Which is better, Limerick or Galway

Which is better, Limerick or Galway?

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Whether it’s deciding between pizza or burgers, blue or green, or in this case, Galway or Limerick, the question of “which is better?” can feel like an impossible puzzle to solve. 

But here’s the thing, it all boils down to personal preference and what you’re looking for in a city when choosing between Limerick or Galway, as each has its own unique charm and character. 

Galway is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, colorful architecture, and coastal landscapes, while Limerick has a rich history, diverse architecture, and a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. 

To help you decide which among the two places is ideal for your lifestyle, buckle up because it’s time for the elaboration down below. Just keep on scrolling!

Cost of Living in Limerick vs. Galway

Cost of Living in Limerick vs. Galway
Photo courtesy of Miguel Mendez, Wikimedia Commons

Both cities have a similar cost of living, but Galway is slightly more expensive.

Consumer prices in Galway are 4.9% higher than in Limerick, according to Numbeo.

Galway is more expensive like a fancy cocktail, while Limerick is more affordable, like a pint of Guinness. So, if you’re on a tight budget, Limerick might be the better choice!

The cost of living in Galway and Limerick can vary based on housing, transportation, food, entertainment, and of course, your lifestyle. Here’s a breakdown:

ExpensesGalway Average CostLimerick Average Cost
Housing (Average Rent per Month)
1-bedroom apartment (downtown)€1,400€1,300
1-bedroom apartment (outside the city center)€1,091.67€1,057
3-bedroom apartment (downtown)€1,700€1,600
3-bedroom apartment (outside the city center)€1,600€1,500
Utilities (Average Monthly Bill)
Utility bill for one person€188.35/month€168.61/month
Utility bill for a family€288.35/month€268.61/month
Internet plan€81.00€40.00
Transportation (Fare)
1-way ticket (local transport ticket)€2.00€1.00
Monthly pass (local transport ticket)€60€55
Taxi start (normal tariff)€1.14€1.14
Gasoline (1 liter)€1.85€1.84
Childcare (Tuition Fee)
Private Preschool/Kindergarten (full day)€855€850
International Primary School€5,000€4,000

According to Numbeo, a database of all netizen responses, consumer prices without rent in Galway are 3.7% higher than in Limerick and 4.7% higher when with rent.

Rent prices in Galway are also 6.9% higher than in Limerick, same with grocery prices with Galway up 6.6%.

For one-bedroom apartments, you can expect to pay at least €1,057 Limerick and €1,091.67 in Galway. 

Good thing is, restaurant prices are lower by 6.2% in Galway than Limerick’s.

For a single inexpensive meal, you need around €13.00 in Galway and at least €15.00 in Limerick. 

Whereas for basic utilities, the estimate for those in Galway is €188.35 and €168.61 in Limerick.

Real Estate Prices in Limerick vs. Galway 

Real Estate Prices in Limerick vs. Galway
Photo Courtesy: Western City Point Apartment/Booking.vom

On average, real estate prices in Galway are higher than in Limerick. According to Numbeo, as of May 2023, the cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center of Galway is around 14.4% higher than in Limerick.

A 3-bedroom apartment in the city center of Galway is around 28.5% higher than in Limerick. Outside of the city center, a 1-bedroom apartment in Galway is around 12.7% higher than in Limerick.

Meanwhile, a 3-bedroom apartment in Galway is around 20.6% higher than in Limerick.

There’s not much difference, though, but a square meter to buy an apartment could cost you €1,857 in Limerick and €3,300 in Galway.

Property TypeGalwayLimerick
Single-Family Home€3,800€2,700
Condo Apartment€3,500€2,500

Diversity and Demographics in Limerick vs. Galway 

Diversity and Demographics in Limerick vs. Galway
Photo courtesy of Sulmac, Wikimedia Commons 

Galway’s population is approximately 40% larger than Limerick’s population.

Galway and Limerick are both cities located on the western coast of Ireland.

Galway is situated in the province of Connacht and is the sixth largest city in the country. It’s positioned at the mouth of the River Corrib.

Limerick, on the other hand, is located in the province of Munster and is the third largest city in Ireland. The city is situated on the River Shannon.

Population Growth0.81%0.42%
Area size54.2 km259.2 km2

As of April 2023, the World Population Review estimates the population of Galway at 84,572, while Limerick has 60,061.

As for the population growth, Galway has a faster rate at 0.81% annually than Limerick’s 0.42%.

When it comes to size, Limerick’s surface area is 59.2 km2, while Galway occupies 54.2  km2.

Career Opportunities in Limerick vs. Galway

Career Opportunities in Limerick vs. Galway
Photo courtesy of William Murphy/Flickr

Both Galway and Limerick are good places for jobseekers, both offering jobs in engineering, technology, sciences, finance, among others.

Both Galway and Limerick are important economic centers in Ireland, and both cities offer a range of employment opportunities across various industries. Here’s their employment status to date:

Employed Population (as of 2016)44,62444,624

As of 2016, Limerick City and its suburbs surpassed Galway for having the third largest daytime working population at 44,624 individuals. Galway placed fourth with 44,624 workers, according to the Irish Central Statistics Office.

“A total of 28,545 workers lived within Limerick city and suburbs, of which 6,637 (23%) left to work elsewhere, a further 22,716 commuted into the city and suburbs, which brought the total daytime working population to 44,624,” the CSO noted.

Meanwhile, Galway’s working population consists of 22,271 residents who worked there and 22,105 commuters who journeyed into Galway. However, 5,571 (20%) are workers outside the city.

Both cities have strengths in areas such as technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. 

Limerick and Galway both have opportunities available in the fields of technology, medical, engineering, and business. Galway, in particular, has a very vibrant arts industry.

Overall, both Galway and Limerick offer a range of job opportunities across various sectors. When it comes to which is better, the answer will always depend on your field, experience, expectations, and personal choices.

Crime Index in Limerick vs. Galway 

Crime Index in Limerick vs. Galway
Photo courtesy of William Murphy/Flickr

Both Galway and Limerick are safe cities, but Galway is way much safer. 

The crime index in Galway is 25.35% lower than in Limerick, while the safety index in Galway is 17.51% higher than in Limerick.

There’s no crimeless place in the world. The good thing is, both Galway and Limerick are safe areas without high crime rates.

Crime Index29.8540.26
Safety Index70.1559.74
Safety of Walking Alone at NightHighly safeModerately safe

According to Travel Safe – Abroad, Galway is the second safest city in Ireland.  Sadly, Limerick didn’t make it to the top 10 list.

“Galway is a bustling city with a healthy percentage of college students, which has been contributing to drug crimes. Those are the types of activities that come up most in the area. Property and violent crime are almost nonexistent here,” it noted.

According to Numbeo, Galway has a crime index of 29.85 while Limerick has 40.26. In terms of safety, Galway has a 70.15 score while Limerick has 59.74.

The level of crime is categorized as low in Galway and moderate in Limerick. They are both at moderate levels for “worries home broken and things stolen.”

For over 90 contributors, safety walking alone during daylight is safe for both cities, with very high safety perception in Galway and high in Limerick. They vary, however, for night time, as Galway received high and Limerick got moderate safety perception. 

Though both places are safe, it’s better to always observe caution and keep your belongings monitored. Also avoid walking alone or dealing with strangers or dubious individuals.

Lifestyle in Limerick vs. Galway

Limerick is known for its rich history and culture, while Galway is known for its artistic vibe and coastal charm. Both cities offer a good quality of life with access to excellent healthcare, education, and transportation. 

They both have cold weather.

We compare both cities in detail based on several factors like weather, recreational activities, healthcare, and transportation to examine the type of lifestyle they offer.

Weather in Limerick vs. Galway

Weather in Limerick vs. Galway
Photo courtesy of lodchjo/Pixabay

Limerick is colder than Galway by a very small margin of .1°C. 

It’s both cold in Limerick and Galway, with their temperatures not going beyond 20°C.

Being an island in the north Atlantic ocean, Ireland generally has an oceanic climate or it doesn’t experience extreme temperatures. This means it’s cold in Ireland throughout the year, even in Galway and Limerick.

Average Temperature10.1°C.10.0°C.
Summer SeasonJune to SeptemberLate June to September
Average Highest Temperature15.3°C15.4 °C
Average Lowest Temperature5.8 °C.5.5 °C

According to Climate Data, The climate in Galway is warm and temperate with lots of rain with average temperature of 10.1°C. Summer here takes place from June to September.

July has the highest average temperature at around 15.3°C and the lowest is recorded in January at around 5.8 °C. Moreover, the month with the highest relative humidity is November estimated at 85.92 %.

Similar to Galway, Limerick’s temperature is considered mild, and generally warm and temperate with significant rainfall. It also has the same summer season as Galway.

In terms of average temperature, it’s colder than Galway at 10.0°C or at a very little difference, but its hottest temperature in July at 15.4 °C is higher than Galway. During its coldest months, Limerick’s temperature is a bit lower than Galway at 5.5 °C.

Overall, both areas have cold weather without extreme heat during the summer season and bad hurricanes. It’s not a hard choice to make which of the two has better climate, as they are generally alike.

Transportation in Limerick vs. Galway (added this from the old version)

Transportation in Limerick vs. Galway
Photo courtesy of Graham Horn/WIkimedia Commons

Galway has a more extensive bus network with better frequency and coverage compared to Limerick. However, Limerick has a wider train network with connections to other major cities in Ireland. 

Getting around Galway and Limerick is a breeze, thanks to their dependable transportation systems. From buses to taxis, both cities have got you covered. 

However, there are a few differences between the two that are worth noting.

Mode of TransportationCost/Trip in GalwayCost/Trip in Limerick

You’re lucky when you’re moving to Galway and Limerick when it comes to transportation, because both cities have a reliable bus system operated by Bus Éireann.

In Galway, there are also local buses operated by City Direct and GoBus. In Limerick, there are local buses operated by Limerick City Bus and JJ Kavanagh & Sons. T

The cost of a one-way ticket in Galway is €2.40, while in Limerick it’s €2.00. In both cities, you can buy a prepaid Leap Card for hassle-free trips.

Like in Dublin and Cork, taxis are also readily available in Galway and Limerick.

In Galway, a standard taxi fare is around €8 for a 3km trip, while in Limerick it is around €7 for the same distance. It doesn’t go beyond €4.50 for a single kilometer trip.

Moreover, both cities can be accessed through a rail system, with both areas having lines that connect them with Dublin, Cork, and other Irish cities. The average ticket per trip is €6.50 for both areas.

For those amenable to active transportation, both cities have bike rental programs. 

In Galway, there’s a program called Coca-Cola Zero Bikes, while there’s Bike Share in Limerick. The cost to rent a bike for 24 hours is €6 in Galway and €3 in Limerick.

If you want, you can buy your own bike so you can save from the daily rental fees.

Things to Do in Limerick vs. Galway

Things to Do in Limerick vs. Galway
Photo courtesy of Up in the Éire

Galway has vibrant streets while Limerick has more historical spots.

Galway and Limerick both offer unique experiences and activities for visitors and locals alike. Also, Limerick is more traditional. 

In Galway, you can enjoy a stroll down the colorful and vibrant streets of the Latin Quarter, take in the sights and sounds of musicians and street performers, and explore historic landmarks such as the Galway City Museum and the Spanish Arch. 

Galway is known for its strong tradition of Irish music and arts, with numerous festivals and events throughout the year celebrating these cultural forms. 

The city is also home to a large student population, which gives it a lively and youthful atmosphere and a friendly and welcoming nature.

There are pubs, bars, nightclubs, and even activities for kids that you can enjoy. 

For outdoor enthusiasts, Galway offers plenty of opportunities for hiking and cycling in scenic areas such as Connemara National Park and the Aran Islands.

Overall vibeYouthful and activeTraditional

On the other hand, Limerick boasts an impressive castle and cathedral, both of which offer stunning views of the city. 

You can also explore the historic streets of King John’s Castle and the 13th-century St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Limerick is also home to a number of museums, including the Limerick City Gallery of Art and the Hunt Museum, which houses an impressive collection of art and artifacts.

Galway and Limerick are both vibrant cities with unique cultural identities and communities. So, it’s no longer hard to decide which is better for you as you can actually live in both areas.

Healthcare in Limerick vs. Galway 

Healthcare in Limerick vs. Galway
Photo courtesy: Saolta

Galway has more major hospitals than Limerick, though both areas have accessible healthcare professionals and services.

Galway has 3 major hospitals, namely University Hospital Galway, Bon Secours Hospital Galway, and Merlin Park University Hospital. O

On the other hand, Limerick has 2 major hospitals, namely University Hospital Limerick and St. John’s Hospital.

Summary: Limerick vs. Galway

Ultimately, the better city to live in depends on your personal living standards and lifestyle. Here are our suggestions based on the factors discussed above.

FactorsThe Better CityWhy
Cost of LivingLimerickConsumer prices in Galway are 4.9% higher than in Limerick.
Real EstateLimerick1-bedroom apartment in the city center of Galway is around 14.4% higher than in Limerick.
Diversity and DemographicsLimerickLess densely populated by 40%.
Career OpportunitiesCorkThe population, economy, and employment rate is higher.
Crime IndexCorkCork has a higher safety index and lower crime rate than Limerick.
LifestyleBothGalway has vibrant streets while Limerick has more historical spots.

Limerick is quieter, while Galway is more festive.

Both are cold areas.

Like what we’ve mentioned earlier, there’s no one answer when choosing which is better between Galway and Limerick. Moving to a new place can be tough, so it’s important to make the right choice from the get-go. 

Trust your gut (and your heart, and your head) and choose the city that feels like the best fit for you. After all, you don’t want to end up with a sour taste in your mouth and have to start from scratch again!