Ways to Live Cheap in Dublin

Ways to Live Cheap in Dublin

Dublin is one of the top places to do a do-over, especially for those looking for greener pastures in life (literally) However, without proper planning, you might find yourself financially struggling in no time.

Ideally, to live comfortably in Dublin, you’ll have to earn at least €5000 a month. In this guide, we’ll help you get the basics of Dublin at affordable and reasonable prices!


A huge thing to be careful of when living in Dublin is housing scams. To put it quite simply, researching housing in the city will often lead to warnings of rental fraud in the Irish housing industry. *

A quick tip: Even on reputable rental lodging networks, be wary of offers that seem too good to be true and if the rent looks cheap. And for added measure, meet the potential landlord in the rental property!

For starters, to find an apartment, our go-to sites are daft.ie and rent.ie since they make it easier for you to check out accommodations that fit your budget. 

Make sure to subscribe for automatic email alerts whenever new listings hit the market so you’re the first to know when something comes on that you like – these places go quick! 


Daily transportation can be one of the bigger costs to go into your budget planning when staying in Dublin.

Worry not because the streets of Dublin are fairly biker-friendly, so we definitely recommend getting a good bike when you’re there! 

The public transportation isn’t that bad either, but it can get packed sometimes with fellow workers and other tourists.

Walking is usually a good alternative that can save you time while also offering a free alternative to typical transportation like public transit, subways, or taxis. The light rail system is only available in one specific district, but it is efficient and accessible.

We highly suggest getting a Leap Card on your way around the city and saving money. You can get one from newsagents and corner stores for about €5. 

The Leap Card makes every journey cheaper for travel throughout Dublin Bus and some Luas services.


Irish food is decently priced, to say the least, especially with the portion sizing they arrive in. Groceries are also fairly affordable as well.

If you’re insistent on eating outside, you can definitely check out Dublin’s various breakfast joints, vegan restaurants, cafes, and much more!

Do check out Marks & Spencers’ deals every 4 PM because they usually will have big discounts on gourmet food products around that time.

There are also a lot of local markets for you to check out for quality yet inexpensive foodstuff. 


One of the perks about living in Ireland is that there are a lot of websites that publish promotional codes to get you affordable prices. 

While living expenses are becoming more expensive, there are websites that can help you find deals nearby. Here are some of the websites you should check out for discount deals:

  • TheTaste.ie
  • Groupon
  • Money Guide Ireland 
  • Boards.ie
  • VoucherCloud.ie