Skin Signs that You Need to Have Checked

Skin Signs that You Need to Have Checked

As summer is coming around the corner, most people think about home upkeep. For instance, you may be thinking that you need to have your house roof repaired or hire a landscaper

However, it’s important to keep yourself in good health too, especially your skin. The following are some of the skin signs that you should visit your local dermatologist to get some repairs yourself! 

Dull-looking skin

Also known as sallow skin, it can be caused by other factors aside from aging. If you experience stress, dehydration, and vitamin deficiency, you should get this looked at by a doctor.

Aside from that, you can prevent this in several ways. This includes daily exercise, drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water, and keeping on a nutrient-rich diet.

Unhealable cuts

Getting cuts from day-to-day activities is normal. You can get them while reading a book, cooking a meal, or doing DIY fixes round the house.

However, if they don’t heal as fast as they should, this should be checked as soon as possible. This could be a sign of a blood clotting disorder, skin cancer, skin infection, or diabetes.

Visible veins

Seeing veins on your skin can be a sign of your circulatory system’s health. There are two places you should watch out for: your face and your legs.

Visible veins on your face can indicate excessive straining or rosacea. Meanwhile, having spider veins in your legs can be a sign that you have a serious condition with your blood flow.

Getting Darker Skin

If you spend most of your time indoors but you get a darker complexion, it can be a sign that you have a specific skin condition called Addison’s Disease.

This disease is caused by having a lack of aldosterone and cortisol in your body. This should be checked immediately so that it won’t become a life-threatening illness in the long run.

Dark Skin Patches

Seeing grey-brown or brown patches around the face can be a sign that you have melasma. Women, especially pregnant ones, are at a greater risk of getting this.

This may be caused by a malfunction of your melanocytes, your cells that are responsible for your complexion. Luckily, melasma is harmless and there are lots of treatments available for it.

Puffy eyelids

This may be a common sign that you have allergies, but paired with rashes, it becomes a different skin condition altogether.

These are both symptoms of contact dermatitis that can be caused by irritants such as sawdust to perfume. Ask your doctor for recommendations to prevent this from coming up.

Itchy, dry skin

You can get dry skin from several factors such as harsh soaps, dry weather, and too much use of hot water (so watch how often you use your plumbing for hot showers or baths). 

However, if this persists and gets paired with itchiness, it’s a sign of a serious skin condition.

With the itchiness, you could have psoriasis that can be linked to depression, heart disease, and diabetes. If it’s just persistent dry skin, you could have eczema.

Do note that people with eczema require their doctor to prescribe their medication to cure it. Meanwhile, psoriasis is a chronic life condition with no cure.

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