Proven Steps to Improve Your Business’s Visibility

Proven Steps to Improve Your Business’s Visibility

Whether you’re opening a new business or in the process of restructuring one, one of the most important steps is to actually take that leap and start announcing its presence to consumers.

This is the way to make your own business a local staple in your community and beyond. Here are a few tips for achieving true visibility for your business.

Claim your profiles

Being visible starts with getting your website set up and going online. If you need help designing your website for your needs, here are some great web designers who can help you out. 

They’re even categorized by location, so you can find one in your area. 

And if you don’t have the budget to hire a web designer and decide to make the website yourself, website builders are your friends. They make it easier for you to have your website up and running. 

Aside from your website, you should also make the effort to claim your online profiles (like social media and Google) to offline profiles (as in the Yellow Pages).

This also includes filling in your phone numbers, physical address, opening hours, and email addresses. You could set a reminder if you have to change addresses or phone providers to do so.

Another way to claim your profiles is to use Google My Business. Through this, you can post your business information and allow your customers to leave a review.

Reach out to local influencers

Look for influencers around your area. If you ask them to promote you, take note that this usually comes with a hefty talent fee. 

They can promote your store by making a video trying out your products, visiting your location to film a video, or making a paid post on social media.

You can also look for a third-party service that can connect you with influencers. However, take note that this will typically involve you shipping out more products to them.   

Make sure that your influencer doesn’t just have a lot of followers on social media but actually has an audience made up of your target customers. 

Say, you’re a fitness brand. In that case, it might be best to get personal trainers who know their stuff and have a following online to be your influencers. 

That way, they’re credible and already have a niche audience where your products and services will be well received.

Use the power of SEO

Most business owners still tend to think of traditional advertising first when talking about boosting visibility, but nowadays, SEO deserves notice as well.

 SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” which is about improving your online websites  to appear higher in search results.

Your goal in improving your SEO is to appear on the first page of a search result that relates to your business. 

For example, if you provide cleaning services in Ireland, you should be seen when they look for “cleaning service” or “ireland cleaning service.”

You can ask for the help of a local SEO service to assist you with this manner. There are great ones in Galway, Cork, and Dublin

Include a company blog

One of the many ways to improve your SEO while increasing your business’ visibility is through a blog.

Once you’ve found a host for your blog and set it all up, you should write more than just news articles about your company’s events. You should also make articles related to your product or service.

For example, if you provide motorcycle insurance, you can discuss motorcycles and things like motorcycle safety in your blog. You can write about motorcycle maintenance to appeal to and build authority with your target audience.

Communicate through social media

Another way to establish rapport and get your business out there is to join local interest groups.

As an example, you can get into renovating groups if you own an interior decorating service. The tip here is to give advice but refrain from promoting your company as much as possible.

This type of interaction should be 80% expertise and 20% promotion. Once you get established as a good resource in that interest group, you’ll gain trust and a good reputation. 

Then, it will be easier to promote your company.