What Makes Monkstown a Nice Place to Live

Beyond the Ordinary: The Allure of Living in Monkstown

Did you know that Monkstown’s story kicks off with a church built way back before the 8th century? Yep, they dedicated it to Saint Mochonna. 

Fast forward to today, with a population of 3,422 as of 2022, Monkstown is this cool blend of ancient vibes and modern living. It’s got this whole historic charm thing going on!

So, read on to see what living in Monkstown is all about!

Is Monkstown a nice place to live?

Monkstown is a pretty nice spot to live, offering a laid-back atmosphere. It has a coastal vibe, some cool history, and there’s always stuff going on like sports, music, cultural things, good places to eat, and some local shops.

What are the advantages of living in Monkstown?

Environment and Community

Monkstown strikes a perfect balance between the urban and suburban lifestyle.  You’ve got these buildings that blend historical charm from the Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian eras with a modern vibe, which is pretty neat. 

It has streets that are lined with trees, and there are well-kept parks that just add to the chill vibe. It’s like a peaceful getaway from all the craziness of the city.

What’s really awesome is the community effort in the Monkstown Tidy District initiative, where volunteers come together to keep the area clean, green, and attractive. It’s a collective commitment that makes the neighborhood special.


Monkstown wears its cultural heart on its sleeve. It’s got this amazing thing going on with the headquarters of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, making it a real hotspot for Irish culture, especially traditional music. 

Now, let’s talk tunes. There’s this annual festival called Music in Monkstown that’s all about classical music. The festival’s got everything from concerts and masterclasses to workshops and talks. 

Oh, and speaking of gems, there used to be this charming family-run spot, the Lambert Puppet Theatre. Sadly, it had to close its curtains after a fire.

But guess what? Monkstown still has its moment in the pop culture spotlight. So, even though the puppet theatre is no more, Monkstown’s cultural heart is still beating strong.

Apart from music and arts, nature enthusiasts can totally geek out at BirdWatch Ireland, showing how much the community cares about preserving the local wildlife.


In Monkstown, there are lots of different places to learn stuff. They’ve got schools for all ages, like CBC Monkstown Park, Holy Family National School, Monkstown Park Junior School, and Educate Together – it’s like a hub for really good education.

The cool thing about Monkstown’s schools is that they care about different cultures and people being friends. So, students get to meet and hang out with all kinds of different folks, which is pretty neat.

But it’s not just about regular school stuff. In Monkstown, they also want kids to be creative and think of new ideas.

Their education system wants students to do things they love and are good at, so they can grow and make their lives more interesting. It’s like adding some extra fun to learning.


Image by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Monkstown’s got a pretty solid healthcare setup that covers a bunch of different needs for the folks around here.

The local health office in Monkstown takes care of things like public health nursing, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, dental care, mental health services, addiction help, and community welfare.

And hey, there are a couple of medical clinics in the area too, like Generation Health and Beechlawn Medical Centre. They handle general practice, vaccinations, managing chronic diseases, women’s and men’s health, and travel medicine

Plus, the medical crew at these places really know their stuff and are all about giving top-notch care with a friendly vibe.


Monkstown’s got it all for sports and fun. Whether you’re up for a chill stroll, a solid workout, or some excitement, this place has your back.

Sailing is a big deal here, with Monkstown Rugby Club and Monkstown Tennis Club in the mix. Water lovers can hit up dlr Leisure Monkstown for pool vibes or the Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School for sailing adventures. 

Tennis lovers can enjoy the oldest tennis club in Ireland, Monkstown Tennis Club, which has six courts with excellent astro turf.

Rugby buffs, Monkstown FC’s been rocking it for 130 years. They’ve got teams for all ages, from seniors to minis, plus some cool partnerships.

We can’t forget hockey in Monkstown – they’re a big player too! Monkstown Hockey Club, born in 1894, is one of Ireland’s oldest and largest hockey clubs. They’re all about inclusivity, a solid volunteer vibe, and a serious passion for hockey.

Basically, Monkstown’s your go-to for all things sports and good times in Dublin. No matter your vibe or fitness level, there’s something here for everyone.


If you’re ever in Monkstown and in the mood for some shopping, it’s a pretty sweet spot! Whether you’re after fresh produce, a good bottle of wine, or some new clothes, this place has you covered.

So, for the foodies out there, Avoca Monkstown has this awesome food market. They’ve got fresh fruits and veggies, heavenly baked goods, and all kinds of artisanal treats. It’s like a foodie’s dream.

Now, when it comes to fashion, you’ve got options like No 2moro, and Seagreen for some stylish yet wallet-friendly finds. And if you’re into unique jewelry, The Design Gallery is your spot, showcasing cool stuff from up-and-coming Irish artists.

Sprucing up your living space? Inside Up Design and Texture handle everything from project management to chic interior items, while The Blue Door offers unique gifts for an extra touch.

And of course, for the seafood enthusiasts, George’s Fish Shop is the go-to spot, offering the freshest catch and a variety of frozen seafood. Lastly, if you’re into wines, Searson’s is an independent wine shop with some seriously fine selections. 

Dining Options

Monkstown is a fantastic spot for a diverse culinary experience, catering to all tastes. If you’re in the mood for refined dining or a laid-back bistro, Monkstown offers a variety of dining options like Bresson, Osteria 99, Lobstar, and 8A Brasserie.

Picture this: Bresson, this classy joint doing French classics but with a modern twist. They’ve got duck confit, steak frites – all in this super chill and comfy vibe.

Now, Osteria 99, it’s a family-run spot with the best handmade Italian pasta. You can mix and match sauces like carbonara, bolognese, and pesto, and they’ve got a killer wine list to go with it.

And hey, if you’re feeling a bit wild, check out Lobstar. They’re all about blending lobster and steak into dishes like lobster thermidor or surf and turf, and the atmosphere is just funky and friendly.

8A Brasserie is more of a snug spot, serving up European and international dishes with a focus on seafood and meat. Scallops with black pudding? Yes, please!

Whether you’re up for a fancy dinner or just chilling with friends or family, Monkstown has you sorted in the best way. It’s like a food adventure waiting to happen in Dublin!

What are the disadvantages of living in Monkstown?

Expensive Accommodation

Expensive Accommodation
Image by Valerie on Unsplash

Living in Monkstown comes with a price, and we’re not just talking about the occasional splurge. The cost of renting or buying a place here is no joke, and it might take some serious hunting to find a spot that won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re eyeing that perfect seafront view or looking for something spacious near the village center, affordability can be a bit of a challenge.

Lack of Nightlife

Lack of Nightlife
Image by Emiliano Cicero on Unsplash

Now, if you’re the type who likes to keep the party going until the early hours, Monkstown might not be your nocturnal paradise. The social scene during the day is buzzing, but when the sun sets, things tend to quiet down.

Pubs and bars wrap things up around midnight, and if you’re in the mood for a night out, you’ll likely need to venture beyond Monkstown.

The lack of clubs or late-night venues in the area means a trek to the city center or nearby towns like Blackrock or Dun Laoghaire. Just a word of caution: public transport after 11:30 pm is a bit sparse, so keep those taxi numbers handy.

Weather Issues

Weather Issues
Image by Alvin Leopold on Unsplash

Ah, the weather – a classic Irish conversation starter. Living in Monkstown means getting cozy with Dublin’s renowned damp climate.

Rain is a regular visitor, and sunny days are a bit like finding a four-leaf clover. The temperature doesn’t swing too wildly, staying in the mild zone most of the time.

Summer rarely sees the thermometer go above 20°C, while winter seldom dips below 0°C. If you’re a fan of outdoor activities, be ready to embrace the occasional drizzle and mild temperatures.

Distance from Other Attractions

Distance from Other Attractions
Image by Duy Thanh Nguyen on Unsplash

Monkstown, with all its charm, isn’t exactly at the crossroads of Ireland’s bustling attractions. If you’ve got a travel itch and want to explore places like Cork, Galway, or Belfast, buckle up for a bit of a journey.

Whether you’re hitting the road or hopping on a train, you’re looking at a significant travel time. And if you’re catching a flight, Dublin Airport, the nearest one, is about 25 km away.

So, while Monkstown has its own unique appeal, be ready for the occasional longer trek to reach other Irish gems or catch that departing flight.

How can you get around Monkstown?

How can you get around Monkstown
Image by Dario Morandotti on Unsplash

If you’re thinking about checking out Monkstown, there are a few ways you can make your way there and explore the area. Once you’re in Monkstown, walking through the village and soaking in its charm is a must.

Here’s a rundown on how to get to Monkstown.

By Car

If you’re into driving, just hit up the N11 or R118 roads from the city center, and parking won’t be an issue – there’s plenty of paid spots around. You could also go for a car-sharing deal with GoCar or Bleeper for a chill hourly rental.

By Bike

For a more scenic vibe, biking along the coast from Dublin or nearby towns is pretty sweet. There are cool bike lanes and paths with killer sea and mountain views.

Bleeper or Dublin Bikes can hook you up with a rental, and you can drop it off at any station in the area.

By Bus

Public transport is an option too. Various bus routes (like 4, 7, 7a, 8, 46a, 63, 75, and 111) will get you to Monkstown. Dublin Bus has all the deets on timetables and fares. 

By Train

If you’re on the coast, the DART train service is super handy, running every 10 to 20 minutes. The station, Salthill and Monkstown, is just a short walk from the village center.

Irish Rail’s website or app has the lowdown on timetables and fares.

What are the attractions around Monkstown?

Monkstown Castle

Address: 2 Castle Park, Monkstown Castlefarm, Dublin

Monkstown Castle is a medieval ruin dating back to the 13th century. It’s got a bit of a dramatic past – owned by monks, used as a farm, burned down by Cromwell’s crew in 1642.

Now, you can wander around and soak in the history. There’s a park for picnics, and nearby, you’ve got the Gothic Revival Monkstown Parish Church designed by John Semple in 1825.

Monkstown Parish Church

Address: St Patrick’s, Carrickbrennan Road, Monkstown

Monkstown Parish Church is a neo-Gothic beauty from the 19th century. Granite, limestone, a 150-foot spire – it’s got the works.

Inside, there are stained glass windows, a pipe organ, and a rare collection of medieval crosses dating back to the 12th century. Feel free to pop in and soak up the tranquility.

Seapoint Beach

Seapoint Beach is practically right around the corner from Monkstown. It’s got the prestigious Blue Flag status, which means top-notch water quality and facilities.

They’ve also got showers, clean toilets, vigilant lifeguards keeping an eye out, and a convenient car park. It’s like they’ve thought of everything to make your beach day a breeze.

Now, here’s a quirky bit of history – there’s a Martello tower right there on the beach. Yeah, the same kind they built back in the 19th century to keep Napoleon at bay.

Dillon Garden

Dillon Garden is a private garden in Monkstown owned by Helen Dillon, who’s like a gardening wizard. You can stroll around from April to September, taking in the colorful borders, water features, and a rock garden.

There are even some friendly dogs and cats hanging out, ready to say hello. It’s €5 to get in, and you can snag some plants and books while you’re there.

What are some notable neighborhoods in Monkstown?

Apart from Monkstown Village, you’ve got some really nice neighborhoods around where you can easily find a good place to live. They’ve got different vibes and amenities, so you’ve got a bunch of options to explore for your ideal spot.


Blackrock is a popular residential area in south Dublin, just a skip north from Monkstown. It’s got this awesome vibe with public transport making it a breeze to get around – think frequent buses and trains in and out of the city.

What’s neat about Blackrock is the variety of amenities it offers. You’ve got your go-to shops, cozy cafes, tasty restaurants, friendly pubs, lush parks, and even a beach vibe.

But it’s not just about the chill spots – there’s some serious educational mojo too, with prestigious schools like Blackrock College and the UCD Smurfit School of Business calling it home.

Living in Blackrock is like getting the best of both worlds – that urban-coastal mix. And the bonus? You’re not far from Monkstown and other cool neighbouring areas. 

Dún Laoghaire

Dún Laoghaire is technically not part of Monkstown, but it’s like that friendly neighbor you can’t help but mention. It’s a cool coastal town with a ton of history and loads of stuff to do. 

They’ve got great public transport, like the DART line and a bunch of bus routes. And when you’re there, you can do all sorts of things like visiting the National Maritime Museum of Ireland, and the Farmers’ Market at The People’s Park.

And if you’re in the market for a place, Dún Laoghaire offers a range of properties for sale – from apartments to detached houses. You’ll likely find something that suits your taste and budget. 


Sallynoggin is a fantastic option if you’re on the lookout for a place to settle down in Monkstown or the nearby areas. It’s this charming Dublin suburb that sits snugly next to Glenageary and Dun Laoghaire. 

The housing landscape here is mainly made up of former local authority homes, a product of construction between the late 1940s and the mid-1950s. But don’t let that fool you – Sallynoggin is anything but outdated.

You’ll find a mix of modern conveniences sprinkled throughout, from shopping spots and hardware stores to cozy cafes, gyms, and beauty salons. What’s more, getting around is a breeze with reliable public transport options like buses and DART services running all day.