The 5 Best PR Agencies in Dublin
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The 8 Best PR Agencies in Dublin

Are you a new business owner looking to increase your brand’s presence in your industry? Or are you a public personality looking to rebrand your image?

Our guide to the best PR agencies in Dublin can help you! We reviewed the top options in the city to make it easier for you to choose one and also noted some of the typical fees for PR services so you can anticipate your future costs.

A PR campaign is more effective when paired with marketing, by the way, so be sure to check out our list of the best digital marketing agencies in Dublin too. But for now, let’s talk about PR costs!

How much does it cost to hire a PR agency in Dublin?

Not a lot of PR agencies are upfront about their fees online, especially as costs tend to change based on their plans for the client. 

So, we just went with estimates. We based ours on eleven Dublin-based PR agencies to give you a sense of what you may be in for.

Among these eleven firms, the lowest minimum charge per project was €850. Meanwhile, the most expensive minimum charge per project was €8,500.

The most affordable average hourly rate sat at about €40, and the least affordable was €170.

The Best PR Agencies in Dublin

We chose and evaluated our selections based on the following criteria:

Media coverage: How far-reaching are their network connections?
Industries covered: How varied are the types of businesses they have worked with?
Customer satisfaction: Based on their Google ratings and reviews, are clients happy with their work?
Online visibility: How accessible is their company info on the web?

1. ClearStory International PR Agency

ClearStory International PR Agency's Homepage

• International PR services for startup companies, emerging companies, and expanding companies: narrative creation, editorial planning, reporting, media training, awareness, media monitoring, media and industry intelligence, reputational risk, strategic advisory, announcements, speaking opportunities, stakeholder engagement, event promotion

• Coverage: media, events
ADDRESSThe Media Cube IADT, Kill Ave, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, A96 X6X3

+353 1 961 0048

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

If you are looking to grow your tech startup, then ClearStory is probably your best choice in this list. They specialise in working with early-stage and scaling businesses.

Having previously worked as the PR manager for an international technology conference, ClearStory founder James McCann clearly understands the goals of tech startup founders.

Their team includes experts in different fields such as senior researchers, seasoned political and business advisors, and former journalists. We expect that they won’t have a problem tapping specialists that are relevant to your industry.

We like that the PR agency provides fixed pricing options, as mentioned on their LinkedIn company page. This is a great assurance to clients with limited budgets.

If your project takes longer than expected or slightly deviates from its initial plan, after all, you can rest assured that you will still pay the same agreed-upon fee.

However, being an international agency spanning three continents, ClearStory may not be your ideal option if you’re a very small local business. We think you’d benefit more from an agency with a regional focus.

We gave them three stars for industries covered because they mostly cater to the tech sector. This is evident in the case studies on ClearStory’s website.

Although impressive, the work they do is a little limited in scope, by the way. If your company doesn’t do tech-driven work or doesn’t make use of novel technology, you may not be of interest to the firm.

They may not also be a good fit if you’re looking for personal reputation management and crisis communication services.

If you’re an individual with a long-standing public reputation and you want to reshape your public image, look for an agency that also offers individual coaching instead.


  • International (with offices in Germany and Thailand)
  • Has strong global media connections with over 150,000 journalists
  • Multilingual (French, German, Spanish, English, and Italian)
  • Offers helpful PR insights on their website covering trends related to startups, tech companies, and the pandemic
  • Member of the PRCA (Public Relations Consultants Association)


  • May not be ideal for small local businesses
  • May not be ideal for personal reputation management and crisis communication

Customer Reviews

Over-delivered on their targets

“As Director of Incomlend Private Limited, I have been working with ClearStory for our PR activities since 2019. The agency has brought strong added value in terms of media exposure to our business and has over-delivered on their targets. They have solid links and understanding of the international and local media landscape, while being able to craft adapted strategies and messages for our business. The team is also very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend ClearStory to any business wishing to build and expand their PR media presence.” —Dimitri Kouchnirenko, Google review

Met all my expectations

“ClearStory has met all my expectations, even though our case is challenging because we are global but are not a product or service that can be offered. They have helped us to be mentioned in myriad sources and are a critical element of the awareness that we need to generate in today’s information blizzard.” —Cliff Berg, Google review

2. Bannerton PR

Bannerton PR's Homepage
SERVICESPublic relations, reputation management, events, social media management and content creation, influencer management
ADDRESS40 Dame St, Dublin

01 612 1428

[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Bannerton is recognized for their work in the Irish PR industry. They won PR/Advertising Agency of the Year at the 2016 Business & Finance Business2Business Awards and first place in the rebrand category at the 2021 National Society of Marketing Professional Services MCA Awards.

It’s also notable that Bannerton is a women-led agency. On their website, they write that they’re “originally country women moving to the big city,” so they understand the importance of reaching both national and regional media outlets.

However, unlike the previous entry, Bannerton doesn’t introduce the members of their team on their website. We think they’d benefit greatly from listing their team members and their individual credentials, adding to their already impressive reputation.

We like that the PR agency is transparent about their projects. Although the recent projects gallery on their website isn’t currently working, you can check their “News” tab and see detailed entries about their client work.

They have posts called coverage reports that include project timelines complete with publication dates and the names of the involved media outlets.

Aside from providing images and links to their media pieces (online and print), they also share numbers relevant to the project like their total media editorial coverage value and total advertisement value.

This gives potential clients a good idea of the type of coverage they’re going to get if they’re going to work with Bannerton and how much it would be worth.

We gave them the top score for industries covered because their client base is highly varied—from accountants to recruiters, real estate agents, and design agencies.

We rated them four stars for their media coverage for a reason, by the way. Looking at some of their coverage reports, we found no international media partners, even if it’s solid locally.

The agency largely works with highly reputable national and local media outlets such as and Belfast Telegraph. This may mean that they are not suitable for those looking to widen their international reach.

A slightly limited reach aside, we are glad to recommend their services for their professionalism and ability to understand their clients well.


  • Award-winning
  • Provides detailed coverage reports about their projects
  • Covers several industries


  • Insufficient info about their team on their website

Customer Reviews

Added true value to our business

“Sincere gratitude on behalf of us all at BNP Paribas Real Estate for your continued service since September 2018. Your grasp of our business and ability to style your writing based on the various personalities in here will never cease to amaze me! Your support, guidance and advice was greatly appreciated always – you added true value to our business offering.” —Kenneth Rouse, managing director, Paribas Real Estate

Builds strong relationships with their clients

“Bannerton have a very strong reputation in the Irish marketplace and have a hugely influential network, driven by their open and honest way of working, and the focus they put on building strong relationships with their clients. Bannerton PR are strong on Strategy development, and in my experience, really get under the skin of a brand’s DNA, which has given huge confidence to our brand Voice.” —Evelyn Moynihan, brand and commercial director, Kilkenny Group

3. Carr Communications

Carr Communications' Homepage
SERVICESBusiness and management training, HR and career development training, behavioural insights training, webinars, open programmes, public relations, employee communications and engagement, Horizon 2020 research projects (Horizon 2020 is a funding program for science and technology research by the European Commission)
ADDRESS24 Fitzwilliam Pl, Dublin 2, D02 T296

+353 1 772 8900

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Founded in 1973 and with about four decades of experience in the industry, Carr Communications is the most established agency in this list.

Over the years, they have amassed awards not just for their firm but also for their clients. They are multiple-time Excellence in Public Relations Awards winners.

They’ve helped the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) win the Best Public Sector Award, and the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) got Best Event and the top award for FlightFest with their support too.

We expected that because of how long the company has been in the industry and how wide their client base is, they might take an impersonal approach to their client.

But clients have noted the way their staff dealt with them in a helpful and understanding manner.

