Steps to Reduce Your Winter Electric Bill

Steps to Reduce Your Winter Electric Bill

Winter’s almost here! Time to switch from swimming at the beach to cozying up to a wooden winter cabin.

If you want to save money this winter, check out these electricity tips! With these, you can keep to your budget while keeping your home or properties comfortable in this cold.

Check your home insulation

What does your home insulation have to do with electricity? If there are gaps in your insulation, the warm air inside your home can escape through this.

As a result, it can force your heat pump or heating system to overwork. Prevent this by calling a contractor to look over and fix any gaps.

Tidy your HVAC system

Speaking of heat pumps and heaters, it’s best to have them cleaned at least once a week. Their vents can clog up over time, which can make them less efficient and spend more electricity.

Even the simple action of replacing your filter to a clean one can reduce its energy consumption from 15% to 5%.

Keep all doors closed

To keep your home warm over the winter, it’s important to keep the hotter air from getting out. You can do that by making sure to keep your doors closed as much as possible.

Doing this will make your heat pump overwork as it tries to produce air to keep even the unused rooms in your house warm. Make sure to close any unused vents too.

Invest in insulated curtains

In the summer, you may have to keep the heat in by covering your windows with blinds or curtains. Before the cold spell goes in, you can invest in a different type of covering.

Insulated curtains have a high-density foam inner paired with a reflective film and vapor barrier. These combined can keep the heat in while keeping moisture out.

Cover unused fireplaces

Winter also means bringing out the firewood and using fireplaces. However, when left unused, this can lead to more energy consumption on your heat pump’s end.

This is because the warm air can leave through the open fireplace. To avoid this, make sure to have it closed by using a cover.

Alternatively, if you don’t plan on using the fireplace this winter, have your chimney flue sealed. Tell your kids Santa can still come in as he’s magic too if they’re worried.

Monitor your heating temperatures

If you have a boiler heater, check its temperature. Its default temperature may be too high to keep the home comfortable over the winter.

You can lower its temperature by following the steps in your boiler’s manual. Then, once winter ends, you can follow the same instructions to adjust its temperature.

Opt for energy-saving appliances

Don’t just think about your heat pumps or electric fans when it comes to reducing your bill. Every appliance in your home can help you reduce it.

Appliances such as ovens, washing machines, and fridges can be switched with one with a valid EU energy label. This label rates each one based on high (A+++) to low (G) efficiency.

Opting for one with a higher efficiency label can make your bill smaller without making your home less convenient or comfortable.