Best Cheap Getaways in Ireland
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Top 5 Cheap Romantic Getaways in Ireland for Couples

Ireland is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer—whether you want to explore culture and history, nature, or even food! This is why it’s easy to find cheap romantic getaways in Ireland for couples.

And you’re on the right track if you found this article! We’ll be exploring places you can go with your special someone and activities you can do together in Ireland.

Let’s start!

One tip to reduce cost in a romantic getaway is to forgo tours from agencies and do a self-guided tour. Not only can you explore the country more, but you can also move at your own pace. 

Here are estimates of the costs of some activities you can do as a couple in Ireland based on recent travellers’ experiences. Please bear in mind that these are average rates, and it’s also advisable to check rates on your own when you plan.

Restaurant hopping€40.00–70.00 per day
Castle tours€7.00–15.00 per castle
Museum toursFrom free admission to €15.00 entrance fee
Nature toursFrom free to €15.00
Amusement/recreation activities€50.00–100.00
SightseeingTypically free unless you want a guided tour

Finding cheap romantic getaways in Ireland for couples is made easier with the following criteria:

Area and location target easy-to-access, convenient-to-reach places in Ireland that couples can visit without guided tours.
Activities to do show the variety of things the couples can do together in a certain place, and if it’s worth spending money on.
Travellers’ recommendations tell us which destinations are the most popular areas to visit.
Access to conveniences shows if the location is near a village and has available accommodations

1. Leap Castle

Leap Castle
ADDRESSR421, Leap, Roscrea, Co. Offaly, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353 86 869 0547

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

One thing you have to know first and foremost about Leap Castle is that it’s privately owned. The Ryans have been living there since 1991, hence, you have to email or call to make reservations—please try not to just drive in and expect to be accommodated. 

The castle made it to our list because of the majestic and well-preserved castle and grounds perfect for photo ops. We also think it’s perfect for adventurous couples who love history mixed with mystery.

The entrance is €12.00 per person, and you’ll get a tour of the castle and be allowed to take as many pictures as you want. Sean Ryan, the owner himself, will give you the tour while also narrating the history of the castle.

Sean Ryan and his wife are very welcoming! If you’re lucky, Sean might also play music for you since he’s a wonderful musician—talk about the romantic ambience huh?

Speaking of ambience, Leap Castle is known for its hauntings. Not everyone will get to experience paranormal events, but make sure you’re ready for it just in case you become er… lucky.

In addition to this, the history of the castle itself is very rich! It was said to have been built around the early 1500s by the O’Bannon clan and had witnessed so much throughout the centuries.

We recommend making sure not to do unnecessary detours or poking around. The Ryans said they haven’t been disturbed by anything bad since they lived there, but then again, they respect the place and co-exist peacefully with anything living there.

Shannon Airport is closer to Leap Castle, and the quickest way is just one and a half hours. But even if you’re coming from Dublin Airport, you can go to Leap Castle via tram, bus, train, car, and taxi. 

Just a few inconveniences that we noticed that might affect your opinion. One, it’s a little difficult to find a parking spot, and two, there’s a lack of signage around the property except for the Private Property notices.


  • Majestic and well-preserved castle
  • Scenic views
  • Owner gives the tour and plays music
  • Rich history
  • Bloody Chapel
  • Welcoming owners


  • Difficult parking
  • Lack of signages
  • An hour’s drive from the airport

Well-preserved castle with a rich history

The owner, Sean Ryan, is an amazing source of Irish history as well as a very talented musician. We had the pleasure of experiencing both. His restoration of this beautiful castle is a work of art. His home’s spirits are very active, and we loved every minute we spent there.—Amy Durant, Google Reviews

For a couple who loves mysteries

Leap Castle is a private residence. Open Monday-Saturday, 10am – 5pm. I emailed the owner- Mr. Sean Ryan, as a courtesy before arriving. Mr. Ryan was very welcoming and relaxed. He gave us the freedom to wander about the great hall, conservatory, and upper floors – including the Bloody Chapel at the top of the tower. Mr. Ryan is a person very much interested in the history of his Castle, but he is also politely inquisitive of his guests. He asked me questions about my visit to Ireland, and my ancestry. It was a pleasant chat. It was my understanding, prior to our visitation, that Leap Castle has a reputation of being haunted. My husband and I were not particularly seeking an experience, but we did in fact have one. This is certainly a singular residence. I cannot compare it to anything I have seen before. If you enjoy the strange, dark, or mysterious on a subtle scale, then I believe Leap Castle should be on your travel list.—Chealsea Allred, Google Reviews

2. Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher
ADDRESSCounty Clare, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353657086141

You’re probably wondering why Cliffs of Moher is in our list of the cheapest romantic destinations in Ireland when one, it’s not exactly romantic, and two, it’s not exactly cheap. Well, read further to find out!

For one, it’s not exactly an intimate spot to go on a date, but it’s perfect for couples who love to travel. The Cliffs of Moher are sea cliffs that run for 14 kilometres, and it has a stunning view wherever part of it you have access to.

The relaxing ambience contributes to the beauty of the place—something a backpacker couple will enjoy. There are also numerous Instagrammable areas to capture memories!

Is it cheap, probably not—you need to pay €12.00 per person. However, you can also walk along the coastal path if you don’t want to spend the amount—it’s free for everyone to walk towards.

Still, we think the all-access fee is worth it, so you might want to take advantage of that. Plus, there’s a fee for a reason—the areas you can access with that fee are safe areas since the cliffs can be quite dangerous.

There’s also a restaurant by the way, so you won’t go hungry when you visit! The facilities are clean as well so that’s pretty convenient!

Just a little tip–make sure to go early to avoid the crowds, because it can get really crowded in the afternoons! Also, weather can be unpredictable, but at least the Cliffs of Moher look stunning whatever weather you experience.

Oh, and one last thing—you might recognize the cliffs from a scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Oh yes—it’s that spot when Dumbledore and Harry went to find the Horcrux.


  • Beautiful scenery
  • Relaxing ambience
  • Can be free if you know where to go
  • Clean facilities
  • Has a restaurant 


  • Can get really crowded
  • Unpredictable weather

Very scenic view

Very scenic and has great views all around. The exhibition is meh. Facilities are clean. The restaurant food was okay, service and process can be improved. We went to the cliffs early, were able to beat the crowds and had nice, unobstructed views everywhere. By around 11, the tour buses start coming in and the whole place is swarming with visitors.—BittenByBigTravelBug, Trip Advisor

February is one of the best months to go

Lovely! You must take Burren Way and the back road. I recommend go off-season. February was wonderful! Have a great time and walk the trail along the Cliffs!—Rachel E, Trip Advisor

3. Glendalough

ADDRESSCounty Wicklow, Ireland

Glendalough made it to our list because it’s one of those places that has a lot of spots to visit. It’s very scenic, for one, which makes it extra romantic and relaxing—but it’s also a place rich in history and culture that couples might find interesting!

According to some travellers we met, they came from big cities like Dublin and Cork. It was a long drive from where they came from to Wicklow, but the view of the roads was worth it for them.

And then it was even more worth it when they arrived at Glendalough. It’s really a stunning place, with natural spots across the glacial valley, that’ll give couples a chance to document their trip with beautiful photos.

Most of the visitors love to explore the typical spots like Monastic Site with Round Tower, Wicklow National Park, Glendalough Upper Lake, and the Glendalough Graveyard Trail. But you can also just roam around and find pretty spots!

We love that you won’t need to spend too much when you visit Glendalough as well. There are cheap accommodations and tours available for couples who want to get to know the place in detail.

Food is great—there are local pubs around that serve affordable food. You’ll also find the place warm and friendly–you can always ask a random local for recommendations, and they’ll willingly give you suggestions!

Just a warning though—parking can be difficult, especially in popular places, so it’s recommended to walk and bike around. There are car parks and snack vans available where you can replenish your energy as well after the tours.


  • Peaceful and scenic
  • Has a lot of spots to visit
  • Cheap accommodations are available
  • Cheap tours available
  • Friendly locals
  • Has car parks and snack vans for travellers
  • Has a visitor centre


  • Parking can be difficult in various scenic spots
  • Long drive from the city

Perfect for strolling, hiking, and camping

Glendalough is one of those places that make you wonder if you are awake or just dreaming. It is that beautiful. The name means the Glen of Two Lakes. It is also one of the most important sites of monastic ruins in Ireland and was founded in the 6th century.

It is a nice place to stroll on the footpaths or hike amongst the trees. I saw backpackers walking through there and I can imagine that camping would be nice if you don’t get too soaked from the rain. There is the Glendalough Hotel right there or more B & B’s in the Wicklow Mountains if camping isn’t your thing. It is located inside the Wicklow Mountains National Park and it isn’t too far from Dublin.—Cydney M, Yelp

Calming place to visit

This is one of my favourite places in Ireland. I loved the scenery and calming atmosphere. Got super unlucky with the weather and it rained on and off the entire hike but once I reached Upper Lake..the sight was well worth the soaked clothes. The sun peaked out of the clouds and it was perfect. Just beautiful. I put my feet into the cold water and it was so relaxing! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone visiting Ireland.—Tiffany T, Yelp

4. Tory Island

Tory Island
ADDRESSNorth-West Coast, County Donegal

If you’re the type of couple who loves to enjoy a peaceful country life for a while, we recommend exploring Tory Island. It might lack the conveniences of cities, but the scenery makes up for it!

For one, Tory Island or Toraigh is an island, so it’s surrounded by a beautiful ocean which has beautiful sunsets in the afternoon. The air is fresh as well, which makes walks around the island much more relaxing and intimate.

In fact, according to travellers who had been to the area, that’s one of their favourite pastimes—walking around and just enjoying the serenity. But just in case you’re not a fan of long walks, you can rent an electric bike to roam around!

We recommend walking around though. The place really is like a retreat from the busy cities, so you’ll enjoy moving around on foot.

Another thing we think you’ll love about the place is the cheap bed and breakfast. The accommodations are clean and cosy, plus delicious breakfast is included so you don’t have to worry about getting it elsewhere.

Speaking of food, Tory Island has quite a few pubs and restaurants. You can find traditional Irish food in pubs as well as typical food like burgers and fries.

Just a little heads-up that most people in Tory Island speak Irish, though they make sure to communicate with tourists in English. Also, there aren’t many activities to do other than to explore the beauty of the Island—it might not be enough for the adventurous!


  • Has cheap accommodations
  • Peaceful and quiet
  • Fresh air
  • Perfect for those who love to walk
  • Electric bike tours
  • Rich history


  • Not so many activities to do
  • People speak more Irish than English

A magical place for visitors

I had a lovely week here with friends. The family who run the hotel are very friendly. The food is great and the prices are very reasonable. Tory is a magical place and makes all visitors welcome. The cliffs and seabirds are amazing. Highly recommended for a visit.—Brian O, Trip Advisor

Perfect way to explore the island is on foot

The best way to see the island is on foot. Turn right coming out of the hotel and follow the road towards the lighthouse. It is a lovely walk out to the unmanned lighthouse. But, it is only preparation for one of the most amazing pieces of scenery in Ireland you are ever likely to come upon. Firstly, I would recommend that one follows the signs out to the Commonwealth Graves. I would doubt if there is a more magnificent war grave setting in the world. The view is magnificent! Then walk back by the old road, up towards the former, now dilapidated, Lloyds building. Head up towards the modern looking building on a headland. Once again the view is amazing from here. Seemingly this is the former residence of a world renowned artist, the view would inspire greatness in anyone. As you walk on you discover a little cove which is idyllic before heading on back towards the village.—TJM 57, Trip Advisor

5. Linnane’s Lobster Bar

Linnane's Lobster Bar
ADDRESSBallyvelaghan, New Quay, Co. Clare, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353 65 707 8120
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Sunday: 12:30 PM - 11:30 PM

What we love the most about Linnane’s Lobster Bar is how beautiful the vicinity is. If you’re a couple who loves to enjoy eating their food while relaxing, this is the perfect place for you to visit!

For one, foodie couples will definitely love this place. The restaurant’s forte is seafood, hence there’s a variety of seafood dishes for couples to enjoy!

The best thing about it—the food is perfectly portioned for couples. In fact, a lot of local couples told us that it’s their go-to place for lunch with their spouses–casual and warm ambience, plus it’s easy to access!

Fish and chips, seafood pasta, clam chowder, and oysters are some of the most recommended dishes by these local couples. We love that the restaurant only uses fresh ingredients—you can taste it in the food and you can tell from the texture!

We think you’ll also love that the restaurant has local beer taps. Having a pint of Guinness with your food just makes the experience so much more fulfilling!

Another thing we love about Linnane’s Lobster Bar is that it’s near a village and the Flaggy Shore. So before you dive into the culinary experience, you can take a long walk on the seashore with your special someone.

Just make sure to reserve in advance before you go. It’s a small place and very popular, so it’s almost always full regardless of the time!

The good thing about his though is that the staff are very warm and accommodating. So they’re very attentive regarding vacant tables, allowing them to sit you whenever they can.


  • Food is perfectly portioned for couples
  • Great atmosphere
  • Beautiful view of the sea
  • Uses fresh ingredients
  • Flavourful food
  • Local beer options
  • Near Flaggy Shore


  • Always full so there might be a long wait for a table for walk-ins
  • Difficult to reserve

Portions are perfect for couples

We had the warm seafood platter for two and hands down the freshest, most spectacular meal thus far! The portion was perfect for two people and I was thankful for my husband to be driving so I could thoroughly enjoy a seafood-induced coma. 11/10 an absolute must when touring the Wild Atlantic Way. We will absolutely be back!!!—Katie Banks, Google Reviews

Good food, great atmosphere

Came here today for a late lunch as it was recommended to us. So glad it was, it was absolutely delicious – my wife & I shared the clam chowder to start and then I had the seafood pasta and she had the fish and chips. The food was so nice, full of flavour and really good portion sizes. The service from the team was fantastic as well. It’s dog friendly and we sat with our wee pup in the bar area – the atmosphere was great as well and all the locals really friendly. Would highly highly recommend!—Alex Baker, Google Reviews

Remember—the best way to spend a romantic weekend with someone is by doing activities that you’ll both enjoy! If you want to explore more nature-inspired getaway ideas, try the Top Glamping Spots in Ireland.