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The 5 Best Massage Spots in Limerick

A massage can be invigorating after a stressful week. It can help us unwind and remove all the tension and discomfort in our bodies.

Here, we’ve compiled the best massage spots in Limerick along with their customer reviews, services provided, and standout qualities.

For those on the go, we’ve also created a quick summary of the costs of their services below.

How much do massages cost in Limerick?

Sawasdee SpaThai Traditional Massage Thai Warrior Massage Thai Yoga Massage Thai Balm Massage Aromatherapy Massage Physical Therapy€7560 minutes
€110.0090 minutes
Back and Shoulders Massage€4530 minutes
From Lower Back to Head Baby, Infant, and Child Massage€4560 minutes
Drainage Detox Massage€4530 minutes
€7560 minutes
Pre and Post-Natal Massage€7560 minutes
Couples Break Time€15060 minutes
€22590 minutes
Entropy Treatment RoomsIndividual Sessions€4530 minutes
€7060 minutes
€9590 minutes
€120120 minutes
Siam Day SpaSignature Massage€3530 minutes
€55.0060 minutes
€80.0090 minutes
Harmony Massage€3530 minutes
€6060 minutes
€8590 minutes
Thai Balm Oil Massage€3530 minutes
€6560 minutes
€9090 minutes
Original Traditional Thai Massage€8530 minutes
€12590 minutes
Leg-Foot Massage Indian Head Massage€4030 minutes
€7060 minutes
4-Hand Massage€6530 minutes
€10560 minutes
€15090 minutes
Hot Stone Massage Aroma Full Body Massage€4030 minutes
€7560 minutes
€10090 minutes
Pregnancy Massage€6560 minutes
€9090 minutes
Ania Massage & Sports InjurySports Injury Message Pregnancy Massage€7060 minutes
Hot Stone Massage€7560 minutes
Lymphatic Drainage Massage Udvartana Massage Bowen TherapyContact for pricingContact for duration
Thai Classic Massage & BeautyThai Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage Thai Herb Massage Traditional Thai Massage€5560 minutes
Thai Hot Oil Full Body Massage Thai Oil Massage€5060 minutes

The Best Massage Spots in Limerick

To look for the best, we’ve carefully analysed the different massage spots in Limerick using the following criteria:

Services Offered
We reviewed the different types of massages offered and prioritised those with more variations and styles available.
We also considered whether their costs are reasonable and well-matched with the massage’s quality.
Customer reviews
Through this, we got a more in-depth view of the quality of their services and their relationship with their customers.
Here, we examined how up-to-date their training and equipment are.

Now that you’ve seen how we reviewed each, let’s start with our list of the best massage spots in Limerick.

1. Sawasdee Spa

Sawasdee Spa Homepage

•Thai Traditional Massage

•Thai Warrior Massage

•Thai Yoga Massage

•Thai Balm Massage

•Aromatherapy Massage

•Back & Shoulders Massage

•From Lower Back to Head Massage

•Drainage-Detox Massage

•Physical Therapy

•Pre and Post-Natal Massage

•Baby, Infant, and Child Massage

•Couple Break Time

ADDRESS65 Catherine St, 1st Floor Limerick V94 W86K
CONTACT DETAILS+353 61 408 488 or +353 85 77 45 341
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Saturday: 10:30 AM - 8 PM
COST★★★★☆ (4/5)
FACILITIES★★★★★ (5/5)

Sawasdee Spa stands out because of the variety of services they offer, from Thai-based treatments, massages for children, and a mobile massage service.

We liked that their variations in massage styles are not just for show, as they’re well-differentiated from each other. For example, the Thai massages are specifically for lessening body pain; drainage-detox therapy is for constipation; and physical therapy is for deep tissue healing.

Because they offer a lot of massage styles, they offer well-made packages—such as Spa Break, Mums to Be, and Pure Bliss—which bundle services that are best received in one session.

Their dedication to providing a relaxing atmosphere can be seen in their aromatic and well-maintained rooms, free drinks like coffee and tea at the end of every massage, and their friendly staff.

