Best Psychics in Dublin
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The 5 Best Psychics in Dublin

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If someone could see into the future, would you like to know what yours looks like?

Whether it’s with belief or skepticism, there’s something quite intriguing in what people with precognition, ESP, psi or some form of psychic power truly see.

Who in Dublin has that power to see your future? We have compiled the best psychics in Dublin for you.

But first, here are some psychic phenomena basics you need to know.

The Different Methods of Psychic Reading

Psychics tap into a person’s energy to catch a glimpse of his past, present and future. How do they do this?

You might imagine a gypsy looking into a crystal ball (also called scrying), but that’s not always how they do it. There are several other methods of psychic reading:


Also called chiromancy, palm reading uses the physical features of the hands (creases, lines, shapes) to interpret a person’s character.

The dominant hand reveals how a person is using his natural personality and traits. The non-dominant hand reveals what these traits are.

Contemporary palmists say both the left and right hands are important in knowing how it all connects to the greater scheme of things.

Tarot Reading

Do you think the future is set in stone or not?

Whichever the case may be, tarot readings can give you a sense of the “bigger picture”, an insight to what could possibly happen to help guide you based on what the cards are showing.


Numerologists believe that when broken down, numbers are the foundation of the universe. The numerical value of names, birthdates, ideas, words and such hold a special meaning that can be used to predict the future.

Aura Reading

Every living thing gives off an energy field that is usually invisible. But psychics can see or feel this energy field (also called aura).

Aura has several layers that are connected to different energy centers in your body—physical, emotional, mental, astral body, manifestation layer, celestial plane and ketheric template.

The colours of the aura layers help psychics tell your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.


Touching an object helps psychics know the history of that object and even the experiences and emotions of its owner. They can sense it through the energy or vibrations “recorded” into the object.

The Best Psychics in Dublin

We have to admit: this is a tricky subject to explore. Psychics are rare and the market is so saturated with frauds.

Also, every experience is different from one person to the next. This is why some people will say one psychic is authentic while another will say they’ve been deceived…even if they consulted the same psychic!

Given this, we advise you to take the readings with a grain of salt.

Now, for the best psychics in Dublin to whom you can go for a reading:

1.   Gráinne Tyndall of numbers4success

Gráinne Tyndall of numbers4success' Homepage
SERVICESnumerology, soul reading, holistic treatments, workshops
CONTACT DETAILS+353863859599

What’s in a number? Numerologists believe the universe is a system whose basic element is…you guessed it: numbers.

Everything around us, including our names, birth dates and even past, present and future events in our lives can be broken down into numbers.

Numerologists can extract multiple elements from a person through various methods. He breaks these down into meaningful numbers that can give a person insight about himself and his life’s purpose.

Numerology is very complicated and only a master of it can give precise and detailed readings. If numerology is the specific psychic reading you prefer, we recommend you go to Gráinne Tyndall.

Gráinne can do soul reading, but her specialty is numerology. She has been studying it for over 20 years, giving her the skills required for accurate readings.

Being a numerologist with an international reputation, she has guided and helped thousands of people through numbers.

We like that she’s a life skills consultant, spiritual healer and a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Therapy) practitioner at the same time. She can weave these competencies together to give you a nuanced, multifaceted reading.

If you want to get to know your true self and create a more balanced life, you can  even attend one of Gráinne’s workshops. She will show you what tools and techniques you can use to achieve those goals.

Another point in her favour is that she’s even published children’s books in her field. You can teach kids meditation, angel secrets and more through beautiful illustrations and creative tasks included in the books.

Naturally, this suggests she’d be a good option for those who want psychic readings for their kids. It’s an advantage, as we ourselves would only be comfortable taking our kids in for such readings if we knew the psychic had experience with children.

And if after this you’re still unsure if you want to book for a reading or attend her workshops, don’t worry. You can also get a feel of how she’s like by tuning in to her show called “The Soul Hour” every weekend on Together FM.


  • Specialises in numerology
  • Conducts workshops and seminars
  • Offers holistic treatments
  • Books and other media available on website


  • No address listed
  • Remote readings unavailable

Customer Reviews

Here are testimonies from some of Gráinne’s previous clients:

“My Soul reading today with Grainne was a truly wonderful experience. I can highly recommend this warm hearted, extremely helpful and truly precious soul service.” – Petra Krebs, Google Reviews

“I was there and the energy was so amazing and positive! Amazing turn out of thousands marching for freedom…Ireland and the rest of the world are waking up! – Laura Rinnankoski, Instagram Reviews

2.   Suzann Morris of Tarot Reading Ireland

Suzann Morris of Tarot Reading Ireland's Homepage
SERVICEStarot reading, group readings, workshops
ADDRESSRichmond Ave S, Rathmines, Dublin 6, D06 P2E1, Ireland
[email protected]

A lot of people think tarot cards predict the future. But that is just a misconception.

Tarot cards reveal stories about our lives and how certain things, events and people around us affect our lives’ flow. The cards also give us options on how we can live better.

Like numerology, tarot is complex. Readers will have different methodologies in interpreting the way the cards interact and what it all means.

If the psychic reading you prefer is through tarot cards, you can go to Suzann Morris.

Suzann has been guiding people through tarot cards for more than 20 years. She conducts readings using angel cards too.

Having received certification as a spiritual counsellor from the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Suzann has helped thousands find direction in their careers, sort out life choices and even find the right partner.

She explains that tarot cards work in harmony with angel cards. While tarot addresses the pragmatic things in our lives, angel cards work with our higher selves.

All of this means that Suzann provides multi-layered readings. We tend to be big fans of psychics who do this, as it allows us a more well-rounded picture, in our opinion.

To add to that, Suzann is another of the psychics who go beyond individual readings. You can also learn more about healing, connecting and communicating with angels through her angel workshops and inspirational talks, for example.

If you don’t want to go for a reading alone, Suzann can visit you to conduct readings for groups of 6 to 8 people. You can also call her or book for a reading through her website.

Such conveniences only strengthen her appeal for us. On the whole, she’s one of the more active and accomplished modern psychics in the city; we think most will appreciate what she offers as well as the many ways she offers it.


  • Specialises in tarot card reading
  • Face-to-face and phone readings offered
  • Online booking available
  • Group readings offered


  • No address listed

Customer Reviews

Here are some of the people Suzann has helped through her reading:

“I could feel immediately that Suzann has this communication / connection with the angels surrounding her. Her Readings are amazing and every time it gives me the light / right direction to follow and focus. I cannot recommend her enough!” – Y.S., Google Reviews

“Suzanne hit the nail on the head too many times for me not to be impressed!” – Fionnuala, Star 7 Magazine

3.   Susan Hughes of Diadem’s Angel Light

Susan Hughes of Diadem’s Angel Light's Homepage
SERVICESpsychic readings, mediumship, spirit message channeling, soul connection
ADDRESSStudio Dolls, 6 Lisle Rd, Crumlin, Dublin 12, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353876771352
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon, Tues, Wed – afternoons / evenings

Like other paranormal phenomena, mediumship is a controversial topic.

A medium has the ability to communicate with souls from the other side. But take note that they don’t “speak” with the dead the way the living does.

For mediums, there is no real death but only a transition from the physical to the spiritual realm. Regardless, mediums, being highly intuitive and empathic, can “sense” information from the other side.

Spiritual mediumship is Susan Hughes’ area of expertise. She has the ability to connect with people who have gone to the spirit world.

Like other individuals gifted in music and other fields, Susan has been psychic since she was a child. But it was only later when she understood that she sees truth in a different manner from most people.

That’s when she started “proper” spiritual training, where she learned how to work with her gift in a recognisable format.

She received her training in Ireland, and then later, in Arthur Findlay College in Essex, UK, a college known as the world’s foremost school for the advancements of spiritualism and psychic sciences.

That actually gives her one of the most noteworthy backgrounds on this list. This degree of formal training isn’t common in the field.

Susan’s gift as a medium is also evident from the many positive feedback we’ve heard from her clients, which you can read in the Customer Reviews section below.

You might want to check out her free classes, events and Q&A sessions to know about her. You can also check out her radio guestings, Facebook Live sessions and YouTube interviews on her website for a better idea of her character and work. 

But if you just want to know what we think of her, it’s this: Susan is perhaps among the best-credentialled and best-trained options in Dublin right now.

Pair that with a solid list of testimonials indicating her ability isn’t just on paper and you get another of our top recommendations.


  • Spiritualist Nation Union accredited
  • In-person and online readings offered
  • Online scheduler available
  • Offers spiritual services for charity events


  • No sessions available in the morning

Customer Reviews

Check out what some of the people who went to her for readings have to say:

“I was lucky enough to attend a mediumship demonstration by students of Susan’s and I was blown away – they were as good as any I’ve ever seen. They gave excellent evidence and were confident and entertaining in their delivery. I also attended a training myself that was co-hosted by Susan. I found her warm and empathetic as well as professional. I am happy to recommend Susan for a reading or a course, you won’t be disappointed!” – Tara Be, Facebook Reviews

“I had an online live reading with Susan. It was the first time and Susan knew absolutely nothing about me and my background. I’m not even from Ireland. Her reading was incredibly accurate, including the messages she conveyed from my spirit family. I highly recommend Susan to anybody who is looking for a genuine, professional and compassionate psychic/medium.” – Simo Ireland, Google Reviews

4.   Carol Noonan of The Pleiadian Child

Carol Noonan of The Pleiadian Child's Homepage
SERVICESpsychic readings, missing person/police work, mediumship, workshops
[email protected]
[email protected]

Carol Noonan offers healing, meditation services, distance Reiki, psychic readings and even UFO workshops and conferences, but what made us add her to this list is her missing persons service.

Carol has been “dreaming” of certain events and people ever since her college days—only to find the same events and people she dreamt about on the news the next day.

After several years of ignoring her gift, she decided to finally do something with all the information she gets from her dreams.

Carol first worked on and a few highly confidential cases often seen in the news.

But it was in 2000 when she started working for the police in Ireland, USA and the UK to find missing individuals.

We couldn’t confirm or find any information about her previous missing persons work, most likely because these things are usually confidential. So again, take it with a grain of salt.

But if someone you know is missing and can’t get any results from conventional investigative avenues, going to Carol is worth a shot.

She has published several books, which we thought were all fine. However, Amazon just started removing books about Covid, which is why one of her books, Corona Virus Insights Whats Really Going On?, has been removed from Amazon’s virtual shelves.

Even so, her website has plenty of videos, interviews and other materials if you want to check her out.

As far as we’re concerned, though, her unique skills and experience already set her apart. They make her a strong and potential only choice for certain situations.


  • Missing person service offered
  • Crystal ball reading
  • Reiki natural healing
  • Online reading available
  • Discounted options for workshops
  • Payment options available
  • Books and other media available


  • No address listed

Customer Reviews

Below you will see the comments of some of Carol’s clients after going to a reading with her:

“I would like to confirm that everything you spoke of I could identify with and hit so many areas with an uncanny accuracy. 

I listened again to our skype recording which you kindly agreed to which triggered more connections on my second time of listening. There was so much as you constantly talking throughout the reading, too much for me to recall here but I would give the example of where you spoke of someone from my past of 10 years returning into my life. I nearly fell off my chair as this is happening exactly as you described.

Your reading gave me so much in the way of guidance as you linked up with my previous life experiences making my path clearer to follow. Thanks again Carol, love and best.” – James. X, website review

“Thank you Carol. Amazing how you could assist me so clearly and quickly. Much appreciated.” – Sper Varob Horrahu, Yably Reviews

5.   Nadija Bajrami

SERVICESHypnotherapy, Mind Coaching Services, Mediumship
CONTACT DETAILS+353 83 388 6520 
[email protected]

Nadija Bajrami is an empowerment specialist who also specializes in other interrelated fields such as strategic hypnotherapy, mind coaching and mediumship. She has a background in international trade, business management, and the corporate field and aims to help people take control of their life and achieve their goals.

She is a fully client centred therapist and coach and what matters to the most to her is to help her clients get the life they desire and deserve as she sincerely believes no challenge is too big for our mind. Also through her psychic-mediumship readings, she aims at proving that life continues after the physical death and at helping her clients on their healing journey and with their grief process.

She is truly passionate about her fellow human beings and just love helping her clients unlock their potential so they can move forward in their life with confidence. She is also very grateful to all her clients as each one of them has inspired her in some way.

She helps her clients get empowered, supercharge their confidence and self-esteem, overcome their limiting beliefs as well as manage anxiety and symptoms of traumatic experiences through her therapy and coaching and as well through her psychic-mediumship readings.

She was also highly acclaimed by her clients to be very passionate and open-minded that has greatly helped her clients to open up to her and get rendered the appropriate treatment that they are in need of.

Nadija is also a highly qualified individual in the said field as she holds a double diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching and she has also been trained by the Hypnotherapy Business Academy for both in person and online therapy and coaching. Furthermore, she is also a registered hypnotherapist and GHR and CNHR certified practitioner for Hypnotherapy and a member of the Irish Hypnotist Register. Nadija has also attended numerous psychic-mediumship training development training courses and workshops.

We recommend her for clients looking for psychic mediumship readings, hypnotherapy solutions, mind coaching and other interrelated services as she is both highly qualified and equally passionate about what she does and that is reflected in the positive feedback given to her by her clients.


  • Highly certified practitioner
  • Member of the Irish Hypnotist Register
  • Passionate and open-minded


  • Limited services in the said field

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their clients:

Wow this beautiful energy of Nadija blew my mind…you cannot believe how much she has helped me and how much her lovely energy alone is something you don’t want to leave. I had a mediumship with Nadija and she was just amazing, really and truly was. Her gift is just empowering and strong and with a huge heart of pure loving light… Thank you Nadija for uplifting and making me feel so much lighter.” – Carly

“It is hard to summarise an exact description of the power of working with Nadija, such is the scope of the well-honed skills she has to offer. I first met Nadija when I sought her mediumship talents, and I was extremely impressed with the accuracy of her reading. When I became aware that I needed some help unblocking some obstacles to my personal, professional and spiritual development I sought her out again for some hypnotherapy/ mind coaching sessions. As a yoga teacher and writer by profession I know the power of the mind, as a result, I also knew that I needed specific guidance with a very experienced and competent person. Having experienced trauma in my early life I am acutely aware that I need to work with people I feel safe with; someone I deeply respect and trust. Nadija put together a treatment plan specifically designed for me and she held a powerful space for me during our sessions which facilitated a deep and natural healing. Her proactive, no nonsense, pragmatic methodology is complemented by her infectious humor, her compassionate style and her loving heart. I have flourished in all areas of my life since working with Nadija and if you genuinely want to learn how to live a life rooted in authenticity and guided by your own intrinsic wisdom – look no further!” – Rachel

How to Prepare for a Great Psychic Reading Experience

Psychic reading is a tricky business. It’s not like a visit to your doctor where all the information you get is in black and white.

Psychic reading requires a bit of faith and an open mind.

Whether this is your first time or not, getting yourself ready for a reading is necessary to ensure you get what you came in for.

What preparations should you do? Here are some tips:

  • Ask yourself why you want to have a reading. Is it about work, family issues, finding the right partner?

Think about which area in your life you want to know more about and focus on that. You don’t want the reading to be over before you can ask what you really want to know about!

  • List down all your questions after you have identified your concerns. They should be specific, yet open-ended. 
  • Remember to take notes. Some of the things the psychic will tell you might not make any sense at the time, but its meaning may become apparent later down the track.
  • Set your expectations. Humans are dynamic beings who are constantly making new experiences and choices; therefore, no psychic can be 100% accurate.
  • Psychics get information from your energy. So if your purpose for coming to the reading is to test if the psychic’s ability is real, then your energy will be hindered by that and the meeting is doomed before it can even start.

FAQs about Psychics in Dublin

So, these are the best psychics in Dublin!

Are you drawn to any of them? Send us an email and let us know about your psychic reading experience.

And if you’d like further guidance on your life journey, try some of our other lists. For instance, you can get profound insights from the best life coaches in Dublin, whom we’ve listed here.