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The 5 Best Women’s Health Clinics in Dublin

If you’re struggling with menstruation or fertility issues, then you might want to have that checked by a specialist. 

Today, we rounded up the best women’s health clinics in Dublin where you can get top medical care for your needs. 

We also noted estimates that you can expect from getting women’s health services in Dublin in the section below. If you’re ready, let’s start!

How much do women’s health services cost in Dublin? 

We listed down the costs of each of our entries’ most common services including consultations, STI screening, private smear tests, and more. 

Alternatively, you can also check out the links below for a more detailed list of service costs. 

Womens Health ClinicFirst-time Consultations (Gynaecology/Fertility/Menopause)€150
Review Consultations€65.00
STI Screening€130
Gynaecological Scan€110
Early Pregnancy Ultrasound€150
Private Smear Test€200
Complete Women’s HealthStandard Consultation€65
Menopause Care Consultation (New Patients)€160
Review Consultations€65
Sexual Health Screening€110
Private Smear Test€160
4 Women’s HealthConsultation Fees (Includes Bimanual, Vaginal Examination)€100
Verbal Consultations (No Exams)Free
Complete Cervix Screening€190
Complete Gynaecological Scan€310
Ultrasound Examination€150
Dr. Kushal ChummunContact for More Information
Dublin Well Woman CentreDoctor Consultations (Telephone or Onsite)€60
Review Consultations€30
Private Smear Test€50 (Plus Consultation Fees)
STI Testing€150
Crisis Pregnancy Services (Early Medical Abortion, Counselling, etc.)Free

The Best Women’s Health Clinics in Dublin

Moving on, here’s a quick rundown of our selection criteria: 

Scope of services
Whether you need a cervical cancer vaccination or a pelvic examination, we made sure to include clinics with essential services.
Patient experience
This is to make sure that you consistently get the same quality of care from the initial consultation to subsequent tests.
Medical expertise
We diversified our choices so you can find a clinic that specialises in a specific area most suitable to you—be it pregnancy or cervical cancer.

Let’s head straight into our top choices of the best women’s health clinics in Dublin!

1. Womens Health Clinic

Womens Health Clinic Homepage
SERVICESAdolescent Gynaecology, Breast Problems, Combined Antenatal and Postnatal Care, STI Screening, Urinary Incontinence, Womens Health Checks, Osteoporosis, Menopause Medicine, HPV Cervical Screening (Pap smears) and Cervical Cancer Vaccinations Antenatal and Postnatal Care, Fertility Advice, etc.
ADDRESS81 Upper Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS01 230 0556 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon to Fri: 8:00 am - 4:00pm

If you reside in Dun Laoghaire, then there’s no need to travel all the way to the city centre to see a reputable women’s clinic. You can get quality medical services at Womens Health Clinic, which is just around the corner. 

This clinic boasts a comprehensive range of services for women of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you need ultrasound scans or emergency contraception services, then you can get all those and more at this clinic. 

We first heard about them particularly for their satellite monitoring for couples who have received IVF treatment abroad.

It can be intimidating for patients receiving treatment overseas due to logistical concerns in organising ultrasounds and prescriptions required during their treatment. However, we’re glad to know that patients can receive all the required services during their cycle at this clinic.  

On top of that, all women aged 25 to 60 years old can also claim free cervical smears (courtesy of the government) here. We also like the fact that their rates are readily available online, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees during your visit.

All things considered, we just wished that they provided emergency services around the clock. Their relatively far location may also be a drawback for those living in the city centre.  


  • Wide range of services
  • Specialises in satellite monitoring for IVF
  • Free cervical smears available
  • Telephone consultation services available


  • Relatively far from city centre
  • No emergency services available
  • Relatively expensive fees

Customer Reviews

Welcoming and kind

“Such an amazing clinic, everyone from Dee to Dr Rachel are so welcoming and kind. I genuinely never felt listened to until a friend pointed me in the direction of Dr Rachel Mackey and from that first appointment I knew I was in the best hands for female health, she is simply incredible. Thank you for listening and helping relentlessly until the issues are resolved Rachel, you really are a life saver!!” —Jennifer Connolly, Google Reviews

Dealt with in a professional and caring manner

“After visiting various gp’s, consultants and hospitals,to get to the bottom of my menopause, which has been horrific, this doctor, got to the root of my problem straight away and didn’t push the Mirena Coil like all the others did. Feeling 100% better and felt I was being listened to and dealt with in a professional & caring manner. The go to doctor for anything menopausal!” —Marie McGinley, Google Reviews

2. Complete Women’s Health

Complete Women’s Health Homepage
SERVICESMenopause Care, Contraception & Sexual Health, Fertility & Pregnancy Care, General Health & Wellbeing, Complete Women’s Health Check, LGBTQ Health
ADDRESSGrange Road, Grange Clinic, Donaghmede, Dublin 13
CONTACT DETAILS01 848 0033 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon to Fri: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Complete Women’s Health earned a spot here mainly because of their inclusivity in treating women of all ages and from all walks of life. 

What’s worth noting is that this clinic is LGBTQ-friendly. They can address general and specific concerns surrounding mental health, sexual health, among others.

We also love the fact that they provide support for patients who are planning on undergoing surgical transitioning, which isn’t something that you normally see every day. 

All this tells us that they strive to provide patients with a safe and inclusive environment that’s sensitive to their identity and experience.

Apart from these services, they’re also known for providing menopause care. Resident consultant Dr. Sarah Callaghan will give you a full assessment of your symptoms, medical history, and possible treatment options so you can decide the best option for you.

Consultation fees are a bit steep, unfortunately. However, repeat patients will enjoy more affordable rates, so there’s an incentive there at least.

Otherwise, we found their fees for standard consultations to be quite affordable compared to many clinics out there. 


  • Wide range of services
  • Specialises in menopause care
  • LGBTQ-friendly space
  • Free cervical smears available
  • Affordable standard consultation fees


  • No emergency services available
  • Relatively far from city centre
  • Relatively expensive consultation fees for menopause care

Customer Reviews

Really put me at ease

“Can’t recommend Sarah enough, finally a doctor who listened and was so up to date on the symptoms and treatment of menopause. After hitting a little rocky patch Sarah took no chances and kept me informed every step of the way, phoned when she said she would and really put me at ease. She has helped change my life ❤️” —Lisa Maguire, Google Reviews

Available for any follow up queries 

“Can’t recommend Sarah enough, a doctor that listens and understands what you are going through. Highly informative of the treatment that was to be prescribed and available for any follow up queries or concerns that you may have. She was recommended by a friend and for that I am truly grateful.” —Ger Melia, Google Reviews

3. 4 Women’s Health

4 Women’s Health Homepage
SERVICESDiagnosis and Treatment of Gynaecological Problems
ADDRESS23 Seafield Road, Trimblestown, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
CONTACT DETAILS087 744 4120 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon to Fri: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Sat: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

4 Women’s Health is headed by Dr. Karoly Balazsy—a gynaecologist who specialises in HPV-based cervical screening. In other words, his expertise lies in detecting HPV (or human papillomavirus) that could potentially cause cervical cancer among women. 

In fact, he has been highly involved in the study of this virus since 1983. This is a clear indication that he knows his stuff, and that you can trust him when it comes to these matters.

Although government-subsidised cervical examinations aren’t available here, you’ll find a complete cervical screening package in this clinic. It includes a special kind of test that can accurately detect the presence of high-risk HPV, which can be cancerous.

Beyond that, you can find common women’s health services in this clinic—prenatal care, general gynaecological screening tests, breast exams, etc. 

It’s also great that this clinic also offers free verbal consultations for all their patients. Just take note that this free service doesn’t include examinations, in which corresponding fees apply when it’s required.

This clinic is also one of the very few ones in Dublin that’s open on Saturdays. So if you can’t find time to schedule a consultation during the weekday, then this clinic is a good option for busy patients. 


  • Specialises in HPV-based cervix screening
  • Free verbal consultations 
  • Free follow-up consultations for select services
  • Relatively affordable
  • Open on Saturdays


  • No emergency services available
  • Relatively far from city centre

Customer Reviews

Knew what he was talking about

“Dr Karoly L Balazsy was a really lovely doctor you could tell he really knew what he was talking about and cared to help me after having a bad experience and being misdiagnosed I’m really grateful and happy I changed doctor thank u 🙏” —Alia Puente, Google Reviews

4. Dr. Kushal Chummun

Dr. Kushal Chummun Homepage
SERVICESDiagnosis and Treatment of Gynaecological Problems
ADDRESSRotunda Private Clinic

The Rotunda Hospital, Parnell Square, Dublin 1

Mater Private Hospital

Suite 12, 69 Eccles Street, Dublin 7

CONTACT DETAILSRotunda Private Clinic

01 874 2115 | [email protected]

Mater Private Hospital

089 611 1761/01 248 3161 | [email protected]

OPERATING HOURSContact for More Information

Dr. Kushal Chummun runs his own private practice at 2 private hospitals in the heart of Dublin. He’s a gynaecologist who specialises in a broad spectrum of issues such as menstrual dysfunction, pelvic pain, fertility issues, ovarian cysts, and more. 

Going into the specifics, his special interests lie in labour ward obstetrics. In other words, he’s particularly known for handling difficult cases in the labour ward, dealing with all vaginal and caesarean section deliveries, plus other obstetric emergencies.

So if you happen to be pregnant or are deemed to have a high-risk pregnancy, then Dr. Chummun is the specialist to see. 

On top of that, he’s also a particularly skilled surgeon who specialises in keyhole surgery—a method that offers faster recovery for patients. From what we’ve seen, he can treat a wide range of conditions including ovarian cysts, urinary incontinence, and heavy periods. 

Unfortunately, you’ll have to contact for more information regarding rates, operating hours, among other things.

On the plus side, you’ll have access to the facilities where his clinics are based at, and that includes emergency services should you go into labour. 


  • Specialises in high-risk pregnancies
  • Specialises in keyhole surgeries
  • 2 clinics available
  • Central location


  • Rates unavailable online
  • Operating hours unavailable

Customer Reviews

Listens to patients well

“Great doctor and listens to his patients well.” —Gwen Legaspi, Google Reviews

5. Dublin Well Woman Centre

Dublin Well Woman Centre Homepage
SERVICESGeneral Health Consultation, Cervical Smear Testing, IUDS, Pre-pregnancy Care, Fertility Investigations, Pregnancy Testing, Menopause Consultation, etc.
ADDRESSNearest Location Available Here
CONTACT DETAILS01 874 9243 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon to Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Up next on our list is Dublin Well Woman Centre. This clinic has been around for a long time—all the way back to 1978. 

Throughout the 80s, they have actively campaigned for the right to provide information to women facing crisis pregnancy and won a case at the European Court of Human Rights. And why does this matter, you ask?

Today, they’re widely known for their crisis pregnancy services, which includes early medical abortion, pregnancy counselling, and check-ups following an abortion. All these services are free of charge for Irish residents, by the way.

Compared to our other entries, this clinic has a large team of doctors, nurses, and medical practitioners, giving you plenty of options. And with that, they also offer an extensive set of services, ranging from fertility investigations to general consultations.

In terms of the price range, we found their services to be fairly accessible for all. Consultation fees are very affordable, and that’s another reason why they made it to our list. 

Perhaps the only caveat here is that this clinic doesn’t issue medical certificates for those accessing social welfare payments, so that’s something to take into account before booking an appointment. 


  • Wide range of services
  • Affordable fees
  • Free crisis pregnancy services
  • Large team of doctors
  • Telephone consultations available
  • 3 locations available


  • Closed on weekends
  • Doesn’t issue medical certificates for social welfare payments
  • No emergency services available

Customer Reviews

Received compassionate care

“I received great and compassionate care here. They did their best to fit me in short notice and were really patient when it came to answering all of my questions. Would recommend if, like me, you don’t have a GP but need a gyno.” —Lauren Clarke, Google Reviews

Very friendly, professional, knowledgeable

“I received excellent service and felt very comfortable, well taken care of and was well informed prior to and during the session, by Dr. Hannah Gibson at the Well Women Centre on Liffey Street. Dr. Gibson was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable, and answered all my questions and put me at ease.” —Kate Ryan, Google Reviews

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