Quick Guide on How to Get Fit

Quick Guide on How to Get Fit

Have you tried more than once in the past to get fitter but have unfortunately failed? That’s alright; don’t beat yourself up for having to start all over again.

But before you start over, assess why you weren’t able to pull off your fitness goals. 

Actually, this quick guide on how to get fit might help you with that because we’re not really going to tackle changing diets—that sort of thing in this article.

Sounds intriguing? Then let’s get started! 

List down the reasons why you want to get fit 

List down the reasons why you want to get fit

You already know that you want to become fitter. But like with any goal, it’s important to establish the reason(s) why you want to achieve that goal. 

  • I want to conceive – Obesity has an impact on fertility in both men and women. 
  • I want to gain self-confidence
  • I want to fit into old clothes you’ve been wanting to wear on a date or don’t want to give away yet.
  • I want to achieve other life goals, such as start a business, go back to college, complete an MBA programme, travel, etc.
  • I want to live longer to take care of your loved ones
  • I have an existing chronic illness
  • My job requires me to
  • Living healthy is also healthy for my savings and personal finance

Knowing exactly why you want to get fit helps you stick to that goal. It serves as your motivation, your driving force that pushes you to do all that hard work to attain your fitness goal. 

The first three days of your fitness journey are considered the honeymoon phase, where you’ll be excited and motivated to burn all those calories. However, expect that excitement to dwindle in the succeeding days. 

And this is where knowing why you want to even do all this hard work in the first place comes into play. 

Break down your fitness goal into smaller goals 

One of the best ways to achieve your fitness goal is to break it down into smaller goals. This will make your overall goal (to get fit) become more manageable and will also allow you to know if you’re making progress. 

For instance, you wish to lose around 20 pounds in 10 months. You can make this goal more achievable by making it a point to lose 2 pounds each month. 

One tip would be to hire a personal trainer. Personal trainers can help with crafting the right workout for you and keeping you on track with your goals.

Identify bad habits that caused you to gain weight

Identify bad habits that caused you to gain weight

If you’ve gained weight because of bad habits or actions (not other reasons like pregnancy or medicine intake), you’ve got to identify those to be able to deal with them. 

For example, if your weight loss was mainly caused by frequent eating out, you can stop this by cooking your meals at home.

If you’ve got a habit of eating junk food, why not replace those foods with healthier alternatives? 

According to Healthline, lack of sleep can also cause weight gain. Thus, if you’ve got a habit of sleeping late, try to adjust your daily schedule so you can sleep earlier. 

Or if you’re having a hard time falling asleep, there are several ways to remedy this. You can try replacing your mattress, creating an evening routine, limiting screen time before bed, and so on. 

Involve family members in your fitness goal 

Having a support group can definitely help you in your fitness endeavours. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your family members. You can also recruit the people closest to you.

Tell them about your goal to get fit, and ask them to be your cheerers. Instruct them to remind you of why you want to lose weight during those days when you’re feeling lazy to work out. 

Reward yourself

Reward yourself

Remember those smaller goals we discussed earlier? Reward yourself every time you fulfil one of them! But not with junk food, okay?

Rewards help spur you to keep moving forward and fulfil your next smaller goal until such time when you finally achieve that fit body you’ve worked hard for!

And that’s a wrap for this quick guide on how to get fit! Yes, losing weight can be difficult, but it’s always a good decision to do so! 

However, sometimes your weight gain could be due to an underlying health condition, such as hyperthyroidism. If you’re looking for a doctor, you can check out these articles: