How to Prepare for a Hardwood Floor Installation 4 Tips

How to Prepare for a Hardwood Floor Installation: 4 Tips

So you’ve finally settled for hardwood as your flooring material? Great! Obviously, the next step would be to install them in your home.

And as with other kinds of home renovations, preparations prior to the actual work is a must.

Unsure how to prep for a hardwood floor installation? Here are four tips to help you!

Relocate your furniture and other house items

Relocate your furniture and other house items

Of course, your floor installers won’t be able to do their job efficiently with minimal space. Thus, you’ll have to move your furniture—tables, chairs, cabinets, and more—to another room.

It’s also advisable to remove other house items such as curtains, pictures, and such to protect them from the dust coming from the installation process.

If, however, you’re finding it hard to find space in your home to move your things, we suggest bringing them to friends who’ll accept them for the time being.

Another tip would be to store them temporarily in self-storage units. Discover our top picks from Dublin here!

Consider working in another place while the installation is ongoing

As with any construction work, mess and noise are to be expected. If you work from home and find all these to be too much for you, consider doing your work elsewhere.

We suggest heading over to a local library, cafe, or coworking space. If you haven’t been to one before, a coworking space is like a shared office space where you can rent desks so you can work.

And because you’ll be joined by other people (entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc.), this place is a good idea to meet new acquaintances.

Talk to your flooring company about the scope of their work

Talk to your flooring company about the scope of their work

According to The Spruce, to prepare for a hardwood flooring installation, you’ll need to remove a couple of your house’s parts, such as your doors.

Other parts include the door trims and the baseboards. These can get in the way of installing flooring planks flush with the walls. 

Moreover, your subfloor will have to be prepped as well. In fact, other people even opt to replace their subfloor with a new one.

In other words, if you do not want to do these tasks, discuss it with your flooring company, and make sure these are outlined in your contract. Note especially any added charges for this work.

Set up a cutting area outdoors

It would be good for the floor installers to have a place outside of the home to cut the flooring. This can help minimise the amount of dust and debris as well as give more freedom of movement.

A suitable cutting area such as a garage will have enough lighting and protection from the weather, an outlet, and a hard work surface, among others. If you’ve got an outdoor shed, perhaps that could work as well.

And that’s a wrap for our tips on how to prep your home for a hardwood floor installation. We hope the final results of your hardwood flooring turn out great!

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