How to Pick Paint Colors for Your Bedroom

How to Pick Paint Colors for Your Bedroom

Thinking of having your bedroom renovated? One of the most important aspects to think about is what color scheme to switch to.

If you’re still undecided, here are five different tips on how to pick a color scheme for your bedroom!

Don’t Cover All the Walls

To avoid making your room feel smaller than it should, don’t have your walls painted the same color. 

One way to avoid this is to choose a lighter shade of paint (you can ask a pro for help here) for your accent color. Then, have one of your walls painted in the accent color and use the lighter shade on the rest.

Neutrals are A Good Choice

What kinds of emotions should you feel while you’re in your bedroom? We think that a bedroom should evoke relaxation and intimacy.

With that in mind, the safest bet for color options are neutrals such as white, gray, black, taupe, and ivory. 

Neutrals work best because they don’t clash with any color you’re bringing in through your decor and furniture. This includes everything from the color of your wooden bedframe to the pattern of your curtains or blinds.

Soft Pastels Make for a Comfy Bedroom

Another set of colors that can work well are soft pastels. This includes shades of pink, lavenders, soft blues, yellows, and greens.

You can opt for a soft, relaxing space by pairing soft pastels with similar colors. However, you can make it elegant by pairing it with dark and washed-out colors in your bedroom’s interior.

For example, you can pair a soft green color with a soft orange color. Aside from being opposite each other in the color wheel, the orange can add a pop of brightness to your room.

Patterned Walls are Great Too

If having a one-colored accent wall is too boring for you, then you can have a pattern made for your bedroom!

You can even opt for a faux painting-style wall where one wall can be painted to look like carpet or some other form of cloth. This makes the bedroom look softer too.

Using a combination of varnish and paint, it is applied onto a surface using an object that will leave an impression on the wall. It is one way of applying faux painting.

Another is by painting over a textured or flat layer of plaster. This can be paired with the right set of windows and doors.

Think of the Earth

To increase the level of coziness in your bedroom, you can opt for warm browns and reds for your accent color.

The right brown color can introduce a feeling of security and safety in your bedroom. Meanwhile, a red color can make your bedroom pop while making it feel more welcoming.

For example, you can have your walls painted in a shade of brown then add red bed sheets to your mattress.

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