Is Galway and its surroundings a good place to raise a family

Is Galway and its surroundings a good place to raise a family? 

Are you a part of an adventurous family who loves to explore nature, food, and cultures? Then Galway should be your top choice when beginning to raise a family!

Filled with a vibrant culture, stunning sceneries, and beautiful communities, Galway and its surroundings is a good place to raise a family.

Let’s take a look at what makes it a great place to live in!

Is Galway a good place to move to with my young family?

Is Galway a good place to move to with my young family
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Galway is an ideal place to raise a family due to its excellent education system, rich cultural heritage, friendly community, excellent healthcare, and low crime rate.

Not only is it a stunningly beautiful city with a lively atmosphere, but it’s a home to great schools and tons of fun activities for kids and parents alike!

One of the main reasons that make it a good place to raise a family is its people – the friendliest you’ll ever meet. Be it locals or the expats, everyone is welcoming in Galway and eager to make new friends.

Galway’s natural beauty is another major draw for families, with its rugged coastline, national parks, and scenic countryside offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and great exploration.

Healthcare is Accessible in Galway

Healthcare is Accessible in Galway
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As a city, it’s not hard to get what you need here, such as food, grocery items, as well as services on health, education, and recreation. In fact, there are at least four hospitals in Galway.

Galway is well known for its excellent healthcare facilities, which provide accessible and high-quality care to both locals and visitors. 

The city is home to several major hospitals, including University Hospital Galway, which is one of the largest and most advanced hospitals in the country.

In addition to the major hospitals, Galway also has a network of primary care centers and community health services, which provide a wide range of preventive and primary healthcare services.

TIP: Save emergency numbers

In Ireland, there are three main emergency health contact numbers that you should know: 999 or 112 for ambulance services, and 999 or 112 for the fire brigade.

There are High Quality Educational Institutions

There are High Quality Educational Institutions
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In terms of education, there are actually colleges and learning institutions that can help you or your children grow academically.

Topping this list is National University of Ireland in Galway along the University Road. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, part-time, evening courses, and online courses.

For secondary schools, there’s Coláiste na Coiribe along Tuam Road, the all-girls Salerno Secondary School in Salthill, the all-boys schools of St. Mary’s College and The Bish in Galway City, the St. Ignatius College also in Salthill, and the Jesuit-run Coláiste Iognáid.

For primary education, you can send your kids to Scoil Chaitríona Junior and Senior and to the Galway Educate Together National School.

TIP: Aim for the best schools

If you’re looking to enroll your child in a top and low-cost school, one recommendation is the Galway Educate Together National School. For college, aim for the biggest like the Nationa University of Ireland.

Basic Goods are Easy to Find

Basic Goods are Easy to Find
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When it comes to buying daily needs, there are huge shopping malls, grocery stores, and wet markets that are open daily.

You can drop by Eyre Square Shopping Centre, one of the city’s largest malls located in the heart of the city. It has over 70 stores, including high street brands like, local shops and restaurants, and recreation facilities.

Galway Shopping Centre is also another large mall in Galway with over 50 stores, including major brands like Tesco, Argos, and Penneys, as well as local shops and cafes.

For your daily needs that are priced in a more affordable way, there’s Galway Market.

Held every Saturday and Sunday in the city center, the market is a hub for local artisans, craftspeople, and food vendors. You’ll find everything from handmade jewelry and pottery to fresh produce and artisanal cheeses.

You can also visit St. Nicholas’ Market held every Saturday in the historic St. Nicholas’ Church. The market features a range of local vendors selling everything from vintage clothing and antiques to handmade crafts and jewelry. 

TIP: Know where the basic goods are

Knowing where to get the basic goods in Galway is essential for any resident, especially if you’re new to the city. If you’re new to Galway and looking for a place to find basic goods, then the Galway Market is a must-visit destination. 

It’s also helpful if you save the contact numbers and addresses of malls, vendors, and hospitals if you’re very new to the city.

It’s a Home to Lively Communities

It’s a Home to Lively Communities
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Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you’ll always feel welcomed by the people in Galway. The city is known as a spot for the arts, music, and the creative communities of Ireland.

Galway people are known for their art-loving traits and charm, which set them apart from people in other parts of Ireland and the world. 

One of the most distinctive features of Galway people is their friendliness and welcoming nature and the way they celebrate arts. Also, they are known for their warm hospitality and willingness to engage with visitors.

This place is known for its lively festivals, and many of them rely on volunteers to help make them happen. There are also plenty of activities for kids in Galway.

Whether you’re interested in clubbing, music, food, or the arts, there will always be a place for you to enjoy. In fact, you’ll never run out of things to do here with their arts- and party-loving people.

You can join a sports team to develop a bond while being physically fit. Not just that because there are also classes for you and your kids on cooking, swimming, among others.

TIP: Get involved with the community 

Join local groups, such as those for hiking and adventure if you love to enjoy the outdoors. There are also book and yoga clubs to join if you want total relaxation.

You can also sign up to volunteer at festivals, church events, and concerts and you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the event while meeting new people.

If you don’t have much spare time, you can first meet your neighbors. Start by introducing yourself and family and host small group lunches or dinners at home.

Easy to Navigate 

Easy to Navigate
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Galway is a place that’s very easy to navigate because it’s a compact city with its center designed in a grid pattern with main streets and narrow pedestrian-only lanes. Also, restaurants, markets, and malls aren’t far from each other.

In fact, it has well-defined streets and landmark, as well as a simple grid layout with a central street (Shop Street) and a series of smaller streets that branch off from it. 

Distinctive landmarks like the Spanish Arch and Eyre Square are also in place as useful reference points when exploring the city.

