Flowers That You Can Grow in Your Backyard

Flowers That You Can Grow in Your Backyard

Did you just move into your new rental or family home? Is your backyard rather plain?

Fear not, here’s our recommended list of flowers you can grow that are great in the Irish weather!

Helleborus orientalis ‘Lady Series’

Commonly known as the “Lenten rose,” it is actually a cross breed under the buttercup family. Unlike the others on this list, it will take two to three years to mature.

However, the hard work does pay off! There are varieties that can bloom in color (pink, dark to light purple, yellow, maroon, and cream) with various markings.

It is recommended to start growing them during late spring or early fall. Meanwhile, they bloom for eight to ten weeks.

Do take care in having these in your home’s or rental’s landscape. They are deadly to horses, dogs, cats, and humans.

Bellis perennis

This is one of the most popular wildflowers within Ireland, ironically nicknamed “English Daisy.” They grow fast and are recommended as potted plants.

Its flower consists of pink, red, and white petals with a yellow eye. When grown properly, they can bloom from spring to early summer.

When growing from a seed, it is recommended to plant them six to eight weeks before the last frost. Take care not to let them overgrow from their pots as they can take over your garden.

Helleborus x hybridus

Despite its common name, “Lenten rose”, it is not a rose but an evergreen flowering plant in the buttercup family.

Its flowers can bloom in several colors such as dark purple, cream, and pink. Each petal can also have some sort of marking (veins, freckling, or color margins) aside from being ruffled or not.

If you are a pet owner, do note that this is poisonous to you and your canine and feline friends. Aside from that, they grow the slowest among the plants in this list (two to three years).

However, they do have one of the longest blooming times (eight to ten weeks) and can be planted between early fall or late spring.

Malva alcea

Yet another native Irish plant, the hollyhock mallow is a perennial. This too is a fast-growing plant but is short-lived with a lifespan of three to four years.

During early summer to fall, it blooms pink saucer-shaped flowers. Since it blooms at this period, it is recommended to plant them during fall last year to early spring.

Even if it has a short lifespan, it is self-seeding. When not taken care of correctly, it too can overgrow your entire garden.

Potentilla fruticosa

As a native plant of Europe, United States, Canada, and Northern Asia, this flowering plant is a great addition to your garden!

It is recommended to plant this for your flower beds or a hedge around your backyard. You can start growing these around the early summer by growing one using a cutting.

Depending on the species, you can add a dash of orange, red, white, or pink in your garden aside from its original yellow.

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