Low Water Pressure in Your Shower Here Are 5 Tips to Fix It

Low Water Pressure in Your Shower? Here Are 5 Tips to Fix It

Imagine waking up late on your way to school or the office. You throw off your blanket, grab a towel, and head off to shower.

Unfortunately, a 5-minute bath ends up becoming 15 minutes because of low water pressure. Ugh, so annoying!

Naturally, you’ll need to do something about it. But what and how?

Read on to discover a couple of tips to help you fix your shower’s low water pressure ASAP!

Unclog your showerhead

Unclog your showerhead

You might be experiencing low water pressure in your shower because your showerhead is clogged with sediment, limescale, and other types of buildup.

This may be the real cause if the water pressure is weak only in your shower. To clean your showerhead, unscrew it and soak it in vinegar overnight.

And then take out any remaining debris if there is any. Don’t forget to clean your showerhead’s filter (if it has one) by removing it first.

What if it isn’t possible to unscrew your showerhead? Don’t worry; just get a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar.

Put your showerhead inside the bag with vinegar by using a rubber band to attach it to the showerhead.

Adjust restrictive valves in your showerhead

Your low water pressure problem might be due to the type of showerhead you have. Your showerhead may have a flow restrictor in it for the purpose of saving water.

However, this feature could be a source of inconvenience for you. To fix this, you can try to locate the restrictive valves and adjust them accordingly.

If you can’t find the water restrictor, you can opt to contact a plumber. You can also consider replacing your showerhead.

Use a shower pump

Use a shower pump

Installing a shower pump to your home water system is another remedy you can try to increase your shower’s water pressure.

The pump will operate once you turn on the water in the shower. It serves to increase the water’s pressure before it reaches the shower by using an impeller.

It is recommended that you contact a plumber to help you with fitting the shower pump into your home water system unless you are already adept with plumbing.

Shower at a different time of the day

Been noticing that there are certain times of the day when your shower’s water pressure is considerably lower?

Perhaps this is because more people, like your neighbours, are using water at the same time during those peak hours.

Hence, the simple solution to this is to shower at a different time of the day, especially if you’re not ready to spend money to purchase a new showerhead or shower pump.

Call a plumber

Call a plumber

Solving water problems is one of the main jobs of plumbers. If you have already cleaned your showerhead, maybe even replaced it, and there has been no change, why not consider calling in the pros?

This is especially true for people who simply don’t have the time to check things out, experiment, and so on.

Moreover, weak water pressure in the shower could be a sign of a more serious problem such as a leak in your pipes. If you’ve got a leak somewhere, you’ll notice that your other taps and faucets also have low water pressure.

Your house may also be suffering from a clogged water system.

If you don’t know any good plumbers, here are our recommendations for these counties: Galway, Cork, Dublin, and Limerick.

We hope this article becomes the solution to your shower’s low water pressure problems!

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