They also have a mobile spa priced depending on the number of people massaged (3 to 12) and the distance of your place from theirs. Their therapists are well-trained to adapt to any location with adequate space for massage, which is why it’s a huge hit for those who want to relax at home.

Booking with them is convenient and fast, which is a huge difference from other massage spots. This is done through their well-made website and responsive contact lines that can accommodate last-minute bookings.

We recommend purchasing their massage packages instead of availing them one by one, as doing the latter can be pricey. Not to mention, these packages also come with discounted rates and additional services like body scrubs and head massages.

Their exact location can also be hard to spot from the outside, which is why we recommend calling their staff in advance for directions.


  • A wide variety of massage styles
  • Can accommodate last-minute bookings
  • Has well-made massage packages that come with freebies
  • Offers mobile spa services


  • Services can be pricey if not bought in a package
  • Exact location may be hard to find for first-time customers

Customer Reviews

The massage was amazing from start to finish and very therapeutic 

“I would like to say a big thank you to Didier, he is an excellent massage therapist. I’ve been getting massages for over 7 years and I have to say Didier is definitely one of the very best I’ve ever seen. He is very knowledgeable and professional and what impressed me a lot was that he answered to all my questions about massage and offered me good advices as well. The massage was amazing from start to finish and very therapeutic. His wonderful healing hands really helped my tired and sore body, after just 2 sessions I felt like new, my body is pain free now. The rooms are very professional, very clean, he make sure is everything perfect, there is a relaxing and positive ambiance for sure. I highly recommend Didier, excellent 5 stars experience, I am already looking forward for my next visits.” – Maria R., Google Reviews

Staff there were competent and had a very good knowledge of what they were doing

“Lovely place to get a Thai massage would recommend 10/10 staff there were competent and had a very good knowledge of what they were doing. Thoroughly enjoyed the full hour I was there for. Looking forward to coming back. Only criticism would be that it was a bit hidden with the other shops but overall didn’t dampen my experience of the place.” – Nicolas Lannegrand, Google Reviews

2. Entropy Treatment Rooms

Entropy Treatment Rooms Homepage
MASSAGE TYPES AVAILABLEIndividual Massage Sessions

•30 minutes

•60 minutes

•90 minutes

•120 minutes

ADDRESSQ Retail Park, r509, Roxboro, Co. Limerick, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353 86 178 7575
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Saturday: 10:30 AM - 8 PM
COST★★★★★ (5/5)

Located inside three-star hotel Maldron Hotel Limerick, Entropy Treatment Rooms differentiates itself from the usual massage place through their person-centred approach. They aim to be the best choice for those looking for full-body rehabilitation, deep tissue massage, and relief for chronic injuries.

Upon seeing their services, you will notice that they don’t have the usual massages like aromatherapy or Swedish massage. This is because they instead create a specialised massage plan for their customers based on your specific needs.

They do this by taking note of your full health history, lifestyle factors such as amount of exercise and labour done, and your treatment preferences. This unique style can be seen as similar to a doctor’s approach, as they will expect frequent sessions to continuously monitor your progress.

They specialise in providing massage for sports-related injuries, lymphatic drainage, and deep tissue massage. From these alone, you can definitely see their therapeutic expertise.

Their services are not limited to this, though, as they also have casual 30-minute sessions available if you just want quick relief from issues like shoulder and leg pain.

They are also recognized by the Irish Massage Therapist Association, which is why you can get refunds if you’re a member of Irish Life Health or GloHealth.

The only downside is that they only have a single therapist for all clients, which is why it’s hard to get a schedule especially after work hours.


  • Unique and personalised approach to massage
  • Highly recommended for injuries and body rehabilitation
  • Recognized by the Irish Massage Therapist Association
  • Affordable prices


  • Only has one therapist
  • May be hard to book a session during peak hours

Customer Reviews

I was made very comfortable at 30 weeks pregnant

“Anna is excellent at massage, she is very professional. I was made very comfortable at 30 weeks pregnant. Anna worked on areas of previous sports injury for me and I received huge relief from my hip pain since pregnancy. Her rooms are very clean and inviting, I will be recommending all my friends and relatives to go to Anna for any ailments.” – Lisa English, Google Reviews

Easily the best massage I’ve ever had

“Easily the best massage I’ve ever had not just a massage either great knowledge of how to stop the route cause of the pain too and how to fix it through certain exercises, aswell as an amazing thorough massage!!” – Rhuin Eire, Google Reviews

3. Siam Day Spa

Siam Day Spa Homepage

•Signature Massage

•Harmony Massage

•Thai Balm Oil Massage

•Original Traditional Thai Massage

•Leg-foot Massage

•Indian Head Massage

•4-Hand Massage

•Hot Stone Massage

•Pregnancy Massage

•Aroma Full Body Massage

ADDRESS14 Lower Mallow St, Limerick, V94 W42K, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353 61 311 900
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 9 PM
COST★★★★☆ (4/5)

Siam Day Spa is one of the best massage spots in Limerick because of its owner’s in-depth knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the Thai method.

Their massages can handle any intensity you prefer, from their soft Signature Massage to the Thai Balm Oil Massage for those with sore muscles. Their soft massage style mainly uses oils and body rubbing, while more intense ones focus on pulling and stretching the body.

They also have a unique offering named the 4-Hand Massage, which is done by two therapists. We recommend this style because it greatly improves body circulation and is highly relaxing.

Their services are better bought in packages, as these combine massages with an additional service like Express Facial and Full Body Scrub to complete your pampering needs. This gives better value for your money.

To make it more budget-friendly, they also offer 15% off for five sessions and 20% for ten sessions that are scheduled either from Monday to Wednesday or Thursday to Sunday. This is why many are easily converted into regulars in this massage spot.

The Thai inspiration also extends to the relaxing and calm aesthetic of the place. The calming candles and incense in the massage spot are used just enough so as to not be suffocating.

The place is also open all week long, which is why finding a convenient time for a massage is very easy. Booking through their website is a breeze and even comes with discounts and gift vouchers.


  • Offers various massage intensities
  • Open from Monday to Sunday
  • Easy booking process
  • Has discounts available all week long


  • Services may be expensive if not bought by package

Customer Reviews

They were all friendly and accommodating

“I really enjoyed my massage at Siam Day Spa. I wnet with a friend, and we both got the Harmony massage. My messus was Kay, and she did a great job. The oils used were simple, the technique left me feeling relaxed, iwth noticeable relief of knots in shoulder/neck region, the following day. They were all friendly and accommodating. We will be back. Thank you.” – Orla Collins, Google Reviews

Probably the best massage in Limerick

“Probably the best massage in Limerick. Could be a little expensive but the massage was great!

I told the lady that i have pain in my neck and she worked so well on those muscles. The pain vanished! Cant rave enough! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” – Wajiha Einy, Google Reviews

4. Ania Massage & Sports Injury

Ania Massage & Sports Injury Homepage

•Sports Injury Massage

•Pregnancy Massage

•Hot Stone Massage

•Lymphatic Drainage Massage

•Udvartana Massage

•Bowen Therapy

ADDRESS26 Garravogue Road, Raheen, Limerick, Ireland V94 Y8WH
CONTACT DETAILS+353 87 410 0771
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 8:30 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM - 4 PM


Ania Massage & Sports Injury is named after its sole therapist and owner, Ania Sulowska. We recommend the spot because of its expertise in giving sports injury massage, which is seldom seen in other massage places.

Ania is also a member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association (IMTA) and has certifications from the Irish Training & Educational Centre (ITEC) and the Institute of Massage and Sports Therapy (IMST). Through this, her massage techniques are ensured to be always up-to-date.

A standout massage style of hers is Bowen Therapy, which uses gentle pressure and non-invasive techniques to promote self-healing. Aimed towards relief from issues like vertigo, sciatica, and back pain, this massage is worth every penny.

They also have a massage service specifically for cancer patients, which is made to lessen body pain from chemotherapy. We liked its incorporation of mental health improvement methods to promote holistic healing, which its clients can greatly benefit from.

The massage spot focuses on techniques that promote muscle healing, relief from tension, and blood circulation. This gives it a more medical touch, which athletes and pregnant women will like.

If you’re looking for a just simple and relaxing massage, the massage spot still has you covered, as it offers Hot Stone Massage and Relaxing Hot Oil Massage. This incorporates traditional Thai and Indian methods that many are fond of.

There are only a few issues with booking a session, as their social media link for this is broken as of writing. Finding an available time is also difficult, as their website doesn’t display which spots have already been taken.


  • Expert in sports and therapeutic massage
  • Recognized by Irish massage associations (ITEC, MTA, and IMST)
  • Incorporates mental health improvement methods
  • Versatile in terms of massage offerings


  • Only has one therapist
  • Has issues with booking methods

Customer Reviews

After one session with Ania, the pain is gone, I’m in disbelief.

“I had sever pain in my upper back, neck and arm, been to other physio’s with no relief. After one session with Ania, the pain is gone, I’m in disbelief. Will definitely book again. Can’t recommend enough.” – Sarah Lane, Google Reviews

Very professional, attentive, and knowledgeable

“Highly recommended. Ania is very professional, attentive and knowledgeable. My parents, my sister and I have all visited Ania’s clinic for relief for various muscular ailments and injuries over the years and Ania always finds the source of the problem and fixes it. I am currently finding Bowen treatment is helping an old wrist injury I have, which is aggravated by the typing I do as part of my job.” – Miriam Doran, Google Reviews

5. Thai Classic Massage & Beauty

Thai Classic Massage & Beauty Homepage

•Thai Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

•Thai Herb Massage

•Thai Hot Oil Full Body Massage

•Thai Oil Massage

•Traditional Thai Massage

ADDRESS84 O'Connell St, Limerick, V94 D597, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353 87 170 4600
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Sunday: 11:00 AM - 9 PM

Thai Classic Massage & Beauty takes the incorporation of traditional methods to the next level, as their fully licensed therapists have all completed training from Wat Pho, Bangkok. This makes it an amazing choice for those looking for an authentic Thai experience.

They also have very affordable rates that are mostly below €60 for one hour. For €55, you can receive a Full Body Hot Oil or Traditional Thai Massage.

Upon testing, we definitely felt the Thai methods applied in almost all their massages. Their therapists encourage active participation, which is great for improving mobility and blood circulation.

One of their most popular massages is Hot Oil Aroma Balm. Its use of essential oils and gentle rubbing is effective for improving your mood.

Many also recommend their reflexology massage, which uses traditional Thai methods to identify important pressure points. They use the feet as a means of relieving pain in other parts of the body like the liver, kidney, and intestines.

However, they only have a single package deal, which is a full-body massage paired with a manicure or a pedicure. This is a bit of a letdown especially because they also offer waxing and facial services; both of which go great with a massage.

The massage spot is always clean and aromatic, which is great for a spot that is open seven days a week. Their Thai inspiration can also be seen in their furniture and furnishing choices.

Booking for a session is also easy with their use of the Calendly app. It’s highly convenient, as it shows which spots have already been taken and has a simple interface that many can instantly be familiar with.


  • Therapists are trained in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Affordable price
  • Open Monday to Sunday
  • Easy booking process


  • Only one package deal

Customer Reviews

I had an amazing experience here

“I had an amazing experience here. I was really suprised at the price whoch was so much cheaper than what i thought it was worth. €50 for 1 hours was a fantastic rate. Room decorated beautifully in Asian style. temperature hot but not sweaty which was ideal. The masseure was so lovely quier respectful and professional. I am going back this weekend.” – Abbigail Thompson, Google Reviews

The most amazing hot oil massage

“Had the most amazing hot oil massage so relaxing it felt like I had a load of hands massaging me. Will definitely be going back again. Thanks so much.” – Jolean Dundon, Facebook

FAQs about Massage Spots in Limerick

Massages can help our bodies relax and recover after stress and intense activities. We greatly recommend booking a session in one of these massage spots in Limerick to get the pampering you deserve!

To help in further healing any chronic pains you feel, we also recommend checking out the following: