What to Do When Locked Out of the House

What to Do When Locked Out of the House

Whether you just headed out for a laser removal session downtown or brought your kids to visit the dentist, you could accidentally have locked yourself out of your house.

Fortunately for you, we’ve asked around and found several steps to take to resolve the situation.

1. Ask a Friend

You can ask a friend, neighbor, or relative to help you out with this. They can have access to tools that can jam or break the lock.

If you’re in a rental place, call your landlord to help you out. They possibly have a spare key to your house and can help you get in.

Meanwhile, if you own an apartment unit, you can go to your manager’s office. Similar to the landlord, they may have a spare key or tools for you.

2. Jam the Lock

Speaking of locks, you can try to enter your house by using a sturdy plastic card on hand. You can use your credit or debit and wedge it in the space in between the door where the lock starts.

Then, while the card is in place, grab the door handle and jiggle it. It will take some force to do this, so be careful.

Two other items you can use are bobby pins and paper clips. They are flexible enough that you can bend them into a makeshift key for this purpose.

Once you bend them enough that they can reach inside the lock, insert them like you would a key and jiggle until you bump the pins enough to unlock the door.

3. Check Your Windows

If possible, you can get in through your house by checking your windows. Make sure to choose one that doesn’t have any blinds to make entering easier.

Don’t use too much force when breaking into your windows and remember which one is easiest to open from the other side. Otherwise, make sure to get a contractor or handyman after breaking in to repair your damage.

If the window is at a very precarious spot, such as near a roof, make sure to alert any passerby that you’re trying to get in your locked house. Also, find a way to turn off your alarm when going this route.

4. Look for a Place to Stay

If any of the previous options failed or you’d rather avoid ruining your windows or doors, you can opt to stay somewhere else first while brainstorming solutions or waiting for a professional to help.

You can ask to stay with a nearby neighbor or friend. Or you can stay at a hotel until you can re-enter your house.

5. Call a Locksmith

Our final tip is to call a local locksmith. With their help, they can safely get your front door open and replace your lock when necessary.

Calling one is also necessary if you broke into your own house by breaking a lock or two. 

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