Even with a bicycle, you can go around Galway City without too much trouble mapping your way in and out of each street. You’ll also find locals that are helpful in giving the right directions. 

Also, Galway has a well-developed public transportation system, with a network of buses that connect different parts of the city and surrounding areas.

Among the main thoroughfares in Galway are the streets of Shop, High, Quay, Dominick, and Salthill.

TIP: Familiarize the routes and main thoroughfares

Familiarizing yourself with the main thoroughfares in Galway will help you navigate the city like a pro. You can also ask the locals or have your online maps used.

It’s also great to use active transport in Galway because it has a reliable bike-sharing scheme and routes. 

There’s Much to Discover

There’s Much to Discover
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From scenic hikes to breathtaking coastline, Galway has something for everyone who loves to explore the great outdoors. Galway is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Ireland, including rugged coastlines and rolling hills.

It’s also a good place for adventure, with activities including hiking, cycling, kayaking, and for a quick leisurely stroll. Like other counties in the countryside, Galway is also a home of wildlife and biodiversity.

You can tour the Connemara National Park, a true gem offering stunning vistas of rugged mountains, rolling hills, and tranquil lakes. There are many hiking trails to choose from depending on your skills.

There’s Much to Discover
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The stunning Cliffs of Moher is also ideal for nature lovers. It features towering cliffs and beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Aran Islands.

Also popular are the Galway Bay for a bike ride or quick stroll, and The Burren for anyone interested in geology or botany. 

The way these nature’s wonders look right now won’t be the same forever, so take your time and visit them when you can.

Remember to always leave the area clean and follow their tourism council’s guidelines.

Also, check your belongings and vehicles before you leave your house to avoid problems on the road.

TIP: Begin at the Center

Visit the iconic Eyre Square first. Not only will it give you a good view of the city, but will also help you familiarize how people live in Galway.

After this, we suggest visiting some of the most enjoyable tourist spots in Galway that include the Cliffs of Moher, Connemara National Park, Kylemore Abbey, and the Aran Islands.

Great Variety of Food 

Great Variety of Food
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Galway boasts a vibrant culinary industry that features cuisines of different countries. But of course, its local food is a must try as their flavors represent varying cultures and traditions. 

Even on your first day in Galway, have a meal at a local restaurant and appreciate their way of cooking. It’s great for families with kids as Galway utilizes fresh ingredients.

Some popular restaurant options include The Quay Street Kitchen, McDonagh’s Seafood House, and Ard Bia at Nimmo’s. 

Another great spot to check out is the Galway Market, which takes place every weekend and features a variety of food stalls selling everything from crepes to sushi. Be sure to also try some of the local specialties such as Galway Bay oysters and Irish stew.

Galway is located on the coast, which means fresh seafood is abundant. From succulent crab claws to creamy chowder, Galway’s seafood is simply out of this world.

Aside from this, there are restaurants serving local Irish and international cuisine. 

TIP: Buy at the local market

You can always find the freshest goods at the Galway Market especially during weekends.

Also, don’t miss out from the market events held throughout the year such as the Galway Food Festival and the Christmas Market to get a chance on local foods and crafts.

It’s Safe and There are Emergency Responders 

It’s Safe and There are Emergency Responders
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Galways is known as a safe city in Ireland for locals and foreigners with a crime index of 29.85 and a safety index of 70.15. The level of crime is considered low and the crime growth for the past 3 years is considered moderate.

Not just that, but the safety of walking alone during daylight is perceived as very high and high during night time. 

TIP: Save Hotlines

Dial 999 or 112 for immediate assistance from the emergency services.  If you need to contact the Gardaí directly, the non-emergency number is 091-538000.

In case of an emergency, having quick and easy access to these hotlines can be crucial and even life-saving. You can put them on the speed dial.

In case you don’t have their numbers, it’s always important to practice basic safety measures and avoid close encounters with strangers.

High but Fair Cost of Living 

High but Fair Cost of Living
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Like any other cities in Ireland, the cost of living in Galway is high, but is lower than that of Dublin. Consumer prices with rent are 21.6% lower than in Dublin.

Here’s an estimate of expenses in Galway:

ServicesMinimum Rates
Rent for one-bedroom flat€1,000/month
School fees (primary education)€1,500 annually
School fees (secondary education)€3,500 annually
School fees (tertiary education)€6,000 annually (average)

According to Numbeo, an individual meal costs €13.50 in Galway, while rent is at least €1,000 a month.

For an apartment, each square meter is priced at least €3,300. For basic utilities without internet, you’ll need around €188.35 a month.

And because the cost of living is a bit high, it’s important to get prepared before moving in here.

For a family of four consisting of two adults and two children, an annual gross income of around €60,000 per year is needed to live comfortably.

This is still covered by the gross incomes of the heads of families, as each individual’s gross earning is estimated at €38,000 a year. 

It’s good to always consider housing plans before starting a family in Galway.

Planning your insurance and housing ahead of a move to a new city is a good move in the modern world. There are also educational plans for your kids as they grow up and it’s good to consider them.

It can help you avoid potential financial risks and provide peace of mind in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

TIP: Plan your insurance and housing ahead 

Talk to a professional property specialist or financial adviser about the different options of housing, life, education, and medical insurances. 

Also consider renting a property first before buying when you’re new to a place. 

Annual home insurance cost in Galway is estimated at €700, so save at least €60 a month to avoid missing insurance dues.

Overall, Galway is a good place to raise a family. With a welcoming community and accessible services, there’s no way you won’t like to live here.

As an additional tip,

Take note, though, that research is always a necessity especially in knowing the cost of living in an area.

We hope this article was able to help you decide whether or not it’s good to raise a family in Galway.