What is Dublin like for students

What is Dublin like for students?

The Irish education system has stood the test of time and is admired globally. The education system of Ireland is known for its excellence as it offers an extensive range of courses at an affordable cost. 

Dublin offers a lot to international students, giving them a chance to study and experience living in a culturally diverse country. This article covers all the aspects of the life of international students in Dublin.

Why study in Dublin?

Dublin is Ireland’s capital city and is bursting with life, making it the ideal location forUniversity life. The city is filled with convenience and people who can inspire you to explore its beauty. 

Therefore, it’s not surprising that Dublin is home to most of Ireland’s universities!

But make sure you also take into account that Dublin is also the most expensive city for accommodation in all of Ireland. Moreover, a night out exploring pubs and restuarants in the city may set you back a good bit of cash!

How much does student housing cost?

The cost of rent differs between the different types of accommodation, but it is possible to find affordable ones. In general, a single person can expect to pay less than if they live with others in an apartment, and more if they live alone in a house. 

The prices for on-campus housing sometimes vary between universities but this is usually due to differences in the location. This, in turn, can affect what the student needs to spend on other expenses off-campus.

Meaning, having on-campus lodging means you’ll have to shell out for transportation to do things in the city.

Rent amounts vary from about €600 per month up to over €1,000. You’ll also need to get yourself a good medical insurance policy to cover all your bases, setting you back about €100 for the year.

What are your choices for transportation?

Due to its relatively small size, Dublin is an easily accessible city – walking or biking from one place to another is a feasible option.

However, if you have a long commute, there are other options that may be helpful while living as a student here.

Now, while Dublin’s public transport system is top-class, it is also among the most expensive in the world. 

One way to save money on your commute though is to buy a Leap Card specifically for students which costs just €10. This can be topped up with as much credit you want or as needed to get around.

You can even get a secondhand car if you want to! However, depending on your experience and age, insurance costs can be hefty.

How much will you shell out for miscellaneous things?

The next greatest expense for students who reside away from home is food, which is estimated to cost €220 a month on average. After food, come books and other materials used for class purposes at an average of €74 per month. 

Also of note is that students may have to shell out in excess of €39 each month on clothes and medical-related expenses. 

Finally, those residing away from home may be faced with utility bills totaling around €55 per month.