Best Gas Company in Ireland
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The 5 Best Gas Companies in Ireland

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Your monthly budget could be ruined if you don’t allocate enough funds for your utilities like gas. And even if you do, the question is, are you getting value for your money?

Some gas companies either charge high or have inaccurate billing. Yet, they don’t provide acceptable customer service to make your payment worth it.

So if you’re thinking of switching to another gas provider, you might want to consider the companies we’ve picked for our best gas companies in Ireland list. We’ll tell you why we think they’re one of the best and have included their rates and other helpful details too.

The Cost of Gas in Ireland

The price of your gas bill would depend on your usage. But we’ve checked the average costs of gas of the companies we’ve included in our list so you can quickly compare.

The table below shows the estimated average gas price per year:

CompanyEstimated Average Cost Per Year 
Electric Ireland€792.50
Panda Power€882

The Best Gas Companies in Ireland

So, why do we think the companies below are one of the best gas companies in Ireland? We’ve used the following measures: sustainability, affordability and customer service.

Sustainability. We think companies that work for the greater good by offering sustainable products and services must be supported. We all live on the same planet after all.
Customer service. A company must also be ‘reachable.’ Taking care of customers by being readily available to fix whatever issues they have is one of the best ways to retain clients and build a loyal market base.
Affordability. And who doesn’t want to get a product or service at an affordable price? Saving a little bit with a cheaper rate is better than not getting any discount at all. 

How do we know? Because we are consumers ourselves, that’s how.

So without further ado, here’s our list of the best gas companies in Ireland:

1. Calor Gas

Calor Gas' Homepage
SERVICESbioLPG, LPG, LNG, energy solutions for hospitality, catering, agriculture, transport, logistic and other businesses 
ADDRESSLong Mile Rd, Drimnagh, Dublin 12, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS01 291 6229 Emergency
01 450 5000 Customer Service
01 450 5000 24/7 Automated Payments
OPERATING HOURS9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday (phone lines)

Calor Gas supplies and distributes metered and cylinder LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) and LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) to both homes and businesses. They are one of the experts in the procurement, storage, delivery, installation and maintenance of LPG in the country and they have been doing this since 1937.

Although being one of the experts in energy and having the stability to stay in the field for over 80 years are commendable, it’s not really the main reason why we picked them. It’s because they also offer BioLPG.

BioLPG is a propane gas made from plant and food wastes. It’s a clean-burning fuel which makes it a great alternative if you want an energy source for your home or business and reduce your carbon footprints at the same time. 

And because it’s made from feedstock materials which can be regrown and replaced, it also means BioLPG is a 100% renewable gas. 

But what if you’re currently using electricity, oil or solid fuel? Would switching to BioLPG be a hassle?

Don’t worry. If you do decide to switch, they would send one of their energy consultants to visit your home to assess your energy needs and work out the best way to have your home converted.

They offer payment options too to make the cost of the switch easier on the pocket. They can even spread the cost of a year’s worth of gas supply over 12 months!

And if, somehow, you find yourself still struggling to pay your bills, we like that they want customers to contact them so they can further help. Although we hope it doesn’t come to that, knowing they can extend help by offering more alternatives is reassuring.

That sounds good to us, as it is. But on top of those, you can also get a grant from SEAI Better Energy Homes if you upgrade your home to an energy efficient one.

That’s a lot of options to save. And the free gas boiler thrown in when you switch isn’t a bad deal either. 

What we wish they have, though, is dual fuel. It’s the next best option for people who use electricity and aren’t ready to switch to gas completely.

We’ve also received a few reports that it’s sometimes hard to place gas orders. We don’t think this is a regular occurrence, but stepping up on this area of their service won’t hurt their company and would definitely make their customers happier.


  • Offers metered and cylinder gas
  • BioLPG renewable energy offered
  • Services homes and businesses
  • Switching to BioLPG is made easy
  • Payment options available
  • SEAI grant offered
  • Free gas boiler upon switching


  • Closed on weekends
  • Doesn’t offer dual fuel
  • Some reports of being hard to place gas order

Customer Reviews

Very impressed

I had a new calor gas tank delivered and fitted today and the old one taken away. This only took a couple of hours and the two Calor guys Allen Brookes and Mike Cook were extremely helpful and courteous. Nothing was too much trouble. Allen made sure that all the gas was working as it should before leaving. Am very impressed and couldn’t be happier with the service.” -S. Hurst, Trustpilot Review

Amazing service

“I needed a replacement cylinder of gas urgently. Called Calor Gas at 9.30 am. They were very busy but said they would do their best to get it out to me asap.  Was told it may be the following day or best case, later that afternoon. By midday the same day, the guy arrived, installed the cylinder! Amazing service, and as I was not a regular customer and we  were in the middle of the cv19 crisis, this company went over the top with their  customer  service.  Many thanks to Gary,  on the phone, and to the lovely gentleman who delivered it. I didn’t get his  name.” -Cherry Willis, Google Reviews

2. Energia

Energia's Homepage
SERVICESelectricity, dual fuel, gas, heat pump systems, gas boiler, solar thermal, retrofit projects
ADDRESSFloor 10, Liberty Centre, Blanchardstown Retail Park, Co. Dublin, D15 YT2H, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILSWhatsApp 24/7 on +353 87 370 0648
Customer Care 0818 405 405
Sales 0818 300 701
[email protected] (commercial enquiries)
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri, 8am – 8pm, Sat, 10am – 6pm

Another company that provides green energy for homes and businesses, be it electricity or gas, is Energia. They own and operate 309MW of wind assets and are continuing to invest in wind farms and solar projects both in Ireland and offshore.

But aside from actively working for a greener, more sustainable future, there are a few more things that made us decide to add Energia here. One is their customer service.

Of course, it’s impossible for every single customer to be satisfied each time they call. But based on our research and the number of good reviews we’ve received from their customers (and we’ve received tons!), Energia provides one of the best customer service in the industry.

We’ve heard they’re not just polite and professional, they will also do their utmost to give customers the best deal. They will even go as far as to match, alas, even lower their prices a bit to match those of their competitors.

What’s more, Energia doesn’t require a deposit and offers discounts like 15% off on standard gas, 3% discount for new customers, 8% discount if you opt for direct debit, cashbacks and other offers where you can save.

All these savings lead us to the next reason why we’ve picked them for this list: they have an easy-to-understand billing.

We all hate receiving ballooned bills, but even more so, when we don’t understand how the companies come up with the final figure or amount. But Energia’s bills will make your life easier with an itemised billing including the discounts you’re entitled to.

In fact, you can access your bill information using their online service. They even have a video tutorial on how you can understand your bill better so you know there are no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

It’s pretty enticing. But if you’re not too keen on switching completely to gas, they also offer dual fuel (gas and electricity combo) and a personalised dual fuel plan so you can get the best of both worlds.

These are all good. What we find a bit troubling is some people are complaining of incorrect metre readings.  

Although metre-reading is done by ESB and Bord Gáis Networks and not by Energia, it wouldn’t hurt if they look into this issue a bit more closely. But despite this, we think that overall, Energia is still a solid gas provider.


  • Services homes and businesses
  • 100% green electricity and gas
  • Dual fuel offered
  • No deposit required
  • Excellent customer service
  • Several discount options offered
  • Personalised plans offered
  • Easy to understand billing


  • Closed on Sundays
  • Some reports of erroneous metre reading

Customer Reviews

Bills are easy to understand

“I’ve read through a few reviews to see if customers receive the same service as I do. When I read the bad reviews it felt like I’m dealing with a different company.

I’ve tried just about every provider out there but always seem to come back to Energia. I’ve had especially bad experiences with BG on two separate occasions. I always find that Energia’s prices can’t be beaten (Unlike BG). Switching is always quick and easy. The bills are easy to understand (Unlike BG), the customer service is brilliant (Unlike BG) and the website easy to navigate (Unlike BG). Whenever I receive my bills they are almost always less than expected.

What more can I say? I would highly recommend Energia.” -Frank Lucker, Trustpilot Reviews

Painless experience

“Very good service. I never had a problem with Energia in the past 3 years we’ve used them. I moved house and kept them as a provider. The transfer was much easier than expected, a very painless experience with a very pleasant person.” -Malika, Google Reviews

3. Electric Ireland

Electric Ireland's Homepage
SERVICESelectricity, gas, heating, solar, boiler, home energy products
ADDRESSElectric Ireland, PO Box 841, South City Delivery Office, Cork T12C825
CONTACT DETAILS1800372372 Customer Service
1800305090 Sales
1800372333 Home Energy Services

If you’re primarily looking for a gas company with affordable rates, we recommend Electric Ireland. Based on our research, they offer one of the best prices of gas in the country.

While other providers charge over €1,000 annually, Electric Ireland is just at around €790. That’s the approximate annual rate for their EnergySaver Gas 14% plan.

They also have a lot of money-saving offers for you to choose from: they have a €265 welcome bonus for new customers for a 12-month contract. It goes up to €315 if you choose the 24 month-contract.

You’ll be given an additional 8.5% discount if you pay your bills using direct debit. Really, they have all sorts of discounts for gas, electricity, and dual fuel for standard, smart, and day & night metre types.

But electricity and gas aren’t the only service they have; they also offer boiler and heat pump services, home energy products, solar PV and more for both homes and businesses.

Another thing we like about them is they put consideration for priority cases. For instance, if you live with someone who’s dependent on medical equipment (home dialysis machine, ventilator, etc.), then all you need to do is register and they won’t disconnect your service.

What do we dislike about them? Aside from the fact that they require a deposit (others don’t), they seem to have problems with their billing.

We’ve received a number of reports complaining of inaccurate metre-reading and bills. There were some complaints, too, about poor customer support.

We hope it isn’t the norm, though. Otherwise, the affordability factor and other great stuff we like about them might be discounted altogether.


  • Affordable rates
  • Lots of discount options
  • Services homes and businesses
  • Also offers solar PV, home energy products and more
  • No disconnection for special/priority cases


  • Deposit required
  • Some reports of inaccurate metre-reading and bills
  • Some reports of poor customer service

Customer Reviews

No hidden agenda

Highly recommended. I was with pre pay power after being spun lies about my bill being less. My bills literally doubled. I was so frustrated about paying more because I was in contact with them. More fool me for listening to the sales spiel at my front door.

if I need something I’ll go get it because I need it. Not buy into charmers at the door because they need you. Learnt the hard way. Electric Ireland was patient & walked me through the whole process & gave me the facts, no hidden agenda. I will never leave Electric Ireland again.” -Linda, Trustpilot Reviews

I have renewed my respect for customer service

“I did receive a call back today from Electric Ireland. The difference with customer service was astounding. Yesterday must have been a very difficult day for customer service. I got through straight away to them. Rachael and Paul were excellent in dealing with my query professionally. I have renewed my respect for customer service. Such that I’ve changed 3 stars to a 5-star rating. Thank you.” -Daithi, Trustpilot Reviews

The Types of Gas Used in Homes

There are several types of gas used in homes: methane, butane, propane and natural gas.

  1. Methane is a naturally-occuring gas commonly found below the earth’s surface. However, it can also be produced in the lab by heating soda-lime and sodium ethanoate.

Methane can be used for cooking, lighting, heating and cooling your home. It can also run industrial machineries. However, methane is highly flammable which makes storage tricky.

  1. One of the biggest advantages of using propane at home is, it’s nontoxic. It also lasts longer than other gases, and can be used to power all kinds of appliances.

But it has downsides: switching to propane demands a higher upfront cost. It also doesn’t work as well in freezing temperatures and the cold causes it to shrink in volume.

  1. Butane burns cleaner than propane, it’s cheaper and less toxic too. It’s also more efficient by 12% compared to propane which means it lasts a little longer. 

However, it is extremely flammable. Since it’s heavier than air, distant ignition is possible.

  1. Natural gas is a mixture of propane, butane, and ethane. It’s a product of decomposed organic matter.

Using it as an energy source for your home has several advantages. There’s an abundant source of natural gas, and the technology and infrastructure so people can use is already in place.

It’s also easy to transport and unlike oil and other energy sources, it has a relatively small impact on the environment.

FAQs about the Best Gas Companies in Ireland

Did you find a gas company you like from our list of the best gas companies in Ireland? We hope you found one that you think would best serve your needs.

If you’re already using one of these gas companies as your supplier, please send us an email. We’d love to hear what your experience is with them. 

If you’re interested in having solar panels installed in your home instead, you can check our list of the best solar panel companies in Ireland.