Weird Irish Traditions

Weird Irish Traditions

Ireland is an incredibly unique and interesting place that is known for a lot more than just its stunning landscapes. 

Guinness might flow like silk, but the people are friendly, and the pubs are lively. There are also plenty of strange traditions and superstitions that add to the country’s charm.

For a country that is little more than three centuries old, Ireland has certainly packed a lot of peculiar traditions into its short history. So keep on reading if you’re interested to know what things to watch out for to boost your luck on the island!

Bird Poop = Good Luck

To most people, getting pooped on by a bird sounds disgusting. But the Irish see it as a sign of good luck! 

For the Irish, a person is blessed whenever a bird poops on someone in Ireland. And so, this belief came about as a way to make themselves feel better. 

With all the birds around, it’s bound to happen to people often! It’s a common superstition in other places, like Japan, where people also see pooping on people as a good luck charm. 

Now, whenever you hear the sound of flying birds, look above and remember that they’re just trying to bless you!

Opening windows helps the soul be free

The general idea behind this tradition is that their body will start to decompose once the person has passed. This means that the person’s soul is “trapped” in the body and must be released. 

Opening a window helps to do this. It’s also believed that their soul will turn into a type of bird after a person has died. This is one of the reasons why it’s essential not to harm or kill birds after someone dies. You’ll be letting a “soul” get away!

Wearing your shirt on inside-out 

Switching a shirt inside out is a common mistake that people can accidentally make. If you’ve done it, worry not! As it is believed that there is a higher number of good luck than bad luck, bad luck is nullified. 

However, if you went ahead and switched it the right way, you are putting yourself at risk of a series of misfortunes. So, don’t you dare do that! 

Just carry on with your daily routine with your shirt inside out and expect the good things to come your way.

Never disturb the faeries and their trees

From the early 1800s, the “small people” superstition was common across Ireland. These superstitions include belief in fairies, the unique Irish leprechauns, and stories of their mischief. 

Older generations in Ireland will tell of the perils of disturbing a singular hawthorn tree growing in a field. 

The hawthorn tree is believed to be home to the “small people” or faeries. Local lore suggests that those who harm the tree or remove pieces of the tree could be struck with misfortune. If a part is taken, the person will likely be hit with misfortune!

Saying ‘thank you’ to the bus driver

This last one is considered weird because it is not commonly practiced all over the world.

So, it can be confusing when you observe the Irish saying thank you to the bus driver every time they exit a bus. In Ireland, this kind of politeness is commonplace. 

This occurrence is a product of the country’s background. For example, the entire country was once under British rule. 

The Irish people have always been taught to be courteous to others. This practice is also common in other countries, but Ireland is unique because it’s a cultural aspect still practiced today.