5 Clever Ways to Save Money When Remodeling

5 Clever Ways to Save Money When Remodeling

Home renovations are a great way to bring new life into your home, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank!

If you’re looking for clever ways to save money when remodeling, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up a few tried and tested ways many have saved money doing renovations.

Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road! 

Create a budget and stick to it

Create a budget and stick to it

One of the most important parts of renovating without breaking the bank is to create a budget and stick to it (this is the hardest part!). 

Early on, create a feasible plan that you can accomplish without too much of a headache. This means identifying and creating a list of furniture, fixtures, and whatnot that you want to renovate or replace immediately.

Particularly, identify the items that are first on your list and work your way through them. This way, you’ll be able to get the ones with the highest priority out of the way first. 

On top of that, identify how much money you’re willing to spend. Afterwards, create a budget for each project you’ll be doing. 

For example, you’re only going to allot €100 for kitchen renovations: €50 will go to replacing the pantry door, €20 for new paint, and €10 for new hardware. 

This way, you’ll know where your money’s going as well as be able to limit yourself to spending only what you set your budget to. 

Aside from the budget, make a contingency budget, too. In other words, it’s an emergency fund for unintended expenses that weren’t taken into account in your budget.  

Take your time

Take your time

Remember the list of priority renovation projects we mentioned earlier? Try to space out your renovations in a sustainable way.

Meaning, you can do each project little by little when you have enough time and resources. For example, you can renovate your home office now and then replace your gutters next month.

This way, it won’t take too much of a toll on your wallet as well as your time, effort, and other resources.

Reuse materials

Reuse materials

Whether it be second hand, pre-loved, or recyclable, there are a ton of ways that you can bring new life into old pieces. 

You also don’t necessarily have to throw away perfectly good stuff either. If you’re renovating your kitchen and find that your hardware is still good as new, why not reuse them?

Aside from being eco-friendly and reducing waste contribution, you’re also minimizing your spending. That sounds like a win-win to us! 

If by any chance you really can’t reuse an item, purchase with quality in mind. Aside from looking great, check to see if it’ll last you a long time, too.


DIY it

DIY it

If you’ve got experience with tools, carpentry, and whatnot then you can opt to do it yourself. This is definitely a sure way to save some money during a renovation. 

However, there may be certain stuff that are well out of your league. That’s when you call in the professionals. 

There’s someone for everything: painters, installers, carpenters, electricians, architects, interior designers, and even cleaners for when the job’s done.

But if you’re not up for spending a ton of money on some extra hands, figure out stuff that you can do! If you don’t want to spend a couple extra on professional cleaners, you can opt to do it yourself.

On the same token, if you can prepare spaces such as remove paint or prime the walls before a professional comes in, that works, too! 

Call for backup

Call for backup

Of course, there’s no one better for the job than the experts themselves. As mentioned earlier, there’s someone for everything. 

Hence, if you’re having a tough time figuring something out, it’d be best to call in a professional to take a look

One caveat of hiring professionals is that many won’t work with recycled materials. Meaning, they’d prefer that you buy everything new because they don’t want to assume liability in case something bad happens.

Nevertheless, you can still negotiate your way around doing your renovation with a budget. Just make sure you’re cutting costs safely, though! 

And that ends our list of ways to save money on a home renovation! We hope you learned a thing or two and will be able to save a couple of bucks along the way.

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