5 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

5 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Most likely, before you start any kind of project—like landscaping, for instance—you begin by expanding your knowledge on the topic first.

You may start by reading about the different things you need to do, but what about the things you shouldn’t do? 

This is where this article on landscaping mistakes to avoid comes in. Learn five of them here for a smoother and easier landscaping activity.

Buying Too Many Garden Ornaments 

Buying Too Many Garden Ornaments

Aside from colourful and unique plants, ornaments serve to enhance a garden’s landscaping beauty. However, putting too many can do the opposite.

First, craft a theme for your landscape, and then, choose ornaments that relate to your desired theme. This is to achieve cohesiveness and unity as regards your garden’s design.

Do you want a fairy theme? This is where gnomes, fairies, mushrooms, and such come into play. 

You can also base your theme on a fictional character, such as Alice in Wonderland, Disney princesses, and such. 

When you shop for garden ornaments, don’t get too excited and start purchasing every embellishment you find cute. Show some restraint (as you may not end up using all the ornaments you buy),  and thus, save more money

Not Knowing When to Prune at the Proper Time 

Yep, there’s a right time for pruning. Particularly for flowering shrubs such as forsythia, azalea, and rhododendron, you could end up cutting off their buds if you prune at the wrong time!

Obviously, this would be a shame, especially if you chose these shrubs for your garden to admire their beautiful flowers, right?

According to The Spruce, pruning flowering shrubs after they finish blooming is the general rule of thumb. 

Not Planning for Future Changes to Your Home 

Not Planning for Future Changes to Your Home

We know this is easier said than done—no one on earth could tell what would happen in the next hour, much less the next day.

Nevertheless, before you begin your landscaping project, it’s important to think of any future plans you may have concerning your household, property, and so on.

For instance, you might be considering installing a swimming pool within your yard in the next few months or years. Naturally, this plan would impact your landscaping design.

Do you plan to keep pets in the future? This is another decision in your life that will influence your landscaping choices. 

If you’re planning to get a dog or already own one, you can check out this article on landscaping with them in mind. 

Placing Plants in the Wrong Areas of Your Yard

The areas where we place our plants, whether that’s a flower, shrub, tree, and so on, shouldn’t be chosen simply due to aesthetic purposes. 

Rather, they should be chosen with the plant in mind, meaning, if it thrives on plenty of sunlight, it shouldn’t be planted in shady areas and vice versa. 

Moreover, if its mature size is a couple of metres long (and wide), again, it shouldn’t be placed in a space that’s crowded, has smaller plants beside it, and such. 

Putting Too Many Trees and Big Shrubs 

Putting Too Many Trees and Big Shrubs

If you think covering your yard with trees and plenty of big shrubs is good for privacy, think again. Too much is actually a security hazard as it can provide crooks with hiding places. 

Thus, if you’ve got too much greenery going on, we recommend you trim them as soon as possible and do it regularly. 

If you don’t have the time, one tip would be to hire landscaping companies for the job. Many companies like this don’t just provide professional landscaping services but also maintenance. 


We hope this article has helped better prepare you for your landscaping endeavours! Liked this article? We have more on the topic of improving the home down below: