Why are tourists attracted to Ireland

Why are tourists attracted to Ireland?

Ireland has remained a popular tourist destination for many years and is ranked the 9th most visited country in the world. 

Here in Ireland, business is booming, and visitors continue to flock to the country each year, with more than 9.7 million people visiting the Emerald Isle in 2017 alone. 

With all the positive press, it can also be hard to see why people love Ireland. Here are the top things that Ireland does well that make it a desirable tourist spot!

Amazing locals

The Irish people are the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world. 

The country is filled with people with huge hearts who will chat with you for hours as you visit their homes. You can stay in a camp, guesthouse, B&B, or even a hostel, and you’ll be treated like family rather than a customer. 

You’ll hear stories of people having a great time if you come here to learn about their culture and maybe even learn the Irish language and some songs!

And if you want more exposure to the locals, Irish pubs are the most popular places for social gatherings and good old socializing! 

Every city and town has one, and it’s a place where locals and tourists come together to share a drink. They can be seen from a distance as they are decorated with Irish symbols and colors like a shamrock and emerald green.

Inside you can listen to traditional music and see all kinds of people having a good time, both tourists and the locals. People here are always friendly, and the atmosphere is always cheerful, so it’s a place everyone loves!

Beautiful landscapes and stunning city breaks

Ireland, located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, is often overlooked by travelers as they travel to France, Greece, Turkey, and Italy. However, Ireland is a country that travelers should not miss! 

Ireland is a country with a lot of natural beauty, both in its landscapes and seascapes. This is one of the main reasons that tourists from other countries choose to visit Ireland. 

The island country is surrounded by the sea and has lush countryside with rolling green hills and dense forests. The coastal areas are somewhat rocky, with spectacular cliffs and picturesque beaches.

One of its most famous sites is the Cliffs of Moher. Touring the cliffs means seeing the coast and the ocean, with wildflowers dotting the landscape. 

The Cliffs of Moher are just one of Ireland’s many natural wonders. Head southwest and find the Burren National Park and the Aran Islands. You can listen to the locals tell old stories at the ancient site of Newgrange.

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is the most populous city in Ireland. The city is a vibrant mix of rich culture, heritage, architecture, arts, and nightlife.

In Dublin, you can visit Kilmainham Gaol, a former prison that’s now a museum. Or you can explore the city’s open green areas for you to enjoy and plenty of galleries to explore!

Traveling around Ireland will be a rewarding experience exploring a beautiful country!

Castles, history, and more castles!

If you want to learn and see Ireland’s history, one of the best ways is to visit one of the 30,000 castles and ruins dotted around the country. 

You can spend hours upon hours reading about each castle or ruin’s history or visit it and see it in person. You can take a road trip to see all the castles in one area or visit a few of your favorite ones. 

Guided tours, medieval feasts, costumed interpretation, reenactments, and even renting out a whole tower home for the full experience are all available to guests and travelers.

The rural Irish countryside is a beautiful place to visit if you’re looking for beautiful landscapes or want to learn about the country’s storied past. There are many ways to get an authentic Irish countryside experience in Ireland’s towns, cities, and villages!

Visiting these spots can be fun, and seeing all the famous landmarks in person is rewarding! 

Wide range of hearty food selection

Ireland is known for its famous dishes and hearty foods, with various choices from local cuisine to international. 

One of Ireland’s go-to traditional food is their stew. Many people have a taste for the Irish stew because of the meat, potatoes, and molasses in its flavors.

You can even try the famous boxty potatoes, a potato pancake filled with delicious ingredients. A perfect must-try when you’re getting breakfast in the Emerald Isles!

And if you are hungry for some sweets, we recommend trying out their indulgent chocolate brownies, delicious homemade ice cream, or a nice fruit-filled dessert.

Iconic drinks and distilleries

No matter what your tastes in a drink are and whether or not there’s a particular drink that you would never part with, one thing is for sure. You’d be crazy to pass up the opportunity to sample the finest, locally distilled Irish spirits in the nation with the best pubs in the world! 

One of the world’s most popular and well-known beer brands, Guinness, has been around since 1759 and is currently the best-selling alcoholic drink in Ireland. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Guinness Storehouse is the most popular attraction in the country.

If you’re looking for an experience somewhat different from the typical pint of Guinness, then the range of craft brewing and distilling an Irish tourist can experience right up your street. 

From craft breweries, craft distilleries, and craft spirit producers that are as individual as the tastes of the people who love them, you can stay in contact with some of Ireland’s oldest traditions while doing it. 

Experience the tastes of the Irish countryside while you drink in the sights of the tourist and historical sites!