Best Physiotherapy in Dublin

The 5 Best Physiotherapy Clinics in Dublin

Do you have a debilitating health condition or injury that causes pain and affects your mobility? Don’t suffer in silence– visit one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Dublin so you can get back quickly to your normal lifestyle.

In this comprehensive guide, we won’t just feature the clinics, but will also share information on the costs and answer the most commonly asked questions. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost in Dublin

Good health comes at a cost. So before we discuss what each of the best physiotherapy clinics in Dublin can offer, check out the price comparison of their rates below.

This should manage your expectations on the costs involved and help you decide which of the clinics offer services at rates that fit your budget.

Archview Physiotherapy Pain & Sports Injury ClinicStandard Physiotherapy (30 mins) €65
Double Physiotherapy (60 mins)  €130
Physiotherapy Home Visit (45 mins) €100
Physio-Led Yoga (30 mins Private) €65
Phone consultations €25
Video consultations €40
ReBalance PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy Session €60
Online Physiotherapy Consultation €50
Portobello Physiotherapy ClinicStandard Physiotherapy (30 min) €60
Double Physiotherapy (60 min) €120
Student Physiotherapy (30 min) €50
Physiotherapy Sports Massage (30 min) €60
Video / Phone Appointment (30 min) €50
Peak PhysioPhysio Session  (30 min) €60
Physio Session  (45 min) €75
Online Physio Session (30 min) €50
5 Physio Sessions €275
Iona PhysiotherapyPhysio Session €70
Appointment by video link €65

The Best Physiotherapy Clinics in Dublin

Choosing a service provider is not just about going for the cheapest one. So, in this section, we’ll take a closer look at each of the best physiotherapy clinics in Dublin.

We’ll discuss what they can offer and why they’re the best in the city.

1.   Archview Physiotherapy Pain & Sports Injury Clinic

Archview Physiotherapy Pain & Sports Injury Clinic's Homepage
Dry Needling
Massage Therapy
Clinical Pilates
Stretching Exercises
RATESStandard Physiotherapy (30 mins) €65
Double Physiotherapy (60 mins)  €130
Physiotherapy Home Visit (45 mins) €100
Physio-Led Yoga (30 mins Private) €65
Phone consultations €25
Video consultations €40
ADDRESSDundrum Clinic: 6 Pembroke Cottages, Main Street, Dundrum, Dublin 14
Ranelagh Clinic:49 Ranelagh Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6
CONTACT DETAILS(01) 4913228 – Ranelagh Clinic
(01) 2963490 – Dundrum Clinic
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS7:00 am to 8:00 pm (Monday-Friday)
9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Saturday-Sunday)

One of the most trusted clinics in Dublin is Archview Physiotherapy Pain and Sports Injury Clinic, which has been operating since 2008. It has two branches in the city — one in Ranelagh and the other in Dundrum.

It has a team of four physiotherapists, three physical therapists, two massage therapists, and a sports therapist. With its large team, it can accommodate more customers, not to mention that it’s open 7 days a week unlike other clinics.

Aside from physiotherapy, it also offers physical therapy, sports therapy, clinical pilates, massage therapy, personal training, and dry needling. One of their approaches for treating sports injuries is kinesio-taping, which is a relatively new method that not all clinics implement.

Although they provide phone and video consultations for a low price, such services are only available with selected therapists. Also, compared to others we’ve researched, they have limited special offers or discounts.

Nevertheless, they’re still worth your time and money as you can expect quality services for good prices.


  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Large team to accommodate more customers
  • Clinics in Ranelagh and Dundrum
  • Offers home-visit physiotherapy sessions
  • Open 7 days a week


  • Limited discount offers for returning customers
  • Phone and video consultations available with selected therapists only

Customer Reviews

Here are some of the comments from their past clients:

“I started physio with Edwina when I ended up on crutches due to severe sciatica pain in the very late stages of my pregnancy. During the six sessions and just prior to my due date I experienced huge improvements from Edwina’s treatment. The physio treatment resulted in me being 100% recovered in time for my due date and baby’s smooth arrival. Thank you so so much! Kind Regards, Jean” -Jean Santry

“I have just had a couple of sessions with Eileen to help rehabilitate my stiff neck and shoulders.I have an ongoing issue for 5 years.(Alyssa who is my chiropractor in Archview recommended I see Eileen. Alyssa by the way is amazing and a credit to her profession. She has improved my spine dramatically and the pain I used to feel on a daily basis is becoming a thing of the past)Eileen too is top of her game, she is dedicated to helping me get better. She is so knowledgeable when it comes to the muscles and how they work.She has done some fantastic dry needling, massage and stretches on me.I have seen 3 physios before finding archview and she stands out way ahead of them all.Also the stretches Eileen has given me to do at home are perfect for me.I look forward to continuing my treatments here as I have finally found the right therapists and I dont need to look any further only took me 5 years of trial and error!!” -Shelley Bartley

“I have been going to Edwina for several months now trying to deal with an old shoulder and neck injury that I never properly dealt with. Between many dry needling sessions, soft tissue massages and advice and demonstrations of exercises, this 4 year old injury is starting to show real progress. Edwina is wonderful to work with and keeps in touch with you outside of your appointment, sending on exercise demonstrations, etc. Can’t recommend her highly enough!” -Bronagh Foley

2.   ReBalance Physiotherapy

ReBalance Physiotherapy
SERVICESSports Injury Rehab
Back & Neck Pain
Deep Tissue Massage
Dry Needling
High Performance Rehab
Shockwave Therapy
Online Physic
Vestibular Rehab
RATESPhysiotherapy Session €60
Online Physiotherapy Consultation €50
ADDRESS3 Mount Street Lower, Dublin 2
CONTACT DETAILS(01) 441 0100
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS8:00 am to 8:00 pm (Monday-Friday)

Located beside Merrion Square, ReBalance Physiotherapy is an innovative practice that provides exceptional care by combining the latest medical research with its physiotherapists’ extensive experience.

Besides all the usual services, it also offers specialised services such as shockwave therapy and vestibular rehab. In fact, it was the first clinic in Dublin to offer shockwave therapy for muscular injuries, tendinopathies, and other conditions.

Its clinic houses treatment rooms, a Pilates studio, and a strength and conditioning gym. However, they’re just a small team with two physiotherapists, so capacity may be limited.

If you want to try them out, you must set aside free time during the weekdays because they’re closed on weekends. The good thing, though, is that it has longer operating hours of 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

For those who really can’t squeeze in the consultations in their busy schedules, they also offer online physiotherapy consultations and Pilates.

Further, what we love about ReBalance Physiotherapy is that it is environmentally conscious and does its part in reducing its carbon footprint through various policies.


  • Clinic has treatment rooms, pilates studio, and gym
  • Offers specialised services such as shockwave therapy and vestibular rehab
  • Online physiotherapy and pilates available
  • Environmentally conscious company


  • Only two physiotherapists available
  • No weekends

Customer Reviews

Check out some of the testimonials from their past customers:

“I recently had my first session with Dalton who took his time to truly listen and understand my problem. Very knowledgeable, professional and approachable. He clearly explained all the exercises to me and they were also sent to my email, which is very handy. Overall, a very positive experience. I highly recommend it!” -Paulina Kwasna

“I received physio assessment and treatment with Rebalance. This was a really comprehensive service that was client centred all the way through. Would recommend to a friend” -HannahDevlin93

“I find the human factor one of the best things in this place. This is not a place where people just give you appointments after appointments for money but I feel they do care about your well-being, in my appointments I learn things that help me improve my posture and therefore avoid pain and gradually decrease the appointments intervals until I am ready to go on my own and coming back only when necessary. This has had a huge positive effect on my migraines for example.” -Ailem Garcia

3.   Portobello Physiotherapy Clinic

Portobello Physiotherapy Clinic's Physiotherapy
SERVICESManual therapy
Joint manipulation
Joint mobilisation
Myofascial release therapy
Sports massage
Dry needling
Laser therapy
Mechanical traction
Transcutaneous electrical stimulation
Personal training
Corporate physiotherapy
Rehabilitative exercise
RATESStandard Physiotherapy (30 min) €60
Double Physiotherapy (60 min) €120
Student Physiotherapy (30 min) €50
Physiotherapy Sports Massage (30 min) €60
Video / Phone Appointment (30 min) €50
ADDRESS36 Lennox Street, Portobello, Dublin 8, Ireland
01 476 3331
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS8:00 am to 9:00 pm (Monday-Thursday)
8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Friday)

Portobello Physiotherapy Clinic is strategically located near the city centre in South Dublin. Their team provides an extensive range of services, including specialised and modern ones such as laser therapy and transcutaneous electrical stimulation.

Aside from four physiotherapists and a sports massage therapist, they also have an in-house nutritionist and health coach which is not that common for similar clinics. The role of their nutritionist is to design personalised meal plans and provide one-on-one coaching to help clients keep their health in check.

Another unique thing about Portobello Physiotherapy Clinic is that it specialises in treating performing artists such as dancers and professional musicians. So if you’re one, you can go to this clinic that understands your unique medical needs and can help you avoid injuries while practicing.

Their team also doesn’t just cater to individual clients, but also to businesses. They have corporate physiotherapy services where they conduct seminars and on-site physiotherapy and pilates sessions.

However, this corporate service is only limited to Dublin businesses. They’re also closed during weekends unlike others that are open at least 6 days a week, but also have longer operating hours.


  • Offers even specialised services like laser therapy
  • Offers seminars and on-site physiotherapy and pilates sessions for business clients
  • Experts in the common injuries or health issues of performing artists
  • Has an in-house nutritionist and health coach


  • Closed during the weekends
  • Corporate physiotherapy services are only available for Dublin businesses

Customer Reviews

Below are some of the reviews from their past clients:

“Top class Physiotherapy clinic. I can highly recommend Brendan Ho as an extremely professional and thorough Physiotherapist.

Brendan has been superb in his assessment and treatment plans. I felt very happy with my progress under his care. I have been recommending him highly to all my friends and colleagues.” -Grainne Mc Dermott

“I’ve been to Portobello Physio Clinic over the past few years to deal with hypermobility in my joints and on each occasion the therapist has exceeded my expectations. They are great value for the amount of care and attention to detail you receive. I recently worked through some shoulder rehab with Brendan and I’m feeling all the benefits now that we’ve finished the course. He made a big effort to assess what I wanted from the program and encouraged me to push myself and set high strength targets. He is a wealth of knowledge and very professional and polite. Well done Portobello Physio!” -Anna Siberia Hickson

“Very happy with my experience here. I went about a neck injury that would flare up at random and leave me in pain for days, and am now (after only four sessions!) pretty much pain free and haven’t been bothered by my neck in weeks. Brendan was very friendly and approachable, and all of the exercised he assigned me were very useful. Hopefully I won’t have to use them again, but I’d happily recommend Portobello Physio.” -Shóna O’Keeffe

4.   Peak Physio

Peak Physio's Physiotherapy
SERVICESShockwave therapy
Sports injuries
Dry needling
Deep tissue massage
Online consultations
Physio Guided rehab
Biomechanical assessment
Running analysis
Sports Profiling
Ante and Postnatal pilates
RATESPhysio Session  (30 min) €60
Physio Session  (45 min) €75
Online Physio Session (30 min) €50
5 Physio Sessions €275
ADDRESS160 Shelbourne Rd, Dublin 4, D04 FW28, Ireland
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS7:00 am to 8:00 pm (Monday-Friday)
10:00 am to 3:00 pm (Saturday)

If you’re looking for a young and innovative practice, Peak Physio is the right one for you. It offers a wide range of physiotherapy treatments, yoga and Pilates classes, as well as performance services.

They even have a specialised clinic for specific conditions including plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and tennis elbow. Peak Physio can accommodate a lot of clients with their team of five physiotherapists and a Strength & Conditioning coach available from Monday to Saturday.

It also has three clinics in Dublin, particularly in Ballsbridge, City Centre on Clarendon Street, and Rathfarnham.

Another thing that we like about this clinic is that it offers modern biomechanical assessment and running analysis using the latest tech. They can also do sports profiling to improve athletes’ performance and identify areas of weakness that may predispose them to injuries.

For some clients though, the maximum session duration of 45 minutes is not enough and shorter compared to other clinics with physio treatments lasting for up to an hour. Despite this, many clients are returning because of its discounted package rate of €275 for 5 physiotherapy sessions.


  • Three clinics in Dublin
  • Specialised clinic for plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and tennis elbow
  • Modern biomechanical assessment and running analysis
  • Offers sports profiling services
  • Discounted package for 5 physio sessions


  • Shorter appointment/session time

Customer Reviews

Here are some of the testimonials shared by their past clients:

Sarah did a fantastic job identifying and resolving issues with my knee and designed a tailored exercise program to pinpoint and strengthen problem areas. The entire Peak team and online classes are very helpful. When I showed up, I could barely walk downstairs but am now back to running without pain. Excellent functional therapy.” -M Mazzoni

“Completed 10 classes of beginners Pilates with Sarah. Zoom worked really well, Sarah great teacher, very clear. Pilates easier than yoga and great for stretching. Learnt a lot of useful exercises.” -Maie Kilcullen

“Petra is an incredible physiotherapist. I have had so much improvement in my running and less pain in general. Everyone at Peak Physio is so kind and incredibly responsive to emails and phone calls. Highly recommend this physio practice.” -Rachel Picard

5.   Iona Physiotherapy

Iona Physiotherapy's Homepage
SERVICESManual Therapy
Taping and Strapping
Clinical Pilates
Sports Physiotherapy
Ergonomics Interventions
RATESPhysio Session €70
Appointment by video link €65
ADDRESSCian House, 1 Cian Park, Drumcondra, Dublin 9
OPERATING HOURS8:00 am to 9:00 pm (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
7:00 am to 9:00 pm (Tuesday-Thursday)
9:00 am to 2:00 pm (Saturday)

Iona Physiotherapy is another reputable clinic in the city. Although it’s just a small team, it sets the bar high and only employs physiotherapists with a Masters qualification.

Since 2001, it has been servicing Drumcondra, Glasnevin, and surrounding areas. Its team of four physiotherapists provides all the usual manual therapy, sports physio, pilates, and taping/ strapping treatments.

What’s unique about them is that they also offer ergonomics interventions. They conduct workplace assessments and workshops to educate and ensure that the environment causes minimal physical strain as possible.

It also offers online Pilates sessions and limits the class size to 7 people to ensure a more interactive experience. Their rates for both online classes and regular therapy sessions are more expensive than other clinics, but it’s totally worth it based on the great reviews from their past clients.

Once you’ve booked a session with them, make sure that you show up or at least inform them ahead of time if you need to cancel. They charge a €40 penalty for cancelled appointments with less than 24-hour notice.


  • All physiotherapists have Masters qualification
  • 20+ years of operations
  • Offers online Pilates sessions, with class size limited to 7 participants
  • Provides ergonomics interventions


  • Slightly more expensive
  • €40 penalty charge for cancelled appointments with less than 24-hour notice

Customer Reviews

Check out some of the comments from their past clients:

“Great physio. Ciara is very professional and helped me to very quickly overcome some back pain. I was given great support and tips for immediate recovery and also long-term to prevent further issues. Very knowledgeable and caring. Couldn’t recommend this clinic enough!” -Niamh Quinn

“I have just finished a course of treatment in Iona Physiotherapy for elbow and arm pain. Ciara very quickly identified the root cause of the problem and over the weeks assigned a number of exercises to deal with it. She could not have been more professional, clearly has tremendous knowledge of current developments and it was very encouraging to see the improvement as the sessions progressed. I am delighted with the work done by Iona Physiotherapy and would have no hesitation in recommending them.” -Gabriel Kirwan

“I visited David a few weeks ago with a sprained ankle. He thoroughly assessed my ankle and determined the extent of my injury. Based on his assessment David put together an exercise program to aid the recovery and to start strengthening the muscles. With a follow up visit the exercise program was adjusted to align with the improved flexibility and confidence I had gained back in my ankle. I have to say the recovery went very well and I would highly recommend David. Thank you!” -Joerg Kern

FAQs About the Best Physiotherapy Clinics in Dublin

Seeing a physiotherapist for the first time? Make it a pleasant experience by choosing from one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Dublin that made it to our list.

Meanwhile, if you think a chiropractor can help you feel better, you might want to check out our guide to the best chiropractors in Dublin.