5 Tried and Tested Ways to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

5 Tried and Tested Ways to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

There’s nothing like a beautiful vase of fresh flowers to liven up your home. Whether you’ve received them as a gift or bought them as decor, you’d want to enjoy them for as long as possible.

But if you leave them unattended or care for them wrongly, they’ll only last you a few days. Don’t fret; with the right care and love, you’ll have them fresh for longer.

In today’s article, we’ll be going through tried and tested ways to make fresh flowers last longer. So get blooms ready and let’s get started!

1. Use a squeaky clean vase

Use a squeaky clean vase

Aside from complementing the beauty of your flowers, the vase also doubles as a home for them. Hence, you’ll want to ensure they’re clean from the inside out. 

You can thoroughly scrub and wash the vase with mild soap and water. Afterward, fill up with clean water.

2. Cut your stems at an angle

Cut your stems at an angle

Though it may not seem like such a big deal, cutting the stems at an angle actually improves the water absorption of the flowers.

This is because a straight cut at the stems causes the stem to sit flat on the bottom of the vase. Hence, cutting at a 45-degree angle can increase the surface area for additional points of water entry.

You can use sharp shears or a knife to cut the stems at an angle. It’s best that you do this underwater because you want to ensure that there’s no air that could block the water-conducting tissues at the stem.

Be sure to use sharp tools because you wouldn’t want to bruise or tear the plant; this could restrict water uptake.

After this initial cut, re-trim around one to two inches every week to ensure maximum water intake.

3. Remove any unwanted greenery

Remove any unwanted greenery

Aside from the stems, remove any foliage that would be submerged in the water. This is because any leaves that are underwater will rot.

The rotting leaves will be home to nasty microbes and bacteria that you surely don’t want in your water.

By the same token, prune your flowers whenever you notice some wilted foliage or petals falling off. These dying petals emit a gas that quickens the wilting process.

If your stems begin to feel slimy, you can clean them with a soft-bristled brush.

4. Give them flower food

Give them flower food

To be able to look good, they need to feel good, mix two tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of vinegar into the water inside the vase.

The sugar helps add nutrients to the water and promotes healthy and full blooms, while the vinegar promotes healthy bacteria growth and keeps the flowers fresh for longer.

5. Keep them hydrated

Keep them hydrated

Arrangements last longer when they’re away from direct sunlight and heat. If the space you chose can’t meet these conditions, you may want to move them to a cooler area.

It’d be best if you get bouquets that best fit your environment, too. This will ensure that your flowers can withstand the temperature and living conditions in your home.

You’ll also want to keep them away from windows, ceiling fans, and vents, as these cause the flowers to dehydrate quicker.

Spritz some water on the flowers every now and then to keep them hydrated and moist.

There you have it, folks! We hope you try out our tried and tested ways to make your fresh flowers last longer.

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