This concern for their customers also shows through their 24/7 client support, which is unique to them in this list.

We rated their media coverage five stars because they’re affiliated with the international PR agency Cohn & Wolfe. This widens their network connections to a global scope.

The agency also has the most varied offerings list among our picks, catering to both organisations and individuals. We’re pleased to find on their website detailed descriptions of how they deliver these services, especially during the pandemic.

The firm claims to be a household brand name across the country, and there seems to be strong backing to this claim.

They’re largely known for their career development training, especially job interview preparation. One client even expressed gratitude to them for helping him land his dream job.

Perhaps it’s a testament to how well they manage their public image; we’ve found no complaints and less than four-star ratings for the firm.


  • Award-winning
  • Client support available 24/7
  • About four decades of experience
  • Partner and coordinator in Horizon 2020


  • Occasionally difficult to book 

Customer Reviews


“Excellent and very practical advice given in a very understanding and understood way. All staff were excellent too. Thank you for your help.” —Ellie and Erin Flood, Google review

Forever grateful

“Did an interview preparation course with Frank back in August 2018. Got my feedback and my homework and 2 days later landed my dream job so I owe him hugely and gonna be forever grateful. You get out what you put in but with Frank’s advice and guidance it’s sure thing just do you work to make it happen.” —Phil Brennan, Facebook review

4. Mission PR and Communications Ltd

Mission PR and Communications Ltd's Homepage
SERVICESPublic relations strategy and management, marketing strategy and budget management, creative campaign design, representation, profile development and management, online and social media strategy and management, brand and business development, event management, crisis management, sponsorship, launches, media training, web design
ADDRESS12 - 14 College Green, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, D02 YY72

+353 1 675 0695

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Our fourth entry, Mission PR is the most exceptional at event management in this list. Many repeat clients have chosen them as partners for festivals, exhibitions, and theatre shows.

One client has even stayed with the agency for about two decades, having been impressed with how they deliver results on time and how they connect with the media and their target audience.

Although they help manage the image of some brands and tech companies, their client base mostly belongs to the music and arts sector. So, we rated them three stars in the industries covered category.

Even though they’re a little limited to one industry, they’ve bagged impressive clients there—from productions to festival organisers, theatres, and even media giants like Disney+.

Specialising and narrowing down their scope seems to have helped them understand the needs of their clients well, thus providing remarkable service.

As for points of improvement, we’d love to see a comprehensive portfolio of their work on their website. They have a wide range of services yet we only get to see a glimpse of them in their online channels.

They have a “Projects Mission Accomplished” list on their website, but we think it would entice more people to work with them if they showed a little of their “backstage” process.

Clients lauded them to us for their hard work and high attention to detail. It would be beneficial for them to show that off through a comprehensive portfolio.

We weren’t able to evaluate their media coverage because unlike some of the firms on this list, they haven’t listed their media partners on their website.

These shortcomings are only minor because overall, clients seem highly satisfied with their work, praising how pleasurable they are to work with. We get the impression that they are a fun yet hard working team.


  • Received Business All-Star accreditation from All-Ireland Business Foundation
  • Included in The Register of Irish Business Excellence (TRIBE)
  • Best at event management
  • A fun yet hardworking team


  • Caters almost exclusively to the music and arts sector

Customer Reviews

Excellent service

“I have worked with Mission PR for over 20 years across a range of events including large scale exhibitions, festivals, concerts and theatre shows. They have always impressed and have delivered time and time again across our campaigns and projects due to their huge levels of dedication, knowledge and the amount of hard work they put in every day. Mission PR know how to engage both the media and fans alike, bringing great results.” —Noel Mc Hale, Google review

High attention to detail

“It’s such a pleasure to work with Sabrina and the team at Mission PR.

Their professional care & attention to detail is so high. The campaigns they create are always delivered with such ease and bring terrific results for every production we make.” —Donal Shiels, Google review

5. Alice PR & Events

Alice PR & Events' Homepage
SERVICESPR and marketing campaigns for international events; development and implementation of communications strategies for public-sector clients; marketing and advertising campaigns – from concept development to creative execution; advance publicity and press-office support for high-profile festivals and events; political communications – from local authority to EU levels; crisis communications; PR support for NGOs, ranging from community groups to national charities; event management; training in communications skills, including social media, digital marketing, media interview skills, crisis communications, and advocacy campaigns


10 Fortescue Lane, Mountpleasant Avenue Lower, Rathmines, Dublin D06 X4W7


19 Arthur Street, Belfast BT1 4GA


+353 1 558 2151

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

With Alice PR, we’re happy to see another women-led team on this list, and we also appreciate that the firm’s selection of clients seems to be principled.

The client list on their website consists of organisations who banner advocacies, support communities, or provide valuable services.

Clients are not only happy with their work, but they are also highly recognized in the PR industry. The latest in their list of accolades is the PRCA Agency of the Year 2021.

Alice PR has expanded the capabilities of their team and the extent of their service coverage through strategic partnerships. The firm shares a workspace with and taps the resources of the creative agency Language for the production of promotional material. 

They also work in cooperation with the international marketing agency, The Honey Partnership, thus making their reach global. That’s why we give them the top score for media coverage.

We give another five stars to their industries covered because the organisations they work with range from corporations, tech and research companies, educational institutions, recruiters, and NGOs.

As for points to improve on, we think it would be more convenient for their potential clients to make their case studies easily accessible. For this, we took a star off their online visibility rating.

Currently, their case studies are mixed with news in the blog section of their website. You may have to dig through several posts to find one.

But this is just us nitpicking. Overall, we think Alice PR lives up to their hype. Clients commend them for their dedicated and friendly service.


  • Member of the PRII (Public Relations Institute of Ireland) and PRCA
  • Award-winning (including finalist in the Awards of Excellence in Public Relations 2019 and winner of the Best Launch Event in the Event Industry Awards 2019)
  • Multiple office locations


  • Would benefit from more visible case studies placement on their website

Customer Reviews

Smart, creative, and professional

“Highly recommended. An excellent team to work with; smart, creative and professional. Many thanks to Martina and Darragh.” —Hamish Urquhart, Google review


“This is a brilliant company, who always go the extra mile. Their professionalism and efficacy are second to none. I would highly recommend them!” —Alma Quinn, Facebook review

6. Hopkins Communication



Public Relations

Digital Marketing



Event Management

Graphic Design

Web Design


Cork - Head Office:

Media House, Crawford Business Park, Crosses Green, Cork City, T12 DK80

Limerick Office:

2 Shannonville, Ennis Road, Limerick, V94 PYP7

Dublin Office:

39 Clarendon Street, Dublin 2, D02 HD78

CONTACT DETAILStel: +353 (21) 500 5994

fax: +353 (21) 427 16 25

email: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED


Since 1990, Hopkins Communications, a family-owned and operated integrated marketing communications agency, headquartered in Cork with offices in Limerick and Dublin, Ireland, has been providing services such as public relations, crisis management, copywriting, events, digital marketing, advertising, promotions/experiential marketing, web design, graphic design, videography, photography and marketing services training.

As a member of the 3AW Network of global agencies, they glean international coverage for clients in over 30 countries, while also bringing clients in from those countries to Ireland through smart marketing campaigns.

Through the years, it is impressive as their clients don’t only involve small, start-up businesses but also range from international, to national and regional, large corporations to SME’s, brands, festivals and events, state bodies, and charities.

They have a core team of 18 employees working in conjunction with over 60 national part-time promotion staff, in addition to partner companies and contract workers.

Aside from that, have recently been a finalist in a number of prestigious industry-leading national awards including the PRII Awards for Excellence in Public Relations, Event Industry Awards (for Best Experiential Agency), The Rockies, and more.

You and your brand are in safe hands with Hopkins Communications as they would be delighted to assist you in developing your brand and raising the profile of your company, organization, product, or event. Their knowledgeable, professional, and friendly team is available for you to discuss how you can take your offering to the next level.


  • Decades of experience in the industry
  • Recognized by PRII Awards for Excellence in Public Relations, Event Industry Awards (for Best Experiential Agency), The Rockies


  • Closed on weekends

Customer Reviews

“Professional, approachable, and forward thinking. Very impressed with all the staff I have met so far.” – Fiona Higgins

7. Legacy Communications

ADDRESSMillbank House, Millbank Business Park, Lucan, Co. Dublin, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS+353 (01) 525 2544
[email protected]

Legacy Communications is a PR agency that specializes in delivering stories for their clients that not only represent their distinct identity but persuade clients to give their services a try. Active and creative, clients can rely on them to have a specially unique and ambitious twist to their respective campaigns.

We find it notable that they foremostly employ the StorySell methodology when it comes to bringing about a campaign wherein, they are able to employ the adequate methodologies to spin it into a story worth watching.

Should clients have any concerns regarding communication solutions, we think that with experts at the helm of the boardroom wherein clients can get sound advice – this may prove their services to be grounded on highly reliable expertise.

Among the progressive and creative agencies in the country, their strategies are equally flexible to the services they offer such as SEO, content marketing, and PR marketing to ensure that clients get an extra edge with them.

Overall, with their past clients praising them for their consistent assistance throughout the procedure and effective technical and communication strategies, we recommend clients with campaigns to give them a try and get their stories told as well.


  • Unique campaign approach
  • Proactive customer service
  • Experienced staff


  • Operating hours unavailable

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their clients:

“Legacy conceptualized and managed the campaign from start to end, ensuring all KPI’s went above expectations to deliver excellent results.” – Lorna Danaher

“I’ve worked with Legacy SEO’s team and they really helped me get to the bottom of some technical issues we were having.” – Brian Dean

8. Buck & Hound

SERVICESConsumer and corporate public relations, social media community management and training, event management, influencer marketing, brand and web design
ADDRESS10/11 Liffey Street Lower, Dublin 1
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Buck & Hound was founded in 2016 and, despite being relatively new, is a multi-award-winning, creative and hard-working PR, social, design and events consultancy. 

We find it respectable that in just a few years, Buck & Hound has gained notoriety for coming up with strategic and imaginative campaigns for different international and local brands, like The Body Shop, Moonpig, and Bord Bia. 

More evidence of their expertise is that they’ve helped clients receive accolades, while securing some of their own. Their most notable awards are Best Issues-led Campaign and Best Charity Campaign at the PRCA Awards 2021 for their work with the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre’s #100consent campaign. 

What we like about Buck & Hound is their dedication to championing businesses using impactful and innovative tactics which sets them apart from other PR agencies. 

We’re for their highly collaborative approach when it comes to working with clients as they’re able to establish trust and confidence. 

With all these, there’s no doubt as to why we highly recommend Buck & Hound!


  • Impactful tactics and enthusiastic service
  • Multi-award-winning
  • Highly collaborative approach
  • Innovative strategies


  • Closed on weekends

Customer Reviews

“Buck & Hound are a true partner. We collaborate on projects and develop new ideas together. Their links to mainstream press and knowledge of social media combine brilliantly, providing an all-in-one PR solution. Our brand is developing quickly with the help of Buck and Hound. Highly recommended. ”
Thom Lawson – Founder, Sprezzatura and The Golden Cherry Club

FAQs about PR Agencies in Dublin

Feel free to reach out to these agencies and see if they fit your needs. We hope you find the right one just for you!

To complement your PR campaign, you should also check out some other marketing and similar services, by the way – like those we reviewed in our list of the best web designers in Dublin.