Signs that Your Roof is in Danger

Signs that Your Roof is in Danger

Whether you have solar panels installed onto it or you want to continue your renovation after hiring landscapers, your roof should be able to weather whatever comes for the rest of the year.

This article will show you what types of signs you should watch out for when trying to ensure that your roof is in good condition.

Dirty, wet, or dark shingles

Your shingles are supposed to keep moisture from seeping into the house. However, if even these are wet, they can become the entry points for water.

Another hint is that the broken shingles may not have wetness underneath due to how they’re placed and how water goes downhill.

Missing, cracked, or curled shingles

A great sign that your roof needs help is if you don’t see some of your shingles on there. Also, cracked or curled shingles can also be a way for water to enter your home.

Peeling or blistering paint

One way to spot that your roof is in danger is if you see paint blisters or paint peels (which a pro can fix, fortunately) around the exterior. That means the walls have absorbed water until the paint bulges or bursts.

This can be caused by humidity seeping into the walls too. Another downside is that this can also mean that you need to have your gutters checked too.

Sagging roof deck

This is only applicable to homes with a roof deck. If you can spot that it is sagging downward instead of straight, have it fixed right away.

It can be caused by leaking moisture, meaning that your roof isn’t doing its job well.

Higher energy bills

If you or your family have to turn up the AC whether it is hot or cold, that could mean something’s up with your roof.

A broken roof can have some openings where hot or cold air can escape, which can make your AC overwork when you need it.

Roof openings and objects showing wear and tear

Any object placed on your roof can wear down over time. Keeping an eye on such things can do two things: localize the problem and reduce further damage to the home.

Check on your roof’s pipes, vent, and chimneys from time to time to spot defects that can be fixed right away to increase the entire roof’s lifespan.

Stains inside the home

A telltale sign of needing the roof repaired is through seeing stains inside. It can be around the walls of your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom.

Once you spot these, however, it’s high time to have the entire roof replaced by your local repairman.

Light streaming into your attic

One of the best places to check your roof’s condition is your attic! You can do this by taking a look along its walls for possible openings that moisture can come through and heat can escape.

Rainstorm leaks

Speaking of attics, there’s another sign to watch out for that will require you to have your roof fixed.

After it rains, go up to your attic and check if the rain seeped inside. You can even trace back where the rain gathers.

Depending on how much rain got inside the attic, you would have to replace your flashing or your entire roof.

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