for the cheapest or the most expensive one.

You have to dig deep and learn what each of the best nursing homes in Dublin could offer per dollar – you want value for your money in the form of actual quality care.

Anyway, here are the homes that we think offer the best services relative to their prices right now. Check them out!

1. Saint Joseph’s Shankill (Saint Joseph’s Centre)

Saint Joseph’s Shankill (Saint Joseph’s Centre)'s Homepage
SERVICES●     Residential
●     Respite
●     Day Care
ADDRESSCrinken Lane, Shankill, Co. Dublin
CONTACT DETAILS+353 1 282 3000
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS24/7 Operations

Operating since 1994, Saint Joseph’s Shankill, formerly known as Saint Joseph’s Centre, is one of the most trusted nursing homes in Dublin. It was accredited a ‘Butterfly Home’ by Meaningful Care Matters for providing a high quality of life to its residents.

However, unlike other facilities, Saint Joseph’s Shankill caters exclusively to people with dementia. Nevertheless, it has positioned itself as the leader in dementia care in Ireland.

What we love most about this facility is that it isn’t a traditional, medical-modeled nursing home, but rather, it’s divided into six new homes or lodges that can house a total of 60 people. Their team also develops a personalised care plan for each individual with the participation of family members.

Even better, the personal care plan gets reviewed and updated every three months. Of course, with the involvement of the individual’s family members.

If you’re considering Saint Joseph’s Shankill, contact the facility immediately because they don’t accept emergency admissions. They will put your elderly loved one on the waiting list and conduct a pre-admission assessment because dementia is a complex illness.

Another thing we like about Saint Joseph’s Shankill is that its genuine advocacy for quality dementia care goes beyond its delivery of nursing home services. Its team also conducts a virtual dementia cafe to support people living with dementia, their friends and families, or anyone who’s interested in dementia and wants to share experiences.


  • Nearly three decades in the nursing home business
  • Leader in dementia care in Ireland
  • Accredited ‘Butterfly Home’ by Meaningful Care Matters
  • Personalised care plan developed with participation of family members
  • Hosts virtual dementia cafe to support dementia patients and their families


  • Most expensive among the facilities featured in this list
  • Provides care solely for people with dementia
  • No emergency admissions accepted

Customer Reviews

Here’s what their past clients have to say about their services:

“I visited my auntie while I was on a visit to Dublin from England, it was a lovely day everyone was in their gorgeous garden, a Gospel choir was singing, it was beautiful. It is an incredible place, I could see how well cared for my auntie and all the other residents were.  The staff are so warm and friendly and do an incredible job. This place is a benchmark for how all nursing homes should be, God Bless them.” -Judy Tomkinson

“I visited a friend who was in this nursing home for one weeks respite care to day !  I was very impressed from the moment I walked in the main door – reception staff and care staff were very friendly and welcoming – the whole place was bright and cheery and I don.t think I ever saw a nursing home where the patients were treated with such dignity and care.  I was there during meal time and the patients were being fed and spoken to with love and attention.

We tend to complain about our health service –  St. Joseph,s  is the nicest and most caring nursing home I have ever visited!   I trained and worked as a nurse myself both in Ireland and abroad  and It is most impressive – congratulations to all staff and management !” – Dolores O’Donovan

2. Beechfield Manor Nursing Home

Beechfield Manor Nursing Home's Homepage
SERVICES●     Elderly care
●     Convalescent care
●     Dementia care
●     Secondary rehabilitation
●     Respite care
●     Younger adults with disability
ADDRESSShanganagh Rd, Shankill, Dublin D18 P389
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS24/7 Operations

Beechfield Manor, which is one of the five nursing homes managed by Beechfield Care Group, is another acclaimed nursing home in Dublin. What differentiates it from other nursing homes is that it also offers care for younger adults with disabilities.

Although there isn’t anything fancy about Beechfield Manor, it’s a nice distinctive period house in Shankill with a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. This means you shouldn’t expect to see special facilities and amenities such as a theatre, spa, or cafe found in other nursing homes.

It’s simple with large garden spaces and strategically located near churches, public transport, and other establishments. It has 67 single rooms and one double room, two lifts, and common areas that are always kept clean and well-maintained.

Aside from 24/7 care, Beechfield Manor also hosts various activities that promote health, well-being, and entertainment. Some of the weekly activities include fitness classes, flower arranging, arts and crafts, piano music with a professional pianist, aromatherapy, outings, and other social events.

All these activities will be discussed in greater detail during the initial assessment and personal care planning. This is another thing we like about Beechfield Manor– they thoroughly assess the resident before admitting for short- or long-term care.

This ensures that they can provide the right care and lifestyle that the person needs. Also, the personal care plan for each individual is reviewed and updated every three months to ensure satisfaction.


  • Offers care for younger adults with disability
  • Thorough assessment and care planning for each individual
  • Can accommodate 67 people
  • Wide range of activities to promote well-being and entertainment


  • No special facilities and amenities such as own cafe, theatre, or spa

Customer Reviews

Below are some of the reviews from their past clients:

“My aunt was here for many years, the level of care was great on each visit we made,  I can tell you we don’t have the equivalent in the US.” -Joseph Rappe

“My grandmother was here for a few years and she was looked after so well by all the staff at Beechfield. They are so fantastic and caring and supportive. The nursing home itself is an exceptionally homely environment.” -Riona Long

“Patients very well looked after. We as visitors were made very welcome by all the staff. Would recommend it very highly if you are searching for somewhere nice for a relative/friend” -Frank McArdle

3. St. Patrick’s Nursing Home

St. Patrick's Nursing Home's Homepage
SERVICES●     Convalescent care
●     Respite care
●     Extended care
●     Day care
ADDRESSDublin Street, Baldoyle, Dublin 13
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS24/7 Operations

St. Patrick’s Nursing Home is one of the four centres managed by the charity-owned Cowper Care. It is easily accessible as it is strategically located near the M50 and the DART.

The facility can accommodate 68 residents, 10 of which are for those with dementia. Also, 13 units of two-bedroom sheltered accommodation are nearing completion on the grounds of St. Patrick’s.

However, it’s important to note that they don’t give that many options for quarters as all their rooms are for single occupancy. Their rate is cheaper compared to other nursing homes in this list, but don’t expect special amenities other than a chapel and beautiful, spacious gardens.

Another thing we noticed is that although they conduct an assessment before admitting residents, there’s no mention of a personalised care plan designed for each individual. Also, only their most basic package is covered by the government’s Fair Deal Scheme.

Their therapies, social programmes, hairdressing, and other special services come at additional fees, although some may be available to medical card holders. Nevertheless, they still provide great quality of care, enough for them to land a spot on this list.


  • Slightly cheaper compared to other nursing homes
  • Can accommodate 68 people
  • 13 units of sheltered accommodation available soon
  • 10 rooms are dedicated for those with dementia


  • Doesn’t have a personal care plan for each individual
  • All bedrooms are for single occupancy, no other option
  • Only the most basic package is covered by the Government’s Fair Deal Scheme
  • No special amenities and some activities and therapies come at an additional cost

Customer Reviews

Check out some of the comments from their past clients:

“Deeply caring staff in a homely and calming surrounding.” -Shirley Brown

“It looks like it’s a nice place to work and staff are nice too” -Jessica Hara

“Great staff clean easy access near beach and lidl. Thumbs up 5 star nursing home” -Eddie Cox

4. Talbot Lodge Nursing Home

Talbot Lodge Nursing Home's Homepage
SERVICES●     Dementia Care
●     Psychiatric Care
●     Convalescent Residents
●     End of Life Care
●     Respite Care
ADDRESSKinsealy Lane Malahide County Dublin
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS24/7 Operations

Talbot Lodge Nursing Home is another notable care provider in Dublin located in a tranquil, countryside setting. It’s managed by Brookhaven Healthcare, which operates a total of five nursing homes across the country.

One thing that makes it different from other nursing homes is that it also provides psychiatric care. Also, compared to other facilities, it has a larger capacity because of its 72 single bedrooms and 20 twin bedrooms.

Although they don’t mention anything about a personal care plan developed for each individual, you can be assured that their health is being taken care of with its 24-hour nurse care and GP cover. They also have a wide range of specialised medical services such as physiotherapy and language therapy.

There are also some reviews concerning the lack of proactive communication with the family of residents, but they’re accommodating when you contact them to check on your loved one.

What we love about this nursing home is that it goes beyond just providing the basics. It has a hairdressing salon, recreational rooms, oratory, and a library.

Aside from keeping residents healthy, their team also entertains the residents through regular social activities, trips, games, movie nights, live music, arts and crafts classes, and community engagement. They’re also flexible enough to allow private family parties and summer barbecues for special occasions or in case you just miss your loved one.


  • Tranquil countryside setting
  • Also offers psychiatric care
  • Greater capacity with 92 bedrooms in total
  • Has a library, recreational rooms, and hairdressing salon
  • Accommodates private family parties and barbecue parties
  • 24-hour nurse care and GP cover
  • Diverse weekly fun activities


  • Proactive communication with family of residents could be improved
  • No mention of personal care plan

Customer Reviews

Here are some of the testimonials from their past clients:

“Hello all in Talbot Lodge, I recently visited my Aunt in your nursing home and I found the professionalism of the management and staff was second to none. All staff did a great job managing COVID-19 in the last year. My Aunt is very happy and has expressed her love of the friendly staff and management. It is fabulous to see such dedication to the care of others in these strange times.  Regards Padraic.” -Padraic Flatley

“Very strong management staff supporting all the staff and residents in the house. I would highly recommend this nursing home for any one. The staff are all very experienced and supportive from my experience.” -Nimisha Shinu

“To Whom It May Concern: When you come to the realisation that one of your parents need 24 hour care which you can’t provide, a Nursing Home becomes your only choice, and it is not one that we ever considered in our close knit family.  So when our dear mother Kathleen entered Talbot Lodge, we learnt  wonderful lessons in care, kindness and professionalism. From the minute you enter the doors into Reception, there is a great sense of friendliness and welcome.  The Staff go out of their way to continue that, coupled with all the care they give to everyone.  In fact, each Resident is made to feel special, and indeed the same with family and friends visiting. Eveline & her wonderful Staff made a very difficult time in our lives so much easier and indeed when Mam passed away through Covid restrictions, they treated us with amazing care and sympathy. As our Dad was inclined to say “We will be forever grateful”. Regards and Thanks, Catherine & Michael Ryan (for Kathleen Flannery).” -Catherine Ryan

5. Terenure Nursing Home

Terenure Nursing Home's Homepage
SERVICES●     Long term care
●     Respite care
●     Dementia care
●     Convalescence care
ADDRESS122 Terenure Rd W, Terenure, Dublin, D6W PW58, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353 1 490 7764
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS24/7 Operations

Located just south of Harold’s Cross is Terenure Nursing Home, which is managed by Grace Healthcare together with six other nursing homes in Dublin, Monaghan, and Cavan.

Although it only provides 48 accommodations, which is a bit less compared to other nursing homes featured here, we can’t complain because of the warm, friendly village feel they’ve established. Further, its small capacity may also mean that carers can focus more on each resident.

At Terenure Nursing Home, there are single occupancy rooms and sharing accommodations to choose from based on the residents’ preferences. What we love about this nursing home is that aside from developing a personalised care plan for each resident, rooms are also decorated according to individual tastes and style.

For extra security and safety, they also installed a call bell system in all rooms.

Their service doesn’t end with providing excellent 24/7 care and medical support. There are different kinds of therapies, social activities, and opportunities for residents to make friends and enjoy their day with people of similar interests.


  • High level of transparency on what goes on inside the nursing home (typical daily schedule and menus)
  • Friendly and relaxed village feel
  • Rooms are decorated according to the preferences of individual residents
  • Personal care plan tailored for each resident
  • Call bell system for extra security and safety


  • Only has 48 accommodations

Customer Reviews

Below are some of the reviews shared by their past clients:

“They were incredible with Auntie Ollie, they did everything possible for her for the 2 years she was with them. She passed away earlier this year. Cregan and Quinn family.” -David Quinn

“Visited an elderly neighbour,a lot of residents in the day room playing Bingo got prizes was great fun. The residents were enjoying the game which was led by a very helpful young man.Then the tea trolley arrived with biscuits. The was abit of banter going on altogether I found it very uplifting to see the residents so happy. Plenty of nice staff available if needed.” -Catherine Kennedy

“I Recently had major surgery in st Vincent’s hospital in Dublin so after my surgery I needed 2 weeks to recover so I am so delighted I got into Harvey private nursing home! Soon as I arrived I got greeted by Alice the head of nursing and her staff she was so pleasant and the staff were so warm and welcoming I am only 43yrs old but I have a disability due to an accident and these people looked after me so brilliant they are so professional and No matter what diet or speical food you may need these people will make sure you get what you need. I would recommend this nursing home to anyone you will feel so comfortable and so cared for you honestly won’t want to leave. The staff looked after my fiance also knowing she had to drive from cavan to visit me and even gave us our Christmas dinner together which was so lovely! So thank you so so much all at Harvery nursing home your profession is out of this world and your care is just brilliant so God bless you all and thank you so much for making my stay so wonderful everything was 100% so Happy New year and I sure will visit in 2018 Michael Sweeney co. Cavan” – Michael Sweeney

FAQs About the Best Nursing Homes in Dublin

We know it’s a difficult decision to take your elderly to a nursing home. However, choosing from the best nursing homes in Dublin will put your mind at ease in knowing that your loved one is receiving excellent care.

If you’re looking for a facility outside the city, you might want to check out our guide for the best nursing homes in Waterford or our broader coverage of the best nursing homes in Ireland.