Quick Guide to Planning a Romantic Home Date

Quick Guide to Planning a Romantic Home Date

Who says you can’t have a date at home once in a while? It can be cheaper, safer, and more relaxing even. 

So if you’ve been wanting to try it, this quick guide can help you plan a romantic home date, regardless if it’s a date with someone new or your spouse of two decades!

Get ready to usher your sweetheart into your doors with pride with these steps:

Tidy up

This is already pretty obvious, especially if it’s the first time your date is coming over. It’d surely be a date to remember if you’ve got dirty laundry lying about, full trash bins, dusty furniture—you get the picture.

And don’t just focus on the dining room, for instance. As much as possible, you’ve got to clean the whole house so you wouldn’t cringe inside if he or she wants a tour, right?

So, mop the floors, wipe the windows, clean the fireplace, countertop, carpet, and do the dishes in a way that’ll make your grandma proud. 

But if you’re tight on time, just go ahead and contact professional cleaners for a sparkling home in a jiffy. 

It would also be a good idea to book a pest cleaning service beforehand for a more spotless home. 

Prepare your loved one’s favourite food 

Prepare your loved one’s favourite food

We all want to impress our special someone. One way to do that is to cook his or her favourite dish! 

So make sure you have the right recipe and quality ingredients on hand. And if you’re unfamiliar with the dish, we suggest cooking it a couple of times before your home date. 

Plus, if you want to achieve that fine dining feel, go ahead and splurge on a wine bottle. Also, don’t forget to buy other snacks if you plan to watch a movie later. 

Fancy up your space 

How you jazz up your home would depend on the kind of feeling or atmosphere you want to experience. 

If you’re looking for that romantic, dinner-by-candlelight feel, you can dim your lights and light multiple candles around the area.

Play soothing violin or piano music, and set up a formal dining table. Use a white tablecloth, bring out any fancy dinnerware you’ve hidden away, and of course, light a candle or two on the table. 

Don’t forget flowers! If you want to go a little extra, don’t just put some on the table but adorn your space with several bouquets, as well.

Don’t know any shops that deliver flowers? Try checking out our picks from these counties: Limerick, Galway, Cork, and Dublin.  

Fix any problems beforehand 

Fix any problems beforehand

By problems, we mean those home repairs you may have been putting off. A leaking roof and a slow-draining sink is definitely not a welcome sight.

For an all-around home repair service, our tip would be to call these Dublin-based handyman services. Make sure to hire someone to check and service your lights, roofs, drains, plumbing, and other aspects of your home. 

Dress up!

Again, it doesn’t matter if you’re having a date with a new lover or your spouse of 20 years—dress up for the occasion! 

Buy new clothes, pamper yourself with a facial, get a new haircut, apply makeup, and so on. 

Who says you can’t wear formal outfits at home? Feel free to wear fancy clothes to make your date more memorable, if you wish. 

Stow away your family members/roommates 

Stow away your family members or roommates

Okay, don’t take that literally. This just means to make plans for your home’s other members. 

For couples with kids, (if possible) we suggest bringing them over to relatives or trusted friends, so you can have a more personal and romantic time together. 

And if you’re living with your parents and siblings, why not request that they go out for a while, like watch a movie? Or, you can also ask them to stay at a different part of your house, no peeking allowed!

And that’s a wrap for our quick guide to planning a romantic home date! Got any other ideas on how to spend the day with your other half at home? We’d like to hear them!

If you’re looking to make your home date a bit more romantic, why not go for some flowers? Lucky for you, we rounded up the best places to get flowers in Ireland: