Is Greystones a Nice Place to Live

Beyond the Scenic Views: Why Greystones Is Your Ideal Home

Did you know that Greystones got its name from a cool thing—a stretch of grey stones between two beaches on its seafront? 

From the stony North Beach with Bray Head cliffs to the sandy South Beach, you might be thinking, is Greystones a nice place to live? The town charms with a laid-back vibe, bustling harbour, and convenient railway station boost its popularity.

Explore our insights to discover if Greystones is more than just a tourist spot and truly a delightful place to live.

Is Greystones a nice place to live?

Greystones is a great spot to live – it even bagged the title of the world’s “most liveable community” at the LivCom Awards twice. With its awesome scenery, tight-knit community, and cool cultural scene, it’s definitely a top pick.

What are the advantages of living in Greystones?

Natural Beauty

Nestled between the Irish Sea and the Wicklow Mountains, it’s all about those stunning views that just make city life fade away. If you’re up for it, there’s this awesome Cliff Walk to Bray, treating you to some serious coastal eye candy.

And oh, South Beach at the southern end? Picture this mix of pebble and sand – perfect for your morning or evening strolls. But here’s the thing, it’s not just a looker; there’s a ton of outdoor stuff for you to dive into, from beach fishing to golf.

The town’s growing, sure, but they’re working on it, trying to keep that friendly small-town vibe while throwing in some cool new spots, like a marina and sea scout clubhouses.

Community Spirit

Greystones has this awesome community vibe. It’s the heartbeat of the whole coastal town, starting as a small fishing village and snagging the title of the world’s most liveable community.

But it’s not just about the numbers. It’s the clubs and groups that really bring everyone together. 

You’ve got the Greystones Lawn Tennis Club for sports enthusiasts, the Greystones Art Group for creative souls, and people volunteering with places like the Greystones Community National School and Greystones Cancer Support.

And there’s the occasional disagreement about development stuff, but overall, Greystones is like this living proof of a strong community spirit. People rally together, back each other up, and that’s what gives the town its warm and friendly vibe. 

Cultural and Recreational Activities

Greystones might sound like your average town, but it has this awesome mix of culture and fun stuff going on. The town’s cultural scene shines through the Greystones Orchestra, actively welcoming musicians and embracing the arts. 

And if you’re into vintage shops, boutiques, and lively cafes, well, Greystones has got you covered. It’s turned into a bit of a hotspot for tourists, thanks to all these quirky places. 

The beaches, South and North, offer different flavors – South Beach is a kilometer of seaside fun with a Blue Flag, while North Beach is perfect for beach fishing by Bray Head’s cliffs. 

There’s a ton of outdoor activities too, from golf to hill walking, and the town is really into maritime stuff with new clubhouses for sea scouts, rowers, and more. 

And of course, the social scene is covered with pubs like Burnaby and the Beach House, plus music venues like The Hotspot. Greystones is just this perfect blend of culture and recreation, making it a great spot for both locals and tourists alike.

Food Scene

You’ve gotta check out Greystones if you’re into good eats! It’s like a foodie’s dream with all these amazing spots – from innovative to classic, it’s got something for everyone.

The Happy Pear is this veggie joint that’s getting all kinds of love for their creative dishes. And there’s this farmers market every week that screams freshness and artisanal goodness.

Then there’s Mrs Robinson Bar with its eclectic vibes, Vino’s Restaurant bringing that retro-chic charm, and Chakra by Jaipur serving up authentic Indian flavors.

Oh, and The Three Qs on Church Road? They’re nailing it with this blend of modern and international cuisine, earning them the title of Best Restaurant in Wicklow back in 2014.


Education in Greystones offers a bunch of choices for parents and students, and it’s pretty neat. You’ve got the local Educate Together, a Gaelscoil, and St David’s Holy Faith Co Ed, a Catholic school run by volunteers.

These schools are all about covering different preferences and beliefs, giving the residents a say in where their kids go to school.

But it doesn’t stop there. There’s a Greystones Community College that caters to students aged 12 to 18, providing a mix of academic and vocational stuff on a cool campus. 

And get this – a fresh secondary school is on the horizon at Templecarrig, with space for a whopping 1,500 students. The town is really doubling down on making sure everyone’s educational needs are met. 

Quality of Life

Greystones is like the poster child for an awesome quality of life, with low crime rates and top-notch schools laying down the groundwork for a solid and secure lifestyle, especially for families.

And let’s talk healthcare – it’s no joke in Greystones. They’ve got a robust system, ensuring everyone gets access to excellent medical services, keeping everyone in good shape. 

In 2008 and 2021, Greystones clinched the title of the world’s most liveable community at the LivCom Awards in China. It’s the town’s way of saying, “We’re all about making life awesome for our peeps.”

But it’s not just safety and health; Greystones is practically neighbors with Dublin, making it a breeze to dive into city life when you feel like it. 

Transportation and Proximity to Dublin

Greystones is pretty sweet when it comes to getting around. If you’re into the whole seaside town vibe but still need to stay connected to Dublin, Greystones is the spot.

It’s just 27km south of the capital, and getting to Dublin is a breeze with the DART rail service, Dublin Bus’s 84 route, and Iarnród Éireann commuter and InterCity trains.

You’ve also got options here – DART, Dublin Bus, and those Iarnród Éireann trains can take you to Wicklow, Arklow, Gorey, Wexford, Rosslare Europort, and even Dublin’s Connolly Station. It’s like a transportation buffet.

Greystones has a fantastic transportation network that keeps you connected to the hustle and bustle of Dublin. 

What are the disadvantages of living in Greystones?

High Cost of Living

High Cost of Living
Image by Smallbones on Wikimedia Commons

Greystones – gorgeous coastal vibes but let’s talk real estate, and it’s no secret, it’s a bit on the steep side. Property prices are like, “Hey, we’re above the national average, deal with it.”

And it’s not just buying a place; even renting is a bit of a wallet-squeezer. The town’s popularity and its proximity to Dublin make it a hot spot, driving those rates up.

Let’s talk numbers – we’re looking at a real estate menu ranging from basic two-bedroom apartments to fancy mansions behind gated estates, with price tags hitting the €1,300,000 mark. That’s not pocket change.

In the fancier areas of Greystones, you’ll spot those swanky Edwardian and mock Tudor-style homes, creating an upscale atmosphere. While this exclusivity adds to the town’s affluent vibe, it makes finding affordable housing a bit of a challenge.

Limited Nightlife

Limited Nightlife
Image from Pinterest

Greystones is pretty charming with its elegance and scenic views, but if you’re into a happening nightlife, it might leave you wanting more.

It’s a lovely town with pubs, restaurants, and popular spots, but if you’re into live music, comedy shows, or cultural events, you might find yourself looking at Dublin or nearby towns.

The nightlife scene here isn’t as bustling as in bigger cities, which means you may have to hop on some transport to find what you’re after. And let’s talk about that – public transport isn’t the most frequent or convenient, especially at night.

So, if you’re planning a night out beyond Greystones and don’t have a car or fancy a taxi ride, it might take a bit of effort and time.

Commute Challenges

Commute Challenges
Image by Ezequiel Garrido on Unsplash

Greystones has a solid transport links to Dublin, but let’s be real – commuting to the capital can be a bit of a hassle for folks. The traffic? It’s no joke, especially during rush hours.

Now, the train service is there, but it can be a bit crowded and unreliable at times.

On average, the travel time from Greystones to Dublin is around an hour, but you know how it goes – it might take longer if the weather or other factors decide to throw a curveball.

And here’s the thing – doing that daily grind of a commute can really mess with your quality of life and work-life balance. Just something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about setting up shop in Greystones and making the trek to Dublin.

Insular Community Feel

Insular Community Feel
Image by Steven Lewis on Unsplash

Although Greystones takes pride in its community spirit, there’s this vibe that it’s kind of closed-off. The majority of the residents are Irish, and they share this strong bond of history, culture, and identity.

It’s great for creating a sense of belonging, but it can be a bit of a hurdle for newcomers who might feel like outsiders.

Greystones isn’t the most diverse place, so connecting with people who bring different perspectives and backgrounds to the table can be a bit challenging. Just something to note if you’re thinking about making your home in Greystones.

What are some notable neighborhoods in Greystones?


Image from Sherry FitzGerald

Burnaby, the cozy neighborhood in Greystones, is all about that chill vibe and a dash of history. It got its name from The Burnaby, a family-owned pub turned Railway Hotel since 1881.

Flash forward to 1895-1910, and bam, Ireland’s first-ever planned housing estate is born, rocking an artsy, colorful style in the midst of the grey industrial scene.

Living in Burnaby means you’ve got The Burnaby pub in your backyard, serving up top-notch food and drinks seven days a week. Plus, you’re strolling distance from Greystones’ main street, where shops and fine dining await.

Toss in a yachting marina and being right by the Dart railway station linking to Dublin and Wexford, and you’ve got a prime spot. Rich history, a vibrant community, and seaside views – Burnaby’s got it going on.


Image from Brian M Durkan

Charlesland in Greystones is a sweet residential spot by the coast, just a 30-kilometer jaunt south of Dublin. Picture this: peaceful living with some killer scenic views.

Now, what makes Charlesland stand out? Well, it’s got the whole package. A golf course, sports park, supermarket, medical center, and even a primary school. So, you’re covered on the essentials.

But here’s the kicker – it’s not in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to bus and train services, you can easily roll into the city center when you fancy a change of scenery. 

Families, young professionals, and retirees all love the laid-back coastal life, enjoying the sea and countryside charm without sacrificing urban perks. 

The Marina

The Marina
Image by Flood Precast

The Marina in Greystones is this neat neighborhood on the south side of town, right by the Irish Sea. It’s kinda new, popped up where there used to be a harbor and railway yard.

Picture this mix of modern apartments, townhouses, and detached homes, plus cool extras like a public park, playground, hotel, and a yacht club.

And it’s not just about the living spaces because the Marina has this lively bunch of sailors, kayakers, anglers, and water sports fans. They make the most of the harbor and the nearby Bray Head

Living in the Marina sounds pretty chill. It’s peaceful, with a friendly vibe. You can tell it’s got that welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.

The Grove

The Grove
Image from Sherry FitzGerald

The Grove sits up on the northern side of Greystones, not far from the train station. It’s a calm and peaceful residential area, filled with a mix of detached and semi-detached houses, all nestled among greenery and trees. 

Families and commuters love it here because it’s super convenient – you’ve got easy access to the town center, the beach, and the Dublin train service.

What sets The Grove apart is the friendly community spirit. The residents are tight-knit and often organize events and activities for both the kids and adults.

It’s the kind of place where you can really feel at home, kick back, and enjoy the natural beauty all around.