Ultimate Travel Guide to Greystone

Is Greystones Worth the Trip? Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Did you know that Greystones, nestled south of the ancient Rathdown Castle, has a rich history dating back to the 18th century? 

Once a bustling fishing spot, Greystones found its groove with the arrival of the railway in 1855, adding another layer to its rich history. Fast forward to today, and you’ve got a town boasting fascinating landscapes just waiting to be uncovered.

Interested? Let our travel guide lead you through the hidden charms of Greystones

Is Greystones, Ireland worth visiting?

Greystones in Ireland is definitely worth visiting – the coastal views are stunning, the town’s charming, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy around. It’s a really nice place to explore.

What is Greystones most known for?

Greystones is most famous for clinching the title of the world’s “most liveable community” at the LivCom Awards in China, not once but twice—in 2008 and 2021.

Nestled along Ireland’s east coast in County Wicklow, this charming town earns its acclaim with a coastal setting that’s as picturesque as it gets.

Think a stretch of grey stones between two beaches, giving the place its name, with the Irish Sea to the east, Bray Head up north, and the Wicklow Mountains to the west.

It’s not just a pretty face though; Greystones boasts the South Beach, a laid-back one-kilometer sandy stretch that’s got Blue Flag status and draws a crowd, especially during the summer. 

How to Get There

So, you’re eyeing Greystones for a little escape? Getting there is a breeze, and we’ve got the lowdown on all the ways to roll into this chill spot by the sea.

By Bus

By Bus
Photo by Michal Pokorný on Unsplash

Greystones has this nifty bus service connecting it to Dublin city and nearby hangouts. Three Dublin Bus routes do the job:

  • 84/a Blackrock to Newcastle (via Greystones) & Newcastle to Blackrock (via Greystones)
  • 84n D’olier St. Dublin towards Greystones – Weekend late-night bus
  • 84x Hawkins Street, Dublin to Newcastle/Kilcoole (via Greystones)

Also, there’s the Aircoach, the big shot in private bus services, linking Greystones to Dublin Airport on Route 702.

Fares on Aircoach? You can buy them from the driver, Dublin Airport’s customer service, Belfast’s Travel Shop, or be savvy and book online for the best deals.

By Car

If you’re into the whole open-road vibe, cruising your way to Greystones is like stepping into a scenic postcard. Wicklow’s stunning views rolling out as you follow the N11, guiding you through the Glen of the Downs straight to Greystones.

Super easy to get to, just hop on the R774 at Junction 11 on the N11. Greystones is hooked up to major motorways like the M11/M50, making it a breeze to explore different nooks of Ireland.

Quick heads up though: get rid of the Delgany Road at Junction 10 – it won’t lead you to Greystones.

By Train

All aboard! Greystones has a cool railway station, also known as Stáisiún na gCloch Liath. It’s the last stop on the DART electrified rail network from Dublin, so you can’t miss it.

At the station, you’ve got two platforms to choose from:

  • Platform 1 is on the west side, where you’ll find the main building.
  • Platform 2 on the east side is a quick walk across the footbridge. It’s not busy all the time, mainly when DART and InterCity services meet. 

Check out the Irish Rail deets and schedules for DART and InterCity trains. Whether you’re into scenic DART rides or up for an InterCity escapade, Greystones railway station is your go-to.

By Taxi

Feeling fancy? There’s a taxi rank right across from the Train Station on Church Road.

The National Transport Authority keeps tabs on these taxis, making sure everything’s legit. Estimate your fare with their handy tool, but keep in mind, traffic might throw a curveball.

Best Time to Go

If you’re planning a trip to Greystones and you’re into warmer weather, the best time to visit is from late June to early September. That’s when the temperatures are on the friendlier side, with averages above 62°F.

July takes the cake as the hottest month, hitting around 65°F. Summers here are cool but not chilly, perfect for outdoor adventures.

On the flip side, the cooler season spans from November 21 to March 31, with temperatures dipping below 51°F. February gets a bit nippy with an average low of 39°F.

So, for a more pleasant Greystones experience, aim for a visit in the warm season – you won’t regret it!

What to See and Do in Greystones

Explore Greystones Walks for Scenic Beauty

Explore Greystones Walks for Scenic Beauty
Photo by Michal Pokorný on Unsplash

Greystone walks are a real treat if you’re into checking out nature’s charm in the area. You absolutely can’t miss taking a stroll through these fantastic trails, including Greystones Way, Bray Greystones Cliff Walk, and more.

Greystones Way is a cool 8 km journey that takes you through Edwardian Burnaby, Kindlestown Castle, and some sweet mountain views. Then there’s the Bray Greystones Cliff Walk – think coastal vibes with epic sea views.

Oh, and don’t skip the Delgany Walking Trail; it’s like a stroll through woodlands and the quaint Delgany village. And if you’re feeling a bit historical, the Mass Path is your ticket with countryside views and an old walled garden. 

Catch Live Entertainment at the Hot Spot Music Club

Website: https://www.thehotspot.ie/

Address: The Beach House, Victoria Rd, Rathdown Lower, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Phone: 087 291 7519

Email: [email protected]

Hot Spot Music Club is the spot to be in Greystones if you’re into live arts and music gigs. Nestled above the beach house at Greystones harbour marina, it’s not your usual pub rock scene.

This place mixes it up with a variety of acts covering different genres, from legends to local talents, making it a place for everyone’s taste.

On weekends, it transforms into a laid-back cafe where you can kick back and join their free Sunday jam sessions. With its speakeasy feel and a lively house session atmosphere, Hot Spot Music Club is the go-to spot for a good time in Greystones.

Attend a Performance at the Whale Theatre

Website: https://whaletheatre.ie/ 

Address: Theatre Lane, Adjacent Meridian Point, Greystones, Co Wicklow

Phone: +353 (1) 2010550

Email: askwhaletheatre.ie

Whale Theatre is your entertainment venue in Greystones for a bit of everything – from events to movie nights. Nestled right in the heart of the town, it’s got two stages, a fully loaded kitchen, and a legit bar. 

The sound system is top-notch, giving events that extra oomph. Plus, it’s home to two theater groups and hosts flicks with the Greystones Film Club. 

They can squeeze in 130 folks, and the seating and stages are always changing things up. Ticket prices at Whale Theatre vary, making it accessible to everyone. 

Stay Active and Relaxed at Shoreline Leisure Greystones

Website: https://www.shorelineleisure.ie/greystones 

Address: 69 Mill Rd, Killincarrig, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Phone: 01 2878180

Email: [email protected] 

Shoreline Leisure Greystones is all about finding that sweet spot between staying active and keeping things chill. It’s the spot for folks keen on looking after their physical and mental health.

Whether you’re into a splash in the 25 metre Pool, rocking the Aqua-Aerobics classes, or tailoring your fitness game with age-specific sessions, Shoreline Leisure has got your back.

It’s not about stressing over crazy fitness goals; it’s more of a community vibe, where everyone comes together for some genuine well-being for both the body and the mind.

Get Lost in a Good Book at Greystones Library

Address: Mill Rd, Killincarrig, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Greystones Library is a laid-back gem where you can sign up for free and make use of their space and resources. All you need is proof of your address if you’re 18 and over, or just bring an adult if you’re under 18. 

Inside, you’ve got your pick of books, newspapers, magazines, online resources, study nooks, meeting spaces, and even nifty printing and scanning facilities. If you’re into local history, they’ve got you covered, or you can simply unwind with a good book. 

You can borrow 12 items for three weeks and renew them up to three times online or by contacting the library.

Enjoy Nature in Greystones Linear Park

Enjoy Nature in Greystones Linear Park
Image from Greystones Guide

Greystones Linear Park, spanning sixteen acres, is a park that seamlessly links the harbor to the cliff walk. They put it together as part of a harbor upgrade thing and made sure there are safety barriers on the paths so folks don’t go cliff-climbing.

And hey, if you’ve got a furry friend, there’s even a spot just for them in the dog park.  It’s basically a nature and pet lover’s dream. 

But it’s not just about the paths – there’s this other route that takes you through some wildlife hangouts. Think meadows, greenery, and an open drain creating this perfect setup for all sorts of critters.

Take a Boat Ride from Greystones Harbour Marina

Greystones Harbour Marina, opened up back in 2013 and now with more spots than you can shake a stick at – 250 to be exact – is the go-to spot if you’re up for a chilled-out boat ride. 

Tucked away in the heart of Greystones, you’ve got panoramic views of the Irish Sea, the Wicklow Mountains, and Bray Head. 

The marina has it all like water and shore power, nice bathrooms, free Wifi, and soon, they say, some fuel spots. Besides being a solid marina, it’s also the base for all sorts of water activities like sailing. 

Relax on the Sandy Shores of Greystones Blue Flag Beach

Greystones Blue Flag Beach is a laid-back coastal haven with a double delight of the shingly North Beach at the harbor and the South Beach stretching about half a mile.

Right by the beach, you’ve got this awesome children’s playground that’s proudly rocking the International Blue Flag award – a real badge of honor!

Dog lovers, your pals are welcome, just keep them on a leash and make sure to tidy up. For those pit stops, there are two public toilets right there, and another cool kids’ playground is just a skip away in the park.

Where to Eat

The Happy Pear 

The Happy Pear
Image by The Happy Pear

Website: https://thehappypear.ie/ 

Address: Church Rd, Rathdown Lower, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Phone: +353 1 287 3655

Email: [email protected] 

The Happy Pear in Greystones is this great mix of a restaurant and a wholefood store. Up on the sunny side of town, they offer fresh fruits, veggies, and organic essentials.

The cool part? They serve up daily vegetarian specials, hot or cold, with options for different dietary preferences. You can dine in or enjoy your meal outside, and everything’s available for takeaway. 

Brew With a View

Website: https://thehappypear.ie/ 

Address: Unit 3 La Touche Pl, Rathdown Lower, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Brew With a View is this awesome spot in Greystones that started as a vintage ice cream van. They’ve got this thing for localism, sourcing crafts and ingredients right from the neighborhood and giving a big high-five to nearby businesses. 

The menu is a dream—delicious toasties, locally roasted coffee, homemade cakes, and the best ice cream from local suppliers. Freshness is their game, and you can feel the community vibe in every bite. 

The Hungry Monk

Website: https://www.thehungrymonk.ie/ 

Address: 1 Church Rd, Rathdown Lower, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Phone: +353 (0)1 2010710

Email: [email protected] 

The Hungry Monk in Greystones is a cozy family-run restaurant that’s been around since 1988. This restaurant stands out with a menu that changes with the seasons.

In the summer, you can enjoy fresh fish, and in the winter, they bring out the big guns with wild game like mallard, pheasant, and venison. They’ve also got a solid selection of vegetarian options to make sure everyone has a great dining experience.


Image by Bochelli’s

Website: https://www.bochellisrestaurant.com/ 

Address: Church Rd, Rathdown Lower, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Phone: +353 1 287 3625

Email: [email protected] 

Bochelli’s Italian Seafood Restaurant in Greystones is a standout dining spot, loved by its customers. The menu is a mix of classics and tempting specials, with the seafood medley being a real highlight. 

Their seafood dishes and pizzas have earned them a solid reputation, making it a versatile and family-friendly choice in Greystones.

Burrito Box

Website: https://burritobox.ie/ 

Address: Trafalgar Rd, Rathdown Lower, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Phone: 019010456

Email: [email protected]

Burrito Box is this neat spot in Greystones where you can score a seriously tasty Mexican meal. It’s this cozy joint tucked away in the old boatyard, right by the harbour.

The cool thing is you can customize your order or go for one of their special combos – think chicken, bacon, chorizo, cheese, and a kick from the habanero sauce. The servings are decent and prices won’t break the bank

The Burnaby Pub & Restaurant

The Burnaby Pub & Restaurant
Image from Greystones.ie

Website: https://www.theburnabypub.ie/ 

Address: R762, Rathdown Lower, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Phone: 01 287 4015

The Burnaby Pub & Restaurant in Greystones, Co. Wicklow has been a local fave since 1881 when it was known as The Railway Hotel. Family-owned and all that good stuff.

Now, the food—they’ve got your classic Irish goodies like fish and chips, beef burgers, and this killer Piri Piri Roast Chicken. And if you’re into open-air vibes, they’ve got a cool beer garden for that laid-back dining experience.

The Beach House

The Beach House
Image by The Beach House

Website: http://www.beachhousepub.ie/ 

Address: The Harbour, Rathdown Lower, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Phone: 01 287 4623

Email: [email protected] 

The Beach House, around since 1850, is more than just a pub—it’s a popular destination in Greystones. Whether you’re a local, a tourist, a fisherman, or a hiker, this place has seen it all.

Mondays are special at The Beach House because that’s when they bring out the A La Carte menu. Seriously, it’s a food lover’s dream with a variety of dishes to please everyone.

Where to Stay

Druids Glen Hotel & Golf Resort

Website: https://www.druidsglenresort.com/ 

Address: Kilmullin, Newtown Mount Kennedy, Co. Wicklow

Phone: +353 1 287 0877

Email: [email protected]

Druids Glen Hotel & Golf Resort is like a hidden gem nestled in 360 acres of beautiful countryside, right between the Wicklow Mountains and the Irish Sea. It’s a 5-star retreat that combines nature’s charm with luxurious comfort.

With 145 comfy guest rooms and suites, plus eight spots for conferences and events, the resort has something for everyone. 

You won’t be short on amenities from delicious dining options at Hugo’s Restaurant and the Garden Rooms and Bar to a laid-back vibe at the Sycamore Lounge and ultimate relaxation at the Spa and Health Club.

Parkview Hotel

Website: https://www.parkviewhotel.ie/ 

Address: Main St, Newtown Mt. Kennedy, Newtown Mount Kennedy, Co. Wicklow

Phone: +353 1 201 5600

Email: [email protected]

Parkview Hotel is your laid-back haven for a touch of luxury in Greystones. Imagine waking up to stunning views of mountains, valleys, lakes, and the coastline—it’s the real deal.

You can enjoy breakfast and lunch at Nanny Kelly’s Bar and dinner at Margo’s Restaurant, or explore the nearby golf courses, mountain trails, and historic sites.

The hotel is also ideal for weddings, with a spacious bar, a private terrace, and huge windows that can accommodate over 200 guests. And if you want to visit Glenroe Open Farm or the villages of Glendalough and Enniskerry, they’re within easy reach.

Glenview Hotel

Website: https://www.glenviewhotel.com/ 

Address: Glen of the Downs, Delgany, Glen of The Downs, Co. Wicklow

Phone: +353 1 274 00 00

Email: [email protected] 

Glenview Hotel is this laid-back four-star spot in Greystones, right by the scenic Glen of The Downs. It has 70 comfy deluxe bedrooms, each uniquely designed for maximum comfort.

When you’re not busy, you can take a stroll through our lush grounds, treat yourself at The Haven, or make a splash in the pool and catch a fitness class at the leisure club.

The Woodlands Restaurant is where it’s at for locally sourced grub with breathtaking views, and if you’re feeling laid-back, hit up The Conservatory Bar and Bistro for some chill drinks and easy bites. 


Image by YWCA Coolnagreina

Address: 5 Trafalgar Rd, Rathdown Lower, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Coolnagreina in Greystones is perfect for groups with its 24 comfy bedrooms, each having its own bathroom for up to 75 guests. You can hang out in shared spaces like common rooms, a dining area, and a conference hall.

If you’re into games, they’ve got pool and table tennis. And if you prefer the beach, it’s just a short walk away.

Food-wise, Coolnagreina does exclusive catering for groups, serving up fresh, top-quality meals prepared from scratch. The place has a unique vibe with great views and a super chill atmosphere. 


Image from Bookings 

Address: Windgates Greystones Road, Kilruddery Demesne West, Bray, Co. Wicklow

Hillview is a charming B&B situated at the foot of the Wicklow mountains on the main road connecting Bray and Greystones. It’s a cozy, family-run B&B that’s all about making visitors feel at home.

The rooms are comfy and have Wi-Fi. Most offer lovely views for a tranquil stay. You can make your own tea or coffee, and the breakfast menu caters to different tastes.

Hillview is open year-round and has earned praise from travel guides. Plus, the room rates are a wallet-friendly €35 per person.