The 5 Dirtiest Overlooked Places in Your Home

The 5 Dirtiest Overlooked Places in Your Home 

It’s easy to spot obviously dirty areas in your home such as your kitchen countertops. Some areas are also more frequently cleaned than others such as your floors, carpets, windows, and so on.

But what about those areas that you didn’t notice that you never clean? Get your cleaning agents and rags ready, as we’ll be going through the five dirtiest and overlooked places in your home.

1. Your Workstation

Your Workstation

If there’s one thing that you touch regularly and nearly 24/7, that’s going to be your workstation. This includes your keyboard, mouse, office chair, computer, and even your mobile phone.

You probably don’t even realize that you touch it after going to the bathroom or while eating. Hence, it’s no surprise how quickly dust, debris, bacteria, oil, and other gunk build up there.

Though it may not be advisable to clean them regularly due to the possibility of short-circuiting, you can still disinfect them every once in a while along with your hands.

You can also invest in some electronics-safe cleaners to keep these high-touch surfaces clean.

2. Your Coffee Makers and Water Dispensers

For all the coffee lovers out there, if you aren’t cleaning your machine regularly, there may be something else that’s been adding “flavor” to your drink.

Coffee makers and water dispensers are both breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. This is because stagnant water or coffee is the perfect place to grow bacteria, residue, and hard water stains.

These can often be found in the water reservoir, nozzles, and pots. Hence, try to make it a habit to clean these regularly to avoid any unwanted additional “flavoring” and to take a look every once in a while.

To deep clean your coffee maker, run a brewing cycle without any beans but fill up the water reservoir with half and half of water and distilled vinegar. Pause it halfway through to let the vinegar do its job, then run a regular cycle with just water until the smell of vinegar goes away.

3. Your Dog’s Toys, Bowls, and Bedding

Your Dog’s Toys, Bowls, and Bedding

Your furry friends constantly gnaw and bite their toys as well as drag them all over the house, in the garden, and whatnot. Hence, it’s no surprise that they’re constantly covered in drool and dirt.

Even though they look relatively clean, these toys are secretly harboring a ton of bacteria. Soft toys like plushies can be cleaned in the washer while hard toys can be hand washed with soapy water.

Their food and water bowls should also be washed and changed regularly. Because their water’s usually stagnant, it’s easy for dust, hair, and other debris to contaminate the water.

These bowls should be washed daily to prevent bacteria growth and to keep your furry friend healthy.

To add, your dog’s bedding should also be washed at least once a week or whenever they’ve gotten it too dirty to lay on.

After a hard day’s work of rolling in the dirt and mud, it’s no surprise that their bedding needs to be cleaned frequently.

4. Trashcan


Just because you threw away the trash doesn’t mean the trash can is clean. We know it’s gross and yucky, but it’s a must to clean the trash can itself after throwing away the garbage inside.

This is because food particles, bacteria, and even insects can still be inside. Hence, it’s a must to regularly disinfect.

If not, dangerous bacteria and foul smells will begin to grow and leave you wishing you took our advice.

Plus, if you clean your trash can regularly, it won’t get to the point where it’s too disgusting to handle. So, let’s do our part and hope that it doesn’t get to the point of no return.

5. Inside Your Refrigerator and Freezer

Inside Your Refrigerator and Freezer

When was the last time you deep cleaned your fridge? And we mean completely emptied it out, removed the shelves, and cleaned every single nook and cranny in there?

If not, then take this as a sign to do it as soon as you possibly can. It may take a while especially if your refrigerator is filled to the brim, but trust us, it’s a must.

Keeping the inside of your fridge clean helps prevent bacteria growth that could contaminate the food that you’re going to eat. This, in turn, could make you sick.

Rotting food, molds, and spillage could have been there for days, maybe even months before you noticed it. Hence, it’s vital to give your fridge a thorough wipe every now and then.

For deeper cleaning, you can remove all the contents including the shelving and give the fridge a thorough wipe with a combo of mild soap, vinegar, and water.

That ends our list of the dirtiest overlooked places in your home. All that’s left to do is to grab your cleaning supplies and get to work! 

But if you’d want an expert’s help on this, we have some professional cleaners that can do the job for you: