Common Causes of Back Pain in Children

Common Causes of Back Pain in Children

Adults aren’t the only ones that go through back pain. Though children are generally more flexible and less prone to serious injuries, you shouldn’t ignore any complaints about back pain.

In this article, we’ll be going through common causes of back pain in children. 

Usually, childrens’ back pains can easily be remedied at home. But if the pain persists, it’d be wise to give your pediatrician a ring. 



Although chubby kids are cute, their extra weight is not good for their spine, especially as they get older. This is because it puts a strain on their pelvis, spinal discs, and spine in general.

The constant pressure causes these muscles to wear out at alarming rates. This could even result in lumbar spine disorders such as scoliosis.

Hence, it’s important to get your kid off the couch and live a healthier lifestyle. You can opt to hire a personal trainer or do a more fun route and enroll them in swimming lessons.

Muscle strains

Muscle strains are a result of repeated movements at an excessive rate. This is commonly seen in dancers and athletes because of their intense training.

After practicing for long periods of time without adequately stretching and preparations, children may tear a muscle or tendon which could cause a strain. 

It’s important not to overwork your muscles and to give them rest days when necessary. Ignoring this may cause you more harm than good, or even land you at the doctor’s.

Poor posture

Although a no-brainer, poor posture has been more prominent in kids now than ever before. 

This is mainly because of phones, tablets, laptops, consoles, and whatnot that have kids faced downward and hunched nearly all the time. 

As a result of being in these positions for a long prolonged period of time, poor posture becomes a habit that’s difficult to break.

Heavy schoolbags

Heavy schoolbags

Unfortunately, lugging around backpacks twice the weight of your child is not an uncommon sight. With a ton of books to bring to and from school, who wouldn’t complain of back pains?

What makes this worse is when children carry their backpacks in the wrong position. Particularly, carrying their backpack on only one shoulder.

The two straps are meant to help distribute the weight. So using only one strap can increase the possibility of spinal curvatures and may result in back pain or even scoliosis. 

When should I seek help?

When should I seek help

Usually, regular exercise and light stretching can reduce and prevent back pain. However, if the pain still doesn’t seem to go away, you should contact your pediatrician when:

  • The pain lasts for more than 4 weeks
  • It restricts them from performing their daily activities 
  • They feel stiffness or have difficulties moving
  • They feel numb or tingly in their limbs
  • Pain is getting worse

Aside from your pediatrician, you can also contact a physical therapist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, or osteopath.

That concludes our list of the most common causes of back pain in children. We hope that after reading this, you’ll be able to help prevent any more back pains in the future.

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