Best Cool Restaurants in Dublin
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Best 5 Cool Restaurants in Dublin

Dublin’s not Cork, but if it’s food spots you’re looking for, the city’s definitely not lagging behind. In fact, you can find all types of popular cool restaurants in Dublin!

In this article, instead of exploring the usual food places in Dublin, we’ll explore the quirkier ones—those that have unique offerings in terms of the restaurant’s theme or food. We’ll also evaluate the overall customer service and the food they offer!

With that in mind, let’s begin!

The average cost of eating at a quirky restaurant in Dublin is almost the same as eating at a medium-range to high-end restaurant. The following table shows the average costs per meal:


We’re listing down the top coolest foodie spots in Dublin, and here are the criteria we’re using:

Menu shows the wide range of food the restaurant offers. This also shows if the rates match the quality and freshness of the food. 
Vicinity and location talk about the convenience of going to the restaurant as well as the safety of the surroundings.
Customer experience shows us the pros and cons from the perspectives of the customers.
Staff behaviour and professionalism show how well trained the staff are when it comes to meeting the demands of the customers.

1. Farrier & Draper

Farrier & Draper
ADDRESSUnit 1, 24, 24a, Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, 59 William St S, Dublin 2, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353 1 677 1220
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Wednesday: 12:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Thursday - Saturday: 12:00 PM - 2:30 AM

Sunday: 12:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Stepping inside Farrier & Draper is like stepping into an old Victorian mansion owned by an odd but tasteful master of the arts. We were impressed by its interior, and we’re pretty sure you’d be as well!

What makes it unique and cool? Well for one, the walls are covered with portraits containing art, and there are several rooms with mismatched and quirky furniture you don’t usually see in restaurants.

Second, it has multiple rooms. It really felt as if you were inside a madman’s house, but the house was too beautiful to be ignored.

Thirdly, we need to talk about the food and drinks. Farrier & Draper has solid beers on tap and an extensive list of cocktails, and the food is so tasty according to the customers we talked to, it’ll take long before you can forget about it!

We also love how professional the staff are but at the same time warm and friendly. They’re very approachable and quick to respond if you need assistance.

We also recommend the place for a romantic date! The lighting at night makes it so much more intimate, plus there’s great music!

It can get quite busy on peak hours though like lunch or dinner, so you might experience delays in your order. In addition to this, busy hours could also mean there wouldn’t be any table available even if you had a reservation.


  • Michelin-starred
  • Multiple rooms
  • Mismatched furniture
  • Lots of art on various-sized frames hanging on walls
  • Solid beers on tap
  • Extensive cocktail choices
  • Staff are always quick to respond
  • Perfect for a romantic date
  • Great music
  • Tasty food


  • Long wait for drinks on a full house
  • No tables available even if there’s a reservation

Romantic interior

Had a nice and tasty dinner with my daughter today. The food and cocktails are an experience not soon forgotten. Amazing and friendly staff. Class music and lovely vibes. Stylish, romantic interior—Nataly Platonova, Trip Advisor

Spacious and nicely decorated

It is one of the best services and places to have drinks. The food is amazing and very well represented by the staff. The space is large and nicely decorated. I would like to mention Elena Lina and Marco. The staff is very approachable and has a positive attitude. We will come back again and we definitely recommend this place!!!— Lory Love, Trip Advisor

2. Cafe en Seine

Cafe en Seine
ADDRESS40 Dawson St, Dublin, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353 1 677 4567
OPERATING HOURSSunday - Wednesday: 11:30 AM - 11:30 PM

Thursday: 11:30 AM - 1:00 AM

Friday - Saturday: 11:30 AM - 2:30 AM

Cafe en Seine is one of those restaurants that can accommodate hundreds of customers at the same time. Oh yes, we’re telling the truth—we might not have counted, but it looks like there are a hundred chairs in there!

The restaurant is spacious, with a large bar that can serve several drinks all at once. We also love the lighting—it gives off an intimate mood in a usually full restaurant!

What the customers love about the place the most is the inventiveness of the food. They said the chefs can make even the most hated vegetables taste good!

In addition to this, they love the French Art Deco style of the place. It’s truly majestic, and we know you won’t regret visiting at least once in your life if you’re in Dublin!

Kudos to the staff as well! We love how capable they are in handling customers that even if it’s a full house, they can attend to everyone.

One of the things customers complain about is that sometimes, even with reservations, it still takes long for them to get seated. The good thing about this though is that the staff make sure to serve drinks for free.

Because of its popularity, the restaurant can get really busy. As a result, sometimes the servers get the customers’ orders wrong—while understandable, this can be pretty inconvenient, especially for those who are very particular with their food.


  • Art Deco style
  • Spacious
  • Quality cocktails and food
  • Elegant setup
  • Large cocktail bar
  • Capable staff
  • Well-lit and clean
  • Prime location
  • Has a hundred seats


  • Some servers get orders wrong
  • Long wait even with reservations

Art nouveau style

I have returned to the newly renovated venue and it’s a totally different experience, but also an excellent one. A beautiful Parisian street awaits you in the atrium of the venue. While the cocktail bar and main bar are quite different in terms of atmosphere so there’s a space for different kinds of occasions.—Elizabeth, Google Reviews

Quality food

I always visit Cafe en Seine when in Dublin. Usually I have a cocktail or Bushmills. This time I had dinner. It was the gnocchi and it might have been the best I’ve ever had. It was fluffy. They made kale taste good, which is a triumph in itself. Take a walk around and see all the rooms and bars. It’s an Art Deco gem, yet cosy. Friendly staff.—Cynthia Potter, Google Reviews

3. Mary’s Bar and Hardware Shop

Mary’s Bar and Hardware Shop
ADDRESS8 Wicklow St, Dublin 2, D02 AX90, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353 1 670 8629
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Thursday: 12:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Friday - Saturday: 12:00 PM - 12:30 AM

Sunday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Oh yes—Mary’s Bar and Hardware Shop is both a bar AND a hardware shop. So if you’re also in the mood to shop for DIY materials other than just to eat and drink, this unique and cool bar in Dublin is the best place to go!

We love that it has a casual vibe so you don’t really have to worry about the dress code. It really feels like entering a hardware store—with just upgraded decorations!

When we say upgraded, we mean there are a lot of interesting decorations around. There are figurines, old appliances, toys, and other trinkets on display that you usually don’t find in restaurants.

What makes it better is that there’s also good music playing around while you enjoy the biggest burger in town (arguably—don’t quote us on this). Oh, and there are games like board games and card games you can enjoy while devouring your food!

When it comes to drinks, you’ll enjoy a variety of stouts in this place like Guinness, Murphy’s, and Beamish. In fact, this is one of the reasons customers flock to this place according to them—the variety of pints!

We think it’s also a good place to hang out for casual conversations. It’s easy to visit as well so you can easily find it.

We just hope the staff are quicker in cleaning tables because some customers complain about being seated on dirty tables. Also, we hope they can also be quicker in serving drinks.


  • Casual vibe
  • Great music
  • Big burgers
  • Has games for people to enjoy
  • Serves a variety of stouts
  • Perfect for casual conversations
  • Full of quirky objects around as decors
  • Friendly people
  • Tasty food


  • Staff need to be quicker in cleaning tables
  • Slow in serving drinks

Has games for patrons to enjoy

Though music is enjoyable at the ground level, the cabins in the basement give a great time for playing board games and friendly chats.. thoroughly enjoyed the evening there..—Hubert Bernard, Google Reviews

Serves three stouts

This place keeps getting better. They have added more games and more stouts to their bar. Serves Beamish now too making it a pub serving 3 stouts (Guinness, Murphy’s, Beamish) now. Awesome for stout lovers. Good games and a change or ambience as well. Love it.—Swati Verma, Google Reviews

4. La Cave Wine Bar

La Cave Wine Bar
ADDRESS28 Anne St S, Dublin 2, D02 DX39, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353 1 679 4409
OPERATING HOURSMonday: 5:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Tuesday - Friday: 12:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Sunday: 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM

The name says it all—La Cave Wine Bar! The cave is located downstairs, and that’s where you’ll have the best dine-in experience the restaurant boasts about!

For one, the food is amazing! We talked to a few regular customers, and they told us they loved how the restaurant gave a modern twist to classic French favourites, giving them a creative presentation and bolder flavours.

Second, the restaurant has an extensive selection of wine. We don’t want to make a habit of betting, but if we need to, we bet you’d find your favourite wine in this place! 

Third, the decorations are amazing. The place can be quite intimate with its classy and expensive interior—add the lighting and you have yourself a perfect spot for a romantic dinner!

We also want to give kudos to the staff as well who know everything about the menu. So if you want to ask for recommendations, just let them know and they’ll give you great options!

Expect to pay more in this restaurant though. While we think it’s worth your money, some people might still consider it too expensive for their tastes.

Also, we hope the restaurants change the layout better to make more space for people to move around. It’s quite cramped, so the corner tables can be really uncomfortable.


  • Lovely decor
  • Classy and nice ambience
  • Modern twist to French classic food
  • Extensive wine list
  • Capable staff
  • Cosy “cave” downstairs with an elegant setup
  • Romantic vibe


  • Corner tables are uncomfortable
  • Pricey

Elegant setup

The place is definitely a gem. If you don’t know yet, just go. The place is downstairs (a cave and super cozy. I loved the atmosphere. It is French, elegant, and beautiful. The wine selection is to die for. The first place in Dublin that I found Chocolate Block bottler. The food is good (average) nothing special, but fair. But the whole experience and the service will make me come back many times. Conclusion: if you are a lover of wine, like me, and like a great experience, this is a place to visit.—May Regio, Google Reviews

Modern take on French classic food

Probably my favourite restaurant in Dublin. The wine selection is amazing and all budgets are catered for. The food is well-portioned and really fresh. A lovely modern take on French classics. We come every year for our anniversary and last night didn’t disappoint. Recommend the lamb & duck.—Heather Louise Collins, Google Reviews

5. Six by Nico

Six by Nico
ADDRESS1 Molesworth Pl, Leinster, Dublin, D02 WE52, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353 1 525 5919
OPERATING HOURSMonday, Wednesday - Thursday: 4:30 PM - 11:45 PM

Friday - Saturday: 12:00 PM - 11:45 PM

Sunday: 12:30 PM - 11:45 PM

Six by Nico isn’t a place to go to if you have a limited budget. But if you’re willing to splurge once in a while for the best culinary experience, this is one of the restaurants to go to!

Everything about the restaurant is expensive—most especially the wine bottles. But every drop will be appreciated because it serves exquisite wine!

The thing that makes this restaurant cool isn’t exactly the physical restaurant itself, but rather the menu. Six by Nico serves Modern European food, and it has been quite inventive and creative in terms of the food it serves.

It’s a fusion of flavours—and the regular patrons of the restaurant can attest to that. In fact, they told us that every order that’s being brought to their table is a different experience every time. 

In addition to this, the food is served perfectly—looking like art every time that sometimes you’ll feel it’s too beautiful to eat! The smell would also tell you about the quality of ingredients the chefs used in preparing your food.

The servings are small though—typical of a fine-dining restaurant. So it might not be appreciated by big eaters.

Another thing we love is that despite the place serving such elegant food, there’s no dress code. You can come in clothes you’re comfortable with, and no one would bat an eyelash.

We want to commend the staff for welcoming its customers warmly. They’re also always ready to attend to your needs at any time!


  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Serves Modern European food
  • Has a vegetarian menu
  • No dress code
  • Attentive staff
  • Warm ambience
  • Tasty and flavourful food
  • Interesting menu concept


  • Small servings
  • Really expensive wine bottles

No dress code

An affordable fine dining experience with a very relaxed atmosphere. We tasted both a classic and a vegetarian version of the menu and loved every bit of it (the dessert was exceptional). We did not go for the wine pairing but ordered 2 cocktails, which we very much enjoyed. No dress code, so you can be as comfortable as you wish. Loved the food, the service was top-notch, and the atmosphere was great. We definitely are recommending to try it at least once.—Karolina Guzek, Google Reviews

Every course was a sensory experience

The Funfair menu was really fun to eat and what a feast! Every course was a sensory experience to enjoy. I’d highly recommend the churros snack and the ribs (possibly the best I’ve tasted). Service and value were excellent too. We’re coming back in April for the next menu, can’t wait to try it!—Colin Ryan, Google Reviews