Top Nudist Beaches in Ireland

A Day of Bare Bliss In Ireland’s Nudist Friendly Beaches

Did you know that spending time nude has been linked to improved skin health and boosted self-esteem? It’s true! Shedding those layers not only allows your skin to soak up the sun’s natural vitamin D but also fosters a sense of body positivity and freedom. 

And what better place to embrace this liberating experience than in the picturesque beaches of Ireland? The country offers a variety of scenic seaside spots where you can bask in the beauty of nature in the most natural way possible. 

From huge open beaches to more secluded coves, there’s no shortage of opportunities to reconnect with nature and yourself. Ready to explore the best nudist beaches in Ireland? Let’s dive into our best of the best list!

Enjoy a Real Life Shipwreck by the Shores at the Baltray Beach 

Address: Baltray, Co. Louth, Ireland


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

Baltray Beach is an extensive stretch of shoreline that boasts soft sands and shallow waters, ideal for leisurely strolls and refreshing dips. 

The main star of the beach is the remnants of the MV Irish Trader shipwreck, adding a touch of intrigue to the coastal scenery. 

Accessible from Drogheda, just take the R167 towards Baltray Village and onto a parking lot past the County Louth Golf Club. From there, it’s a scenic walk through the dunes that leads to the wreck site and then the shores. 

Experience One of the Country’s Most Popular Nudist Spots at Brittas Bay

Address: Brittas, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

Renowned as one of Ireland’s premier nudist destinations, Brittas Bay attracts visitors with its pristine sands and tranquil ambiance. The area is huge but only a closed off area is allotted for people to go nude. 

This secluded naturist section at Sallymount is situated just a few miles south of the main area, and is backed by scenic dunes as a sort of natural wall for privacy. This area also has access to the water, so you don’t have to worry about missing out. 

Explore a Hidden Gem at Byrne’s Cove in Kilkee

Address: E End, Kilkee, Co. Clare, Ireland

Hours: Open everyday 24/7

Tucked away on the rugged Atlantic coast at Clare County, Byrne’s Cove is a lesser known spot that does not see as big of a crowd as other naturist spots in the country. 

This means that it’s the perfect location to visit if you’re looking for a more secluded place to let loose. This hidden gem has rocky shores and flat sunbathing areas, perfect for basking in the sun and enjoying the sound of the waves. 

Byrne’s Cove provides the perfect setting for newbie nudists who are still a bit shy. We suggest you visit during high tide for optimal swimming conditions and be careful while navigating the rocky terrain.

Go on a Remote Retreat at Caliso Bay

Address: Monatray East, Co. Waterford, Ireland


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

Located on the pristine shores of Waterford, Caliso Bay offers a remote escape for naturists seeking seclusion and serenity. This is one of the few beaches in the rural regions of Ireland, but don’t let its location trick you into lowering your expectations

Caliso has great views of the water, but it’s also crossed by the Blackwater River that adds another layer to the visit. Plus, the surrounding countryside is the perfect background to a relaxed day there. 

Just remember to pack essentials like sunscreen and water because amenities may be limited in this remote location.

Go for a More Unique Scenery at the Clahane Flat Rocks

Address: Clahane, Liscannor, Ireland

Hours: Open everyday 24/7

If you’re looking for new scenery but still want to be able to fully enjoy nature in all your natural glory, then you should head down to the Clahane Flat Rocks. 

This area is nestled just 2km from the Clahane shore area and it’s made up of a wide expanse of flat rocks. Within, you’ll find a natural hole within the rocks that has since filled up with water and serves as a great swimming pool. 

This is known as Hayes Hole and it’s perfect for a refreshing dip in the ocean. Situated about 200 meters south of the hole is a secluded naturist area where you can strip down to nothing!

Explore the 3 Naturist Coves in Clonakilty Bay

Address: Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland

Hours: Open everyday 24/7

For those of you who are looking for locations with a high concentration of nudist friendly beaches, then it’s best you head down to Clonakilty Bay in Cork County. 

This place is home to a lot of spots you can head to but the most popular ones are Dunny Cove, Sands Cove and Prison Cove. The first two are surrounded by rocky cliffs that acta s the perfect shield to prying eyes. 

On the other hand, Prison Cove is located on the western portion of the bay towards Glandore. It’s also surrounded by rocky mounds and cliffs where you can explore the narrow lanes and footpaths leading to the cove. 

Visit the Location Where Saving Private Ryan Was Shot at Curracloe Beach

Address: The Raven, Curracloe, Co. Wexford, Ireland


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

A lot of beaches in Ireland are pretty, but not all of them were beautiful enough to be chosen as the backdrop for Hollywood blockbusters. The popular film, Saving Private Ryan’s opening scene was shot on the shores of Curracloe Beach. 

The choice to use the beach is largely thanks to the creamy pristine sand and lush woodlands that surround the shores. The tall trees serve as perfect natural shutters to lend a feeling of exclusivity and freedom to go nude. 

The naturist area is also located right next to the forest area for maximum privacy for the naturists and the people who prefer not to look. 

Check out One of Ireland’s Best at the Dog’s Bay

Address: Errisbeg West, Roundstone, Co. Galway, Ireland


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

Dog’s Bay in Galway is not only a picturesque nudist beach, but it has also been hailed by the Irish Naturist Association as one of the county’s top nudist friendly beaches. 

Tucked away along the coastline, the sand on the shores of Dog’s Bay is soft and fine, making a great place to lie down and sunbathe even without a blanket. Although we still recommend you do it if you’re going to do it naked. 

From the car park, just walk along the beach towards the right side. Beyond the fence with a gate and past the cliff, you’ll find the nudist area.

Try out a Historical Bathing Spot at Forty Foot

Address: Sandycove, Dublin, Ireland


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

When nudist beaches were first introduced and accepted in Ireland and most parts of the world, they were segregated into male and female locations. Forty Foot is one of Ireland’s first ever nudist friendly areas, but it used to be for men only. 

You can experience the rich story of Forty Foot and feel a bit of history while you’re there. With its scenic coastal setting and proximity to Dublin, Forty Foot attracts visitors seeking a refreshing dip in the sea and a glimpse into Ireland’s seaside heritage. 

Gaze at Natural Rock Formations at Hawk Cliff Beach 

Address: Vico Rd, Dalkey Commons, Killiney, Co. Dublin, Ireland


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

Hawk Cliff Beach offers both an open area and a small cove surrounded by rocks to nudists looking for a fun new place to explore. This place is nestled very near Dalkey town, which means it’s pretty accessible by main roads. 

The scenic spot offers options for all beachgoers. Most of the main area is kept family friendly. Keep an eye out for official signs indicating nude bathing areas, and explore the rocky coves for secluded spots away from the crowds.

If you wander along the footbridge, you will find paths to changing huts, diving board rental shops, and the secluded coves perfect for naturist outings. 

Let the Sand Dunes at Inch Beach Give You Extra Privacy

Address: Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

For those of you who are just beginning to explore the thrills of being a naturist, then you need to find spots with a bit more natural barriers to give you more peace of mind as you ease into the lifestyle. Inch Beach at the Dingle Peninsula is one such place. 

You can embark on a picturesque hike along the southern side of the Dingle Peninsula to reach the stunning Inch Beach, renowned as one of Ireland’s premier destinations for nude bathing. 

Stretching over two miles and bordered by pristine sand dunes, this coastal gem offers a perfect place for newbie naturists seeking solitude amidst breathtaking scenery. 

Make Foreign Friends at Keem Beach

Address: Keem Strand, Achill island, Co. Mayo, Ireland


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

One of the common characteristics nudists share is a very sociable personality. If you feel like you’re in need of new nudist friends (or regular ones really), then you’ll be happy to know that the Keem Strand is just teeming with chances to socialize. 

You can discover the beauty of Keem Strand which is nestled on the scenic Achill Island while you try and make friends with the many naturist foreigners who go here from around the world. 

While not entirely secluded, this fine beach offers a serene setting for clothing-optional relaxation, particularly at the northern end among the rocks. 

Get the Best of 3 Worlds at the Lough Graney

Address: Lough Graney, Co. Clare, Ireland


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

Lough Greaney has three small lakeside sandy beaches offering idyllic spots for different preferences. 

When you get to the location, you’ll be greeted by the first and biggest beach which is mostly used for picnics by the public. If you make your way through this area towards the right side of the lake, you’ll find the second one which is perfect for swimming. 

Towards the left of this area, there’s a pool of shallow waters that will lead to a hidden beach that’s perfect for naturists. 

Enjoy the Shallow and Warm Waters at Magheramore Beach

Address: Magheramore, Co. Wicklow, A67 AK07, Ireland

Hours: Open everyday 24/7

If cold water and rough terrain are one of the main problems you face as a nudist beach goer, then a trip to Magheramore Beach solves both those in one go. 

With its soft fine sand, even if you sit directly you won’t give yourself scratches or burns. The sand also slopes gently into the sea and makes for shallow waters that promote warmer water temperatures as well. 

Discover a New Nudist Hangout at Simon’s Cove

Address: Councambeg, Co. Cork, Ireland

Hours: Open everyday 24/7

Simon’s Cove is a hidden naturist-friendly spot tucked away along the West Cork coastline. Accessed only by using a single vehicle path from Courtmacsherry, this sheltered cove offers a peaceful retreat for nude swimming and sunbathing.

Don’t be surprised to see little to no other people there, as this is one of the country’s more underrated spots. Simon’s Cove actually has not 1 but 2 areas. The larger one is ideal for swimming and mostly frequented by locals. 

The other area grants you access to some rocks that people often use to jump into the water. This second area is lesser known and is perfect for some naked fun in the sun.

Visit the Popular Silver Strand Beach in Barna, Galway

Address:  Barna, County Galway, Ireland


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

Silver Strand Beach is definitely one of our favorite beach spots in general with its Blue Flag status and amazing views of Galway Bay. 

It’s a really popular beach for families and friends so the majority of the area isn’t meant for nudists to take free reign. But, there is a secluded haven located just a short distance from the main beach area. 

Accessible via a picturesque stone path, this tranquil beach offers a serene retreat for naturists seeking solitude along the Atlantic